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19 years back today, WWF presented King the the Ring (WWE Network link) from the public Arena in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 17,087 to be in the arena, v 310,000 residences watching top top PPV.

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The event is famously and infamously detailed for Mick Foley, then wrestling together Mankind, thrown off the Hell in a cell cage much less than 2 minutes right into the match, climate chokeslammed with the cage ten minutes later. The match, maybe the specifying moment that the perspective Era, together recapped through Geno Mrosko in 2013:

"Instead of beginning the complement in the ring and also working their way out that the cage, as Shawn Michaels had actually done with Undertaker in the very first Cell match, Foley wanted to increase the ante. So he (or terrycloth Funk, as he tells it) come up with the idea to begin off by climbing the cage and beginning on optimal of it. This would likewise serve to set up a clues Foley had actually planned the would provide one that the most famous clips in pro wrestling history.

The 2 battled ago and forth along the optimal of the cage. There to be a little bit of foreshadowing, despite no one might know it in ~ the time, once they walked over an area that the cage and also it virtually collapsed underneath their weight. The should have actually been warning sufficient of how poor of one idea this was, yet this is Mankind we"re talking around here.

Eventually, they operated their way over come the sheet of the Cell through Mankind teasing a fall. No one ever thought he would certainly go v with it, though, no one did lock think Undertaker would be willing to in reality send him off, considering if made even a minor error in judgement, it could result in paralysis or, worse, death. But this was before Owen Hart"s loss at the Kemper Arena and also the wrestling organization was in a various place in ~ the time.

So they did it. Suddenly and also without warning, "Taker got Mankind and also sent the flying turn off the cage onto the Spanish announcement table some 16 feet below, i m sorry separated his shoulder. This prompted Jim Ross to supply one that his numerous famous calls.

"Good God, almighty. Great God, almighty; that killed him. As God together my witness, he is damaged in half!"

Ross and also his partner, Jerry Lawler, immediately started calling because that medical aid from those in the back, struggling to toe the line between keeping kayfabe and getting assist for a friend who had just taken among the most insane bumps in the history of the world Wrestling Federation (WWF).

Unbelievably enough, that didn"t finish there.

A entirety gang the personnel come out to check on Mankind, including Sgt. Slaughter, Vince McMahon, terrycloth Funk, and a clinical team. They increased the cage v Undertaker quiet on height in stimulate to get a stretcher the end to ringside to get Mankind come the back. Together they to be wheeling the out, the cage came back down and also "The Deadman" started to slowly climb down it, even slower than normal thanks to a broken foot that was managing coming right into the match.

But then there was part commotion in the entrance way and by the moment cameras cut earlier over to check out what to be going on, Mankind was ago up. And also not only was he back up, he to be heading ago to the ring to continue the match. And not just was he back up and also heading earlier to the ring to proceed the enhance (with a laugh on his face, no less), he to be heading ago to climb the cage again.

Undertaker, tho hovering on the side of the contraption, climbed ago up to greet him.

When they met again, "Taker yielded a few punches before setup Mankind up for a chokeslam. As soon as he picked him up and also slammed that down, the top of the cage broke and Foley walk crashing under to the tough mat below with a chair adhering to right behind that cracked that in the face when it hit.

Lawler on the call: "That"s it, he"s dead."

Ross ideal behind him: "Will somebody prevent the cursed match?! Enough"s enough!"

Mankind was knocked out by the fall and also the chair had dislodged among his teeth, which finished up comes out with his nose. Undertaker would later on say he thought Foley may have been gone for great at this allude and that he was exceptionally uncomfortable with continuing the match. The didn"t present it, though, no while medical personnel rushed ago into the ring to examine on Foley, who was completely laid out and suffering bad at this point.

But still, that wasn"t over.

Undertaker jumped down v the opened in the cage, an very painful task considering his foot yet nothing compared to what the male lying in a heap of flesh right beside him was going through, and the ring clearing out. Funk continued to be in for this reason Undertaker could strike him and deliver a chokeslam when Mankind recovered.

He controlled to do so, too, stand up and taking a punch just minutes after suffering a concussion. The enhance would proceed on because that a few more minutes prior to Mankind went under the ring and found a bag full of thumbtacks. He brought them in the ring and also poured them the end on one next of it, resulting in several big tease spots the either "Taker or Mankind would take a ago bump ~ above them.

In the end, Mankind ended up jumping top top Undertaker"s back only to have actually "The Deadman" walk end to the thumbtacks and also drop down. He missed the majority of them and also it looked favor Foley had been saved from having to absorb yet an additional painful spot.

But, again, we"re talking about Mankind here, and also he"s legitimately a stunner person.

After getting back up indigenous this, Undertaker chokeslammed Foley directly onto the big pile that thumbtacks. All that was left was a throat slash to signal the end and also a tombstone piledriver to gain the three count to mercifully lug to a close one of the most grueling matches in WWF history.

By the moment all to be said and done, the perform of Foley"s injuries was long and also included but was not minimal to: one and a fifty percent missing teeth, 14 stitches below his lip, a concussion, a dislocated jaw, a bruised kidney and a dislocated shoulder."

The bout to be voted enhance of the Year by Pro rings Illustrated and finished 2nd in the same classification by Wrestling Observer Newsletter. The two falls were selected in a 2011 list as the best OMG event in WWE history.

Dave Meltzer remarked what the bout can mean for wrestling’s future in the July 6, 1998 concern of Wrestling Observer news (text via The Dirtsheets top top Reddit):

So the concern becomes, wherein does the service go native here? for Foley, sure, there"s a one-way ticket right right into every mythical pro wrestling hall of Fame and also in one night that turned himself right into a bonafide all-time agree wrestling legend, a standing he to be pretty fine close come anyway.

Several hundred thousand world saw the complement live roughly the world, and also through the magic that videotape and endless replays, those bumps will certainly be regarded by 10s of millions prior to the end of the week and exponentially more before the end of time. Foley acquired up, and also while come say he emerged unscathed would certainly be far from the truth, yet he didn"t break any kind of bones and didn"t even wind up v a long hospital stay from blows the literally can have finished his life if he"d been a couple of inches off on landing the first time. The scary part is no what we just saw. But what we will witness next.

As is the case with the business, a entirety bunch of males will shot to emulate what is permanently etched in their mind, just as Foley one-upped the memory of Snuka native his very own childhood. We"ll see more balcony dives that nobody will remember. We"ll watch minis take bumps off high-rises which will certainly fade indigenous everyone"s memories in ~ hours. And one day, who will experience a destructive fate. The course pro wrestling is dangerous and also the injury rate seems to thrive by the week also without civilization trying come up the ante. Yet realistically, this service has been very lucky. While wrestlers talk about literally risking their lives, and also they certainly are risking their bodies, at any time they execute suicidal stunts, when we talk about deaths of active young wrestlers, they space from overdoses or auto wrecks.

With all the wrestling hosted nightly in Mexico and all the young inexperienced males doing stunner moves, I have the right to only remind one or two deaths in the ring end the past 20 years. There has only to be one in-ring death in the background of Japanese wrestling and also that appears not to have been from a dangerous relocate as much as a pre-existing condition. The couple of deaths in the ring in the U.S. Were legends from the 60s and also 70s, normally older males who held on past your prime and also whose hearts provided out.

But my critical impression of the Undertaker-Mankind complement was the as long as i live, I have the right to stay with certainty that i will never forget the performance and there isn"t a lot about wrestling that I"d make that statement about. Mick Foley will be linked with the Hell in the Cell much more than Shawn Michaels will ever be attached with the ladder match just together Bret Hart will never ever escape the attach of the most devastating night of his job no issue what he did before hand and what he"ll finish up doing for the rest of his career.

And whether it wins match of the year or the doesn"t, and also in some methods it probably shouldn"t and in other methods how have the right to you even argue versus it since of the impression the created, when it to be over it to be the greatest match ever the left me sad once it was over. I really wish I had never checked out it. Not because it wasn"t to chat or that it wasn"t a great match. It to be both. Till the ignorance tacks, it was dramatic as all hell. It"s funny, since I"m happy because that Foley, due to the fact that he more than likely on this night finally achieved what he collection out to execute with his life as a child and also that is give millions of world a memory the they"ll always remember, and very few people in the people are fortunate enough to have the ability to live the end their true dream.

In that way, it"s a wonderful thing. Whether that euphoria is precious the ache he"ll suffer from this and all the various other beatings in later on life is something just he have the right to decide and he"s a grown up who is intelligent sufficient to do his own value judgements. Maybe as soon as he"s 70 he"ll it is in living with so lot pain the he"ll think he was an idiot, and maybe he"ll think earlier and the emotion inside will be that it was every worth it.

Terry Funk is still doing moonsaults turn off balconies lengthy after logic would have actually told him to stop and in his own soul there have to be a reason since his friends and also family no doubt great he"d stop. I"ve speak with sufficient older wrestlers who didn"t shot anything that the sort and also felt what they walk wasn"t worth it, and also others that no doubt would certainly gladly go with it all again without being asked twice.

But I"m sad and also afraid. Not for Foley"s future. No for the service which will endure the next set of tragedies a lot much easier then the last set because fans room so desensitized. However I"m sad and also afraid because that someone, and also nobody even knows who, the was city hall this enhance on tv this weekend and also in 5 or also 15 year will try to live the end the dream etched in their memory and also won"t wind increase being as lucky a man as Mick Foley.

Here room the full display results.

King of the Ring Semifinals:

Ken Shamrock defeated Jeff Jarrett by submission.The Rock defeated Dan Severn.

King that the Ring Finals:

Ken Shamrock defeated The rock by entry to victory the King that the Ring tournament.

Non-tournament matches in stimulate of occurrence:

The Headbangers (Mosh and Thrasher) and also Taka Michinoku defeated Kaientai (Funaki, Men"s Teioh, and Dick Togo).Too much (Brian Christopher and also Scott Taylor) beat Al Snow and Head. Jerry Lawler to be the one-of-a-kind referee.X-Pac defeated Owen Hart.The brand-new Age Outlaws (Road Dogg and also Billy Gunn) beat The new Midnight refer (Bombastic Bob and Bodacious Bart) to maintain the WWF sign Team Championship.The Undertaker beat Mankind in a Hell in a cabinet match.Kane beat Steve Austin in a an initial Blood complement to victory the WWF Championship. Per pre-match stipulations, had Kane lost, he would certainly have collection himself ~ above fire.

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