A typical day starts through a hike. I love being the end in nature…it centers me and gets my an imaginative mind ready for the day. I uncover it help me sift though life thoughts, which usually turn into songs. I’m pretty much a 5 job a week writer, as lot as I shot to scale back and uncover balance. I compose at 11am most days, somewhere tucked in a dark studio ~ above Music Row most likely and some days I compose doubles not completely by selection (these job are very taxing mentally) but by sector demand. There room so many new artists, and you’re do the efforts to get in on the soil level so friend will have that writing relationship throughout your career together they skyrocket, or at the very least that is the hope. Often after writes you’re trying to fit in studio time to sing vocals, or co-produce one artist’s vocals therefore it’s truly never ever ending and also most days room a an excellent kind of crazy. Sometimes I walk to shows after that to support my friends and also after that autumn into bed beautifully mind fried.

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When and where walk you men write “You damaged Up with Me?”

I want to say about three years ago, probably a small less. Us were in Walker’s studio at rare Spark Media…it’s referred to as “The Shack” and it’s usually an old garage behind rarely Spark that has been turned into his vibey little writing space. I remember it was a Friday and also everyone was tired from a liven week yet it taught me a valuable lesson in why, nevertheless of how you feel, girlfriend always shot to display up.

What motivated the song?

We threw tune ideas about for a while, together you carry out in most co-writes unless someone to walk in through a no brainer prepared to go. Ultimately Walker said, “Hey, I’ve obtained this idea – you broke up through me.” thomas Archer and I looked in ~ each various other with a grin and also said, “That’s our song.” who hasn’t had actually an ex case like that? i enjoy exactly how cheeky the is to play the end live and also people constantly freak out and visibly react.

Howhas your overall experience to be collaborating withWalkerand Thomas?

They are two the the greatest. Firstly, lock wonderful human being beings, i beg your pardon is the most crucial for me as soon as I’m sitting in a room bearing my soul as a writer. They space both for this reason witty lyrically…they recognize the prominence of phrasing and also pushing boundaries and also all round they simply “get it.”

Step external the tune for a moment. Exactly how would you define the track as a music fan?

I’d probably say it was super sassy, nice pop, and a total earworm that will certainly haunt you lying awake at 3 AM.

Could girlfriend tell us few of the song’s back-story?How much or how little did you edit it, during or afterward? to be there any type of phrases or text you deserve to remember that were especially tough to make a final decision on?

Gosh it was so long earlier it’s difficult to remember, specifically when you compose a new song 5 days a week. Ns remember we battled hard for weird phrasing…we take it a lot of time on the in particular, many inner luck schemes and melody was every little thing with this song. We stepped far from it and also Thomas and also Walker wound up putting the finishing touch on it and nailed it. So thankful for their talents.

Did you men demo that or simply worktape it? exactly how did the wind up getting cut and also becoming a single?

Walker demoed it together we go along creating it in The Shack. He was laying under really cool beats and also guitar parts. If girlfriend listen tough at the start of the track you can hear human being talking. That’s from the original write in the room, and also that was Thomas and I pointing out the lyric in the background. That component always provides me smile. I love that he kept it. His team obviously dropped in love through it and he tape-recorded it because that his Spotify EP <8 Track, Volume 1: great Shit> first, and also not long after that, I found out it to be going to be his first single and was fully blown away v this news!

Who to be the best cheerleader of the song, as well as the writers?

I’m certain it was a joint effort from both of his groups being Smack & rare Spark Media. Typically you need to have everybody on board when you’re talk singles.

What do you enjoy most around writing songs in general?

I’ve constantly maintained that i am first and foremost a lyricist. I began writing poems as soon as I was 9 years old in my bedroom and also they quickly turned to songs. Ns love words with a enthusiasm that’s difficult to describe. Ns love painting pictures, i love the mathematics behind indigenous in songs, and I love weird words the no one else is saying. It’s important a high when I nail a lyric ns can’t find a hole in. Twenty plus year of doing this I have fallen in love with melody and also have become strong in the department…and because that me, phrasing truly is everything. I will fight for its uniqueness till my co-writers space frustrated, but if you look at several of the song I’ve had actually recorded, ‘”You damaged Up v Me, “Speakers” because that Sam Hunt, or even “Nothin’ ‘Bout Love renders Sense” for LeAnn Rimes back in the day…they have actually all pushed the borders of phrasing and also I am so proud that that. I don’t wanna fit in; I want a Kylie stamp on mine songs.

Is over there a particular duration or moment in her career as soon as you were challenged with adversity or doubt and had to dig deep to continue to be the course?

Do you have all day? Ha-ha. Firstly, without doubt I can say, there isn’t a creative person ~ above this earth who doesn’t doubt themselves. It’s component of what provides us crazy and also gifted. The said, I’ve to be a professional writer in Nashville because that 16 years so I’ve had a few publishing deals…and every time that deal’s about to end, you’re riddled with panic about what the next step will be. This is such an sector of uncertainty and streaming has actually really taken its toll fee on the income of the expert writer…so I can say without suspicion that till we number out exactly how to reasonably compensate the creators of the music you’re all listening to, there will certainly be a cloud the doubt over every our heads. All I understand is the the only thing i can regulate at this point besides spreading the word around this matter…is to show up, to have actually a great attitude and also to leaving it every on the page.

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Do girlfriend have any advice because that aspiring or newly experienced songwriters?

Write 10. Write 50. Compose 100. Compose 1000. Store writing. Save learning. Every day the you space writing friend are becoming a better writer, even if it is it feels choose that or not at the time. Walk to shows, meet new writers and also artists and also publishers…make friends since these friend will become your people and your champion in spreading the word around what girlfriend do. Sign up with a P.R.O. BMI, ASCAP, SESAC. These civilization are period connecters and incredibly important in your journey. Lastly, don’t follow the trend; you’re currently behind that if friend do. Execute “you,” create your very own sound and most importantly, compose your truth. Girlfriend think ns didn’t have actually a couple exes in mind as soon as I composed “You damaged Up with Me?” Hell yeah ns did .