WJCB gives results-focused legal representation for insurance carriers, employers, and also government entities throughout the Carolinas and Georgia.

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With 70+ attorneys and also 160+ total team members across seven offices, ours team has the skills, experience, and also drive to handle also the most complex insurance defense cases.

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Workers’ Compensation Defense

us work closely with client to handmade a focused litigation/resolution strategy because that each claim, and also we aggressively pursue that strategy.


Liability litigation Defense

We stand for a wide range of insurance carrier and big and tiny businesses in State and also Federal courts.

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Mediation Services

Our license is granted mediators are recognized for their considerable experience, approachability, and ability to empathize through both next throughout the mediation.

”I have worked with WJCB legislation firm because that over 15 years. WJCB has detailed Spartanburg ar with outstanding guidance and knowledge with our workers’ compensation claims. Their skilled attorney staff is well trained, responsive, and also willing to offer alternative routes to cases where there frequently seems to it is in a dead-end.

”I have worked with WJCB over the previous 18 years and the partnership they have actually with your clients drives good outcomes. Every office has actually skilled and also responsive attorneys who space willing to go the extra mile for their clients on every claim. V some larger firms you have tendency to lose that one top top one client experience but not this firm.

”WJCB is not the form of for sure that will sit top top a claim. They work-related as a team v the inspectors to carry a insurance claim to resolution in the many cost-effective means for both the insured and Carrier. We evaluate they are accessible for seminars and also have done rather a couple of for mine office.