NBC is Dropping Its horror Channel Chiller NBC decides come shut down its horror channel, Chiller, at the begin of 2018 after ~ the network had been on the air because that 10 years.

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NBCUniversal is shutting under Chiller, the fear channel that has remained on the air for ten years. The decision comes together a an outcome of the company"s difficulties in securing deals with carriers such as Dish Network, Verizon and Spectrum.

In in march of 2007, NBCUniversal launched Chiller, a channel committed to films and TV mirrors in the horror genre. The very first affiliate to lug the channel was DirectTV. Some of the earliest content to waiting on Chiller were well-known shows prefer Twin Peaks, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, and also Tales from the Crypt. Chiller additionally aired a number of iconic movies including The Shining, and Hitchcock classics The Birds and Psycho. The channel later became known because that airing lesser-known, tiny budget films.

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Deadline reports that NBCUniversal is axing Chiller after ~ ten years of being on the air. The shutdown will certainly go into impact on new Year"s Day. According to Deadline, the decision to end the channel was impacted by various carriers who have removed the channel from your lineup. The an initial major affiliate come drop the channel was Dish Network ~ above February first of this year. Spectrum adhered to suit in late April. Verizon reduce it too in October. The last significant carrier to part ways through Chiller was Cox communications on November 8th. DirecTV, however, tho carries the channel, help it to reach end 40 million homes.

Deadline"s report says that NBCUniversal isn"t looking come axe any kind of other channels, and that no staffers will be affected by the channel"s unavoidable shutdown.

Horror fans will be understandably upset by the decision, as Chiller to be the residence for many now-cancelled shows, such as The external Limits, the 1980s remake of The Twilight Zone, Unexplained Mysteries, and also Urban Legends. Chiller likewise had the own initial series, Slasher, i beg your pardon debuted in 2016. The licensing prices for its 2nd season to be bought through Netflix. In 2013, NBCUniversal released Chiller Films, one offshoot of the channel, to produce original movies for restricted theatrical release.

Chiller was also popular with fans that saw the channel together an outlet because that watching little budget horror films. This films comprise a large part that Chiller"s programming, in addition to reruns the cancelled scripted shows and also reality shows. Of course, v Chiller being dropped by so countless carriers, it"s also understandable for NBCUniversal come ax the network as under viewers were actually able to clock it.

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Chiller will go off the waiting on January 1st, 2018.

Source: Deadline

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