If you listen often and also find the material easy come understand, you probably have actually been practicing English because that a lengthy time. That’s good – it means you have made a many progress due to the fact that you an initial began. But maybe there are a few things you will do still like to work-related on. So, I’ve gained a question for you:

What are you willing to execute to improve your English?

The idea of being willing to perform something is the topic of today’s everyday Grammar program. Indigenous English speakers use the phrase often, so you will do it hear and see the everywhere.

The expression “be ready to” gets its meaning from the adjective “willing.”

The adjective “willing” means to be ready, eager or ready to do something. Keep in mind that gift willing to execute something is no the very same as wanting to execute it. The idea is just that girlfriend don’t have to be persuaded.

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Listen again to my earlier question:

What room you ready to perform to boost your English?

In other words, what are you ready or ready to execute to get far better in English?

Forming sentences

Now, let’s talk around how to type sentences v “be willing to.” The structure of the expression is: it is in + ready + prototype verb.


You probably remember the the infinitive type of verb is “to” plus the straightforward form. So, in mine question around improving English, I usage the infinitive “to do.”

As for the main verb, I supplied “are” in the example. Together you know, “are” is the present kind of “be.” The “be” verb have the right to also adjust tenses.

For example:

Your English is yes, really good! I can see you were willing to occupational hard to enhance it.


He was willing to stay late to end up the job.

Notice the ide of a cost in those two examples. Gift willing to do something often way making an investment or sacrifice. Boosting your English calls for effort and time. And also the person who stayed late to complete the job more than likely sacrificed his plans for the evening.

It renders sense, then, that the phrase “be ready to” can additionally take a negative kind to show someone walk not agree to make an invest or sacrifice.

He wasn’t willing to stay late to finish the job. His household was expecting him because that dinner.

We also sometimes include a condition to say the someone is willing only if something else happens. This is what a person could say:

The couple is ready to to buy the car if the owner provides some repairs.

In this statement, the condition is repair on the vehicle.

Someone might additionally be ready to execute something if it help others or a higher purpose.

Imagine you are working ~ above a an imaginative video job with a coworker. You room the main video clip creator. Once your partner sees what you have made, he says this:

I prefer your video, but it is too lengthy for our show. Space you ready to cut the ending?

You to speak “yes,” also though you choose the ending. Later, your coworker says, "Are you willing to display Sam how to use the video clip software? now is his very first day.”

You say “yes” again, even though you are really, really busy. However welcoming a brand-new coworker is more important.

In these examples, gift willing method you space able to expropriate something. The meaning has to carry out with valuing cooperation.

Well, that’s every for today. I’ll finish with the same inquiry I began with: What room you willing to perform to enhance your English? Tell united state in the comments and also make certain to use “be ready to”!

I’m Alice Bryant.

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Alice Bryant composed this story for discovering English. Kelly Jean Kelly was the editor.


Words in This Story

practice – v. To do something again and also again in order to get far better at it

phrase – n. A team of two or much more words that express a single idea however do no usually form a finish sentence

eager – adj. Feeling a strong and irritated desire to do other or for something