While city hall the brand brand-new season of Penn and also Teller: stupid Us Monday night top top The CW, take a second to check out penn Jillette"s left hand. Top top his ring finger, you"ll notice that the pond is painted glowing red.

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It"s something pan of the renowned magician have actually been wondering about since he and also his silent companion Raymond Teller gained their large break in the mid-1980s. Some have actually theorized the the red-painted fingernail is provided in few of his tricks, while others have actually concluded the it"s nothing more than a an individual fashion choice.

The truth is though, there"s in reality a lot deeper reason why pen paints his ring finger before stepping ~ above stage. Together the las Vegas show revealed ago in 2012, it has nothing to perform with making a fashion statement and also everything to do with his family.

"People asking around my red fingernail. It"s for my mom. I wear mine dad"s ring and my mom"s nail polish. That reminds me the them. Momma"s boy," the tweeted.

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People asking around my red fingernail. It"s because that my mom. I wear my dad"s ring and my mom"s pond polish. The reminds me that them. Momma"s boy.

— penn Jillette (
pennjillette) may 14, 2012

According to the New York Post, Penn"s mom would constantly tell the juggler the he needed to save his hands looking neat for the audience. The red fingernail has due to the fact that become his means of honoring his mom"s advice.

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Upon finding out Penn"s explanation, numerous fans expressed how much lock admired his intentions. "Dude it is awesome. Really unique way to psychic moms :)" one pan said, while another claimed that his reasoning was "the sweet thing" the they had actually read.

The magician has constantly been really open about the incredible love he had actually for his mother, Valda, who passed away at the age of 90 in 2000.

"My mother was every little thing to me. My mother and also I to be the same human — no doubt about it," pen told Lancaster Online. "She to be a tiny old lady; i was a huge hippie. Us were the exact same person. Every the important decisions make in my life, prior to she died, were run by mine mom."

Penn has likewise had nothing but nice things to say about his so late dad, Samuel. All in all, that told the Los Angeles Times the he to be aways "proud" that his two parents and that they "loved him" and also "loved each other."

What a beautiful tribute.

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