This is a bit straightforward article about how come install and configure paper Server resource Manager in home windows Server 2016 through creating and managing quotas, record screening and storage reports.

File Server resource Manager – is a home windows server duty that enables to manage and classify data save on computer on record servers. It consists of the following features:

File Classification – You deserve to classify files and apply policies based upon this classificationQuota Management – Quotas enables to border the an are that is permitted for a volume or folder, and also they can be automatically applied to brand-new folders that are created on a volumeFile Screening – This is to control what type of papers that user can store in the file server. You have the right to limit using file extensions such together mp3, .avi to store in the file server.

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Management Reports - Reports deserve to be created to monitor accessibility to files, decaying usage and how data is classified.

Installing document Server source Manager

FRSM duty on home windows server 2016 deserve to be mounted from GUI or PowerShell, here I’m installing it using GUI server manager.

Login come the Server, open Server Manager, select include Roles and FeaturesFrom the Server roles, select file Server resource Manager and next to all various other steps and installAfter installation completed open document server resource manager from bureaucratic tools

Configuring FSRM

Configurations on paper server resource manager is not lot of a complex process. There space three main areas where you have the right to configure the features.

Quota managementFile screeningStorage reporting

Configuring Quota

Quota limit the lot of disk space allowed come a folder or a drive. Later you can assign this to a user or a group using record share access. Quota is beneficial when you are giving a an individual drive in document server to users. In instance you have the right to restrict all customers will acquire maximum of 2GB the a personal drive. When producing quota there room two differences.

Quota on the path – this is wherein quota is used only come the key folder, as instance if you use the quota to a main folder and users were mapped subfolders that this key folder, then every users have to share the same quota of the parental folderAuto use template and create quota – by this method parent and all subfolders are under the quota management, if you use 5GB maximum quota to the parental folder, every subfolders will have individual quota that 5GB. This method if you developed subfolder for customers they will have actually private quota of 5GB each.

Quota Templates

Before developing quotas, you need to either produce a quota theme or choose predefined template. To produce quota template

Right click on the quota template and also create newPut the name and description v the space limit. If you choose hard quota, you cannot exceed the specified amount, but soft quota user can exceed and also can it is in notified.Notifications can be send via Emails once quota got to specified threshold. Also it deserve to be configured to operation a script, command or log in an event

Create Quota

Once you have developed the quota layout or decide to choose an present quota template, friend can develop the quota.

Right click on quota and also select produce QuotaSelect the adhering to information

Quota path – folder or parent folder quota used toCreate quota on course or auto used template (this has explained in above)Select the quota template

Once the quota is created you deserve to see the from the console

Configuring document Screening

File screening is wherein you can restrict certain document types conserved in the stated location. Record screening is brought out by the paper name not their contents. You can filter records by document extensions or other parts of the file. There room two form of paper screening

Active Screening – execute not allow users to conserve unauthorized filesPassive Screening – enable users to save files yet can be monitored.

When configuring document screening, you need to create record Groups, Screening templates and record screens

Create document groups

File teams is wherein you define a pattern of files and also link together as a group to use in file screening. You deserve to use existing groups or develop a new groups. As I called before file screening is based upon the paper name, so you have the right to define document extensions and paper names to display screen files.

Right click on file groups and also create new paper group, specify a name and include parts of the record names or paper extensions in document to include. You deserve to also add exclusions

Create paper Screening Template

Before configuring document screening, you need to either produce a file screening design template or pick predefined template.

To create a record screening design template right click it and also create newIn create template window, fill the following

Template NameScreening type – energetic or Passive screeningSelect record groupsEmail tab have the right to be provided to send notifications once attempt come save paper that is unauthorized.Event log in tab have the right to be supplied log unauthorized actionsCommand tab can be offered to run a command or a script when triggeredReports tab have the right to be supplied to generate reports on activities.

Create paper screening

File screening can be used to a folder or a volume, pick the path and also the design template if you created before. And also create

Generate reports

There are number of reports you have the right to generate regarding the file server management. Schedule regular storage reports that allow you to identify trends in disc usage, monitor attempts to save unauthorized papers for all users or a selected group of users and generate warehouse reports instantly.

To create reports open storage report tasks and generate a report, DHTML report will be saved and also prompt to open.

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These are the more common features what we can use with document Server source Manager 2016. There room also record server classifications and paper server management work you can perform (here)

This short article is all about implementing and configuring file Server resource Manager 2016. But in most settings after implementing paper servers you need to implement a re-publishing folders and map folders together drives to teams or separation, personal, instance users. From my next article I will share details on best practices on mapping folders to users centrally.