Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 31 December 2016 complete episode composed update: Sohail and also Ruhi decide to go together to satisfy the blackmailer. Sohail asks Ruhi no to re-publishing anything through Raman else he will be stressed.

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 31 December 2016 full episode written update: Raman and Ishita were viewed discussing around Ruhi.

The episode starts v Ruhi call Sohail from her new number. She notifies him that the blackmailer has actually been caught and now she is relieved. Sohail feels happy for her and asks she to accomplish him. Mihika, Aaliya and also Mrs. Bhalla room worried for their wine chemicals and ask the males to take them to hospital, before any kind of reaction happens. Romi confronts them that they have so many complaints about Bhalla men. Mihika states you were not offering me time, also Aaliya to be saying the same. Adi claims that the is giving much more importance come work since he wants to give better future come Aaliya. He doesn’t desire to lose her. Aaliya think it sweet and hugs him. Mihika and also Romi apologize to every other. Mr. Bhalla claims that the chemical point was fake, lock just have actually a hangover. The females beat the men.

Ruhi comes there and also asks anyone to calm down. She resolves the differences and also asks them come patch up through their particular partners. Mihika says sorry to Romi and also Romi guarantees her that he will certainly give much more time come her. Adi and Aaliya likewise reunite.

Ruhi gets a courier. She checks it and wonders who has sent a CD. She plays the CD and also sees the exact same MMS and also gets shocked. She gets the blackmailer’s call. The asks what walk she think the she will readjust the number and he will not know. He speak her, the knows around everything. He endangers Ruhi the if she will contact the Police this time, he have the right to do worse things. The asks she to wait because that the following call. She recalls Raman’s words and plans to tell Ishita around it.

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Raman and Ishita space discussing about Ruhi. Raman says that that is very angry through himself as he is just dependent top top Police. Ishita states that she is feeling helpless too, specially as soon as she watch Ruhi crying and panicking. She likewise says the we should not have actually lied to our daughter. Raman states what else have the right to we do, he states their solitary lie made Ruhi therefore happy. He states that that can’t check out Ruhi crying. Ruhi hears them and also cries. Ruhi goes to Sohail and tells that everything. Ruhi cries and hugs him, asking him to conserve her. He says that she is no alone. She says that man obtained her brand-new number too, he has sent the MMS CD to home, she claims it may take place that Abhishek’s team member is help the blackmailer.

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Ruhi gets the blackmailer’s speak to in former of Sohail. He says don’t it is in scared, price the call. The blackmailer asks for an ext money, as the Police is detect him. He asks because that 30 Lakhs. Sohail asks her to answer. She accepts and asks for 2 work time. Sohail says that he will arrange the money else Raman will gain stressed. Also, he says that he will certainly come along to provide money. She refuses, she says if the blackmailer gets to understand then he have the right to hurt both of them. Sohail says there i will not ~ be any type of mistake and also he will come along. He says that that is concerned for Ruhi as all this is really close to his heart, this happened to his cousin too, once her parental knew this, originally they supported her but one work they obtained so worried the they committed suicide. Ruhi gets shocked.