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active school Name college or institution Name quick Name Banner Image: If you require to post a notice below your college name, please go into it here: Street 1 Street 2 Street 3 City State Zip nation regimen Location: Admissions Office Contact(s): call Information Video: i would choose to mark this ar as done. What is the final (enforced) applications deadline for your program? last Application deadline Description: What is the priority applications deadline for your program? Describe any kind of requirements or incentives for applicants who use by the priority deadline. i would prefer to note this ar as done. Please choose the suitable ACPE accreditation standing for your institution from the list below: Satellite/Branch campuses: go your routine follow the AACP participating Admissions Guidelines? Is your institution public or private? Is her institution part of an academic health center? scholastic Term Type: What is the major program structure for the Pharm.D. Curriculum? Is a Baccalaureate degree required or preferred for admissions? go your college have alternative enrollment options available? i would like to note this ar as done. Total variety of Pharm.D. Seats filled in the last P1 start class: i would favor to mark this ar as done. Target number of Pharm.D. Seats because that the upcoming P1 start class: Maximum variety of Pharm.D. Seats accessible in the upcoming P1 entering class: Anticipated number of early assurance students advancing to the P1 year in the upcoming start class: ns would favor to note this ar as done. does your school offer a double degree program, as defined above? If yes, examine all that apply: walk your college offer a concurrent, double, or 2nd degree program, as characterized above? carry out any additional information concerning dual, concurrent, double, or second degree programs: ns would choose to mark this section as done. Program summary Program summary Video: ns would choose to note this section as done. Minimum all at once GPA: Minimum Prerequisite GPA: administer any extr information concerning GPA policies for applicants: Total variety of college SEMESTER hours that must be completed before matriculation: Total variety of basic scientific research college SEMESTER hours that need to be completed before matriculation: Total variety of college QUARTER hours that have to be completed before matriculation: Total number of basic scientific research college QUARTER hours that have to be completed before matriculation: provide any additional information regarding credit hour policies for applicants: ns would like to mark this section as done. list of food Prerequisites: English ingredient / Writing
The university of Mississippi
School of Pharmacy
U the Mississippi, The
Transparent SOP Logo.png
University of Mississippi
P.O. Box 1848
United States

March 1, 2022
December 1, 2021
Full Accreditation
Semester (2 terms per scholastic year)
* 4
Not Required
PharmD/MBA (Business Administration)
A Bachelor of science in Pharmaceutical scientific researches is awarded upon effective completion the the P1 year.
The university of Mississippi college of Pharmacy, established in 1908, has actually consistently ranked in the peak 25 of every pharmacy institutions in the nation, and this year is ranked sixth among every pharmacy colleges for study funding. Students spend the an initial two years of the professional degree program in Oxford, the 3rd year in ~ the college of Mississippi Medical center campus in Jackson, and also the final year in practice experiences in many states and international sites. Each entering professional class consists of about 115 consistent Entry and Early entry students. One of the distinctive benefits is the upon perfect of the an initial year students get the Bachelor of scientific research in pharmaceutical Sciences. Completion of this level with at the very least a 2.0 GPA is required for admission right into the medical professional of Pharmacy degree program, which is composed of secondary three years of study/practice experiences. Additional information have the right to be uncovered at
Overall GPA, Math/Science GPA, and also GPA on required prerequisite courses are all taken into consideration by the UMSOP admissions committee in a holistic review.

Course topic Course title Semester hrs (Min) Quarter hrs (Min)
English Comp I 3
Chemistry Organic Chemistry I v Lab 4
Chemistry Organic Chemistry II through Lab 4
Physics Physics I through Lab 4
Social/Behavioral Science Social Sciences 6
Humanities Humanities and also Fine art * 12
Ethics Bioethics (Biomedical Ethics) 3
Biochemistry Biochemistry ** 3
Physiology Physiology (Human Physiology) *** 4
Microbiology Medical Microbiology (Pathogenesis of transmittable Diseases) or basic Microbiology (+200, +2000) 3
Communication / speech (Verbal) Speech 3
Biology/Biological Science Genetics 4
Math Calculus I 3
Chemistry Chemistry I through Lab 4
Chemistry Chemistry II through Lab 4
Biology/Biological Science Biology I v Lab 4
Biology/Biological Science Biology II through Lab 4
Statistics Statistics 3
Economics Microeconomics 3
English ingredient / Writing English Comp II 3
Anatomy Human Anatomy *** 4

once do applicants require to finish all course prerequisites before enrollment (e.g. Day or term)? All prerequisite coursework should be completed by June 30, 2021 because that for loss 2021 admission. have the right to applicants use online class to accomplish the institution's course prerequisites?
science Course Prerequisites with Labs: correctly Science food Prerequisites there is no Labs : different Non-Science food Prerequisites: yes
enter any additional information about online food prerequisites: For questions concerning acceptance of prerequisite courses, please call Lindsey Cooper in ~ lindsey For a list of current transfer equivalencies, please visit deserve to applicants usage pass/fail classes to fulfill the institution's food prerequisites?
Science food Prerequisites with Labs: Yes, but only if no letter grade option obtainable Science course Prerequisites without Labs : Yes, however only if no letter class option obtainable Non-Science course Prerequisites: Yes, yet only if no letter class option accessible
Clergy: accepted Co-Worker: accepted Employer: welcomed Faculty Advisor: embraced Family Member: NOT embraced Friend: NOT accepted Health treatment Professional: accepted Pharmacist: welcomed Politician: welcomed Pre-Health Advisor: welcomed Professor (Liberal Arts): embraced Professor (Math): welcomed Professor (Science): embraced Supervisor: welcomed Teaching Assistant: accepted
What is your college/school policy on committee letters? Not Accepted What is her college/school policy on composite letters? Not Accepted carry out institution specific details about evaluations: i would like to mark this section as done. Yes Is preference given to state residents? Yes Is preference given to citizens of various other states? No extr information around the program’s state residency requirements: i would prefer to mark this section as done. Yes Does her institution take into consideration foreign citizen (excluding Canadian citizens)? Yes choose the citizenship varieties eligible because that admission: US Citizens, US irreversible Residents, US temporary Residents, Canadian Citizens, international (non-US) Citizens through a Visa, international (non-US) Citizens, other Non-Citizens (e.g. DACA Students) plan for agree non-U.S. Coursework (excluding study abroad): Do no send any type of foreign transcript documentation. School just considers U.S. Credentials. If you have actually completed her course prerequisites in ~ a international institution, you may be ineligible for admission to these particular pharmacy programs. other clarifying information, if necessary: Non-native speakers have to submit official TOEFL scores? No If the TOEFL is forced for non-native English speakers, provide additional details around the requirement below: go the school offer a post-B.S. Pharm.D. Regime for existing pharmacists in the U.S. Or abroad? No i would like to note this section as done. Yes Interview Format: Individual applicants with two or an ext interviewers walk the institution offer an virtual interview option? Yes, but only ~ above a case-by-case basis Briefly describe your institution's interview process: The college of Mississippi college of Pharmacy needs a personal interview of all admitted students. Every applicant will have actually at least one 15-minute individual interview. The university of Mississippi institution of Pharmacy supplies panel interviews, in which the interview panel is composed of one faculty member and also one student. The score ~ above the interview is linked with various other admission facets (pre-pharmacy GPA, resume review, etc.) because that holistic review and consideration because that admission. link to institutional webpage for an ext detailed description: i would favor to mark this section as done. Yes Is a deposit forced to hold an acceptee's ar in the class? Yes Is the deposit refundable for any duration of time? No get in details on the deposit (e.g. Amount) and also deposit refund policies: The college of Mississippi school of Pharmacy participates in the AACP participating Admissions Guidelines. The college of Mississippi school of Pharmacy requires a non-refundable $200 hold deposit ~ above provisional admission prior to March 1. After ~ March 1, a 2nd non-refundable chair deposit the $300 is required. Upon matriculation to the program, the chair deposit will be applied to the very first semester fees. day of very first day of classes and/or matriculation because that the next entering class:

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added details for embraced applicants: The university of Mississippi college of Pharmacy will organize a obligated P1 Orientation, tentatively reserved for Friday, respectable 12. The an initial day of class is tentatively slated because that Monday, respectable 15, pending publication of the UM 2022-2023 scholastic Calendar. Are accepted applicants required to have actually CPR certification before matriculation? Yes i would like to note this ar as done. Yes Is your college participating in the Criminal Background examine (CBC) Service? No Is your college participating in the medicine Screening Service? No ns would favor to mark this section as done. Yes Admin status Published old_id 482 AACP school Number 3300 SIDS 76