Fornite‘s Season 7 main 5 challenges are here and, as with any new weekly challenges, we lug you ours Fortnite Fortnite Visit Polar Peak and Tilted Towers single Match every stages guide. It’s packed through all the information you’ll need to complete one the this week’s totally free challenges. We also clear up confusion about the “Where is Leaky Lake in Fortnite?” that part players appear to be stumped by!

Where Is Leaky Lake in Fortnite?

Before we get into this challenge’s miscellaneous landing points, we first have to clear up some confusion. We’ve viewed some players questioning “Where is Leaky Lake in Fortnite?” Well, following recent alters to the map that involved a giant cube and also extremely weird multidimensional events, the Leaky Lake place was transformed earlier into loot Lake. So when you’re looking for Leaky Lake in Fortnite, it’s simply Loot Lake.

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Fortnite stage 1 Land at Polar Peak guide – What is the Challenge?

To finish this challenge, friend will have to land at 5 different areas on the map. It is it. Nothing more, nothing less. The isn’t among those complex challenges wherein you have to go searching for endowment or anything, i m sorry is nice.


Stage 1 calls for you to land at — yep, you guessed it — Polar Peak. This is found right in the center of the Frosty Flights area that the map. Land together close to the composing on the map as humanly possible, and you should complete this an initial part that the challenge.

Fortnite stage 2 Land in ~ Fatal areas Guide

Next, you’ll should land in ~ Fatal Fields. This is located in the south of the map, north of lucky Landing, and also West of sky Palms. Again, try and land together close come the creating on the map come ensure girlfriend hit this mark exactly.

Fortnite phase 3 Land in ~ Tomato holy place Guide

The third location calls for you come head to Tomato Temple. This is discovered in the phibìc of Fortnite‘s map. That due West the the Wailing Woods, and North of Dusty Divot.

Fortnite stage 4 Land in ~ Loot Lake Guide

Location four in this week’s landing challenge is prey Lake, which used to be recognized as Leaky Lake. Loot Lake is the giant pool of water in the Northern an ar of the map, therefore it’s really hard to miss out on this location.

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Fortnite final Stage Land at Snobby Shores Guide

Finally, the last location you will need to land in is Snobby Shores. The the North-Western most allude of Frosty Flights, and also is now covered in eye as a an outcome of the Fortnite season 7 update. If you’re yes, really struggling to discover it, head South-West of satisfied Park to locate it.

Once you’ve landed at all five areas, you’ll have actually completed this week’s landing challenge. Fine done you!