Tramadol is a strong, addictive prescription opioid that is commonly abused and also purchased illegally. It commonly costs anywhere in between $1 and $5 per pill once purchased on the street.

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While there are other an ext popular prescription opioids that civilization buy and also sell illegally, tramadol is still commonly used and also sold top top the street.

Tramadol comes in 50 mg and 100 mg pills, and the price of tramadol on the street different widely relying on location and supply.

Most civilization pay between $1 and also $5 because that a solitary 50 mg or 100 mg pill, respectively.

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How much Does A tablet Of Tramadol Cost?

Prices vary, but variety between $1 and also $5 for both 50 mg and also 10 0mg pills.

Cost that Tramadol per Dosage

For 50 mg pills, many human being pay $1 every pill. Pills that are 100 mg can expense as lot as $5 per pill.Available crowdsourced data walk not provide a reliable breakdown of cost-per-mg that tramadol, because prices differ so much.

Cost Comparison: Tramadol Pharmacy expense Vs Tramadol Street Prices

As with many prescription drugs, the expense of tramadol is substantially lower 보다 its price ~ above the street.

People v prescriptions have the right to expect to pay an mean retail price of roughly $24 because that 30 50-mg tramadol pills.

Cost of Tramadol In The Pharmacy

Many virtual pharmacies have coupons or discounts. Some human being can get 30 pills of 50 mg tramadol for as low as $3.00. This puts the cost of a solitary pill at roughly $0.10.

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Because these pharmacy prices price less for human being that purchase in volume, that is cheaper to acquire pills in prescriptions the 180 pills than in 30 pill increments.

Why Tramadol Costs much more On The Street

Because tramadol is illegal to have actually without a prescription, it costs an ext through a drug dealer.

The typical pharmacy price of 180 tablets is $125 and as low together $12 v discounts. This equals around $0.07 every 50 mg pill.

The shortest street cost of a 50 mg dose is between 10-14 times more expensive 보다 the cheapest pharmacy price options.

Getting aid For Tramadol Addiction

Addiction to drugs choose tramadol steals joy and harms relationships. If you or a love one is reliant on tramadol, then assist is available.

Call our seeks treatment specialists to learn an ext about the range of inpatient and outpatient options available.

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