around You"ll Be there

"You"ll be There" is a song written by Cory Mayo and recorded through American nation music singer George Strait. It was released in march 2005 together the lead solitary from the album, Somewhere under in Texas. That peaked at number 4 ~ above the U. S. Billboard Hot nation Singles & tracks chart and number 54 top top the U. S. Billboard hot 100 chart.

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Hope is one anchor and love is a ship, time is the ocean, and life is a tripYou don"t recognize where you"re going, "till you recognize where you"re atAnd if friend can"t read the stars, fine you better have a mapA compass and a conscience, so girlfriend don"t acquire lost in ~ seaOr on part ol" lonely island, whereby no one desires to beFrom the beginning of creation, i think our an equipment had a planFor united state to leaving these shores and also sail past the sandAnd allow the good light guide us with the waves and the windTo the beaches in a people where we have actually never beenAnd we"ll climb up ~ above a mountain, y"all we"ll let ours voices ringThose who"ve never tried it, they"ll it is in the first to singWhoa, my, myI"ll view you top top the various other sideIf i make itAnd it could be a long difficult rideBut I"m gonna take it itSometimes it appears that i don"t have actually a prayerLet the weather take it me anywhereBut I know that i wanna goWhere the roadways are gold"Cause you"ll be thereOh, my, myYou don"t lug nothing through you hereAnd friend can"t take nothing backI ain"t never seen a hearse, through a luggage rackSo I"ve torn my knee up prayin"Scarred my earlier from fallin" downSpent so lot time flying high, it rotates I"m face very first in the groundSo if you"re up there watchin" me, would you talk to God and also say,Tell him I could need a hand to view you both somedayWhoa, my, mySo I"ll see you ~ above the other sideIf ns make itAnd it might be a long tough rideBut ns wanna take itSometimes it appears that ns don"t have a prayerLet the weather take it me anywhereBut I understand that i wanna goWhere the highways are gold"Cause you"ll it is in thereOh, my, my"Cause you"ll be thereOh, mine ,my

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George Strait George Harvey Strait (born may 18, 1952) is an American nation music singer, actor, and music producer. Strait is described as the "King the Country," and also critics call Strait a living legend. He is recognized for his distinctive style of west swing music, bar-room ballads, honky-tonk style, and also fresh yet timeless Country music.

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George Strait holds the human being record for more number-one struggle singles than any type of other artist in the history of music on any kind of chart or in any genre, having actually recorded 59 number-one struggle singles as of 2012. Much more »