If you desire to play a prank top top somebody, then why not shot the tiktok Water Bottle difficulty – it’ll it is in hilarious.

Prank challenges are several of the best varieties of videos to watch on TikTok. Some popular ones at the minute are the Ugly Baby an obstacle and the brand-new Teacher Challenge.

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And if you need one more one come try, climate why not have a go at the Water Bottle an obstacle – the the perfect prank come play on your friends, family, or even your young children!


What is the tik Water party Challenge?

A new challenge is going famous on TikTok and also you’re certainly going to desire to provide this one a go.

The Water Bottle difficulty involves playing a prank ~ above a girlfriend or family members member through unexpectedly pouring water ~ above them gradually to a song.

Many people additionally choose to execute the tendency on a infant or one of their young children, and also seeing your reaction is nice hilarious, if no a little bit cruel.


I feeling really negative after, i swear… nothing let this flop for my bad babe #babywaterchallenge #fyp #maverick #waterbottlechallenge

♬ Ah Eh – queen_zyon1

What is the song?

If did you do it seen civilization doing the challenge, you’ve more than likely noticed that they all use a details song.

The tune is called ‘Watchu girlfriend Doin’ by mr Hotspot and Toosi, and you must throw the water end the human in time come the music.

To uncover the song on TikTok:

Open TikTok and press ‘discover’ in the bottom bar. Type ‘#waterbottlechallenge’ right into the search bar. Discover a video that has used the correct song. Click on the tune name underneath the account username and caption. Push ‘add to favourites’ to conserve the sound for later.
walvint #viral SafeguardSplash #lissandrag #walvint thetigersfamily #tiktokchallange #trends #cosasdenovios #waterbottlechallenge #dr

♬ Ah Eh – queen_zyon1

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This person also did the prank on your dog

This an obstacle isn’t minimal to just people either, why not try doing the prank on her pets.

This tiktok user tried the an obstacle on her dog, and its reaction is priceless.

The video gained a huge 50,000 likes!


My dog didn’t autumn for it