The Breath the the wild uses many capability controls come the player personality to discover the open up world. The players have the right to unlock them one by one by solving quests. These abilities are an extremely cool and also prove come be really useful in the game. But worry not! They room not very difficult to use. Right here is a complete guide of the Breath of the wild ability controls, the will assist you come unlock and also use all the abilities.

The Legend the Zelda is a series of action-adventure video games developed and also published by Nintendo because that Nintendo Switch and also Wii U console. Breath the the wild is the 19th installment in this series that to be released in 2017. The story is set later in the Zelda timeline, once Link, the protagonist wakes up from a hundred-year slumber. He has actually now taken the responsibility to loss Calamity Ganon and also protect the Kingdom the Hyrule. The players explore the open human being as Link and also solve different Quests and also challenges to knife extra benefits. Other games in the Legend the Zelda series are given below:

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List of ability Controls in BOTW

Basic capability Controls the the Game

The simple controls that the game are detailed below:

Left stick: To move aroundDirectional buttons (D-pad): To change weaponsA tiny button ~ above the right: because that the stop menuStandard buttons (A/B/X/Y buttons): because that action, placed away, jump, and also attack respectively.

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Right stick: for Camera controlsLT button: to focus

List of capacity Controls in BOTW


The scope and the pins

The players can view distant things and also mark them through pins v this ability. Come zoom in, the players have to press the appropriate stick ~ above the console. Conversely, to pen the object to the screen, the players have to press the small best button with circle/B.

Shield Surf

To slide under the hills, players have the right to use the Shield. Come guard themselves, players have to press the RT button, whereas come jump and also ride the shield, the players have to use tiny top bottom with triangle/ Y and a little right switch with circle/B respectively.

Charged attacks

To prepare and strike some an effective players deserve to use this ability. To build power, the players need to press the small left button with square/X. Come unleash the exact same power in kind of an attack, the players need to press the same little left switch with square/X.

Jump slash

If the players desire to assault in midair, the is while jumping or springing from one ar to another, they need to press the small left switch with square/X to use the run Slash capability control.


To attack the enemy by flipping behind is currently possible! come target the foe press the RT button, whereas come pedal ago press the down button on the D-pad. To run high, the players need to press the little top switch with triangle/Y on the right-hand side of the console.

Side hop

The players can dodge the enemy’s attacks by hopping sideways. To target the enemy, press the RT button, and to jump push the small top button with triangle/Y on the right-hand next of the console.

Perfect guard

To shield oneself easily from the enemy’s attack, push the RT button to access the ready shield. Whereas come Parry at the right time, the players have to press the tiny right button with circle/B.

Use Amiibo

The ideal stick can be supplied as an NFC touchpoints to read and write the amiibo data.

4th ability Control in Breath of the Wild

The fourth capacity control in the breath of the wild is Jump slash. This ability will help players to strike in midair; that is while jumping from one place to other. Even though that is very easy come unlock this ability, many players have difficulties getting access come this ability.

The players have to head over to the shrine in the Kakariko village at the night. If the players acquire there in the daytime, then they can just collection down a campfire v wood and flint and sleep till the nighttime. In ~ the shrine, the football player will uncover a guy named Steen, through whom they need to interact.

Steen will narrate a story and then provide the player character a swift carrot. After that finishes narrating the story, the players have to talk through him again till he uses them to unlock/teach one of the abilities. there the football player can pick Jump slash ability. Thus, the jump slash ability control will show up in the controls section.

How execute you unlock the last capacity in the Breath that the wild?

The last capacity in Breath that the wild is Amiibo; however, this capability has nothing to do with the game. One can conveniently unlock that by enabling it native the game’s settings. Because that that, you need to go come Options in the menu. Over there you can permit Amiibo Rune.

How execute you Jump slash in Breath the the wild?

Jump slash ability control will aid players to strike in midair; the is while jumping native one location to other. It is an extremely easy to usage the Jump slash capacity in the game. You need to press the tiny left button with square/X to usage it.

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How perform you use one-of-a-kind abilities in Breath of the wild?

The players can examine the vital items in the inventory, there they will find instructions to use the ability control. To use the one-of-a-kind ability, girlfriend can press and also hold the jump button down for few seconds. This won’t work-related if the special capability is disabled in the crucial items. Then, you have to an initial enable the special abilities.