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ArtistTygers the Pan flavor
23 respectable 1980
3.47 / 5.00.5 native 642 ratings
#436 because that 1980


thedemonpreacher Oct 11 2012 4.00 stars
Firstly come correct every the evaluate from human being who plainly don't 'own' the album - john Sykes (Later of thin Lizzy, Whitesnake and Blue Murder) does no play ~ above this Album!! right now he still resided in his parental guest house in Blackpool and also played with local hopefuls 'Streetfighter'. His an initial recorded work was a monitor THEY tape-recorded for the Guardian records Compilation 'New electric Warriors' in 1980 - He had left Streetfighter by the moment they recorded their single EP 'Crazy Dream' in 1982 and also had joined, girlfriend guessed it, Tygers of Pan Tang. Etc on 'Wild Cat' is by rob Wier alone and he plainly has a different style to Sykes being much less technical but perhaps (by necessity) more distinctive?The album chin is a hard NWOBHM release with a fair bit of variety in the layouts - you deserve to see below how musical impacts bounce across the Atlantic as the album definately has actually some influences from ZZ optimal (and possibly Ted Nugent) alongside more heavier British influences. They did a covering of 'Tush' as a B next (Girlschool likewise did a covering of this song about the very same time).As one of the major (at the time) bands that the NWOBHM (they later on headlined Friday night at the analysis Festival) this really need to be in any kind of self respecting NWOBHM fans collection.I would certainly say this is not the best Tygers album - Jess Cox Vocals are a bit monotone - I would say 'Spellbound' takes that honour - 'Crazy Hights' is a patchy album (as they admitted having had tiny time to write material) and also the much derided 'The Gage' is, ns think, really underated and also is a great album if a little much more commercial.

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marcothrasher Sep 28 2016 2.50 stars
in molti tratti è punkoso abbastanza da intrigarmi però generalmente mi riporta alla mente l'hard&heavy che sarebbe spuntato da lì a poco e digrigno ns denti. Limite mio
dwightfryed Sep 16 2015 3.00 stars
Quirky band surname (taken indigenous a Michael Moorcock book), colorful (eventually unified) album covers, significant label backing. Regardless of being a solid seller ~ above it's release, the Tygers debut registers together a little bit player in the substantial sea that NWOBHM discs, the tape holding earlier their obvious firepower unnecessarily for most of the album.The riffs room stormy and also the guitars bold, rob Wier and Co. Paying homage to rapid women, booze and dying young in colorfully named tracks favor “Euthanasia” and “Badger, Badger”, yet some the these song sound quite similar, and the lyrics to “Money” room hopelessly stupid. Jess Cox is a much better vocalist than plenty of of his NWOBHM peers, yet his delivery sounds phoned-in for numerous of the monitor here. Trivia - his former band before Tygers was called....Willy and also the Werewolves. Look that up.Weirdly, the last song “Insanity” is a desert island chug-fest that demands repeat listens. Why can’t more tracks top top this debut reach this level of long-haired, flash rocking magnitude? it’s no wonder that the band re-booted itself v an updated lineup because that the follow-up.
almanack may 03 2015 2.50 stars
In recent times I have spent a lot of my energy into delving earlier into finding albums of bands tied increase (some very loosely) in the brand-new Wave that British hefty Metal. Because that the most part this has been one interesting and enjoyable experience. Among the an ext recent bands I have actually been able to track down is Tygers the Pan Tang, and also this is their debut album, Wild Cat.From the an extremely beginning, I can hear patches of bands prefer ZZ Top and also Motorhead in your music. There's nothing as well technical about the songs on this album. For the most component they space straight up difficult rocking songs through a fast 4/4 north beat native Brian penis which is copy by the base guitar that Richard "Rocky" Laws. The etc riffs from Robb Weir space all catchy enough, while Jess Cox's vocals room serviceable there is no providing any kind of real energy which may have helped to lift this songs. To be honest, this entirety album is average - the isn't bad but the doesn't have actually anything memorable that lifts it right into the really good range. Whether the was walking to be something more distinctive from the rhythm ar than just the timekeeping element, or part breakout riffs and/or solos native the guitars, or some adjust in tone from the vocals that helped to lift these songs, it didn't really matter. To me over there just had to it is in something to do these song stand the end from every other, fairly than feeling they are all mostly really similar. This isn't meant to be a large criticism that what is presented here, and given the it was 35 years back this album in these circumstances has actually held up quite well. However there is a quality lacking which would certainly make the stand out from the other hefty albums of the day.Quite simply, there room ten monitor on this album that feel and also sound extraordinarily similarly structured. If you did not understand the album well, and were listening come it because that the an initial time, you might be forgiven for thinking that the same songs frequently get repetitive throughout the size of the album. This isn't assisted by the really monotone vocal performance of Jess Cox, which stops working to assist in trying come perceive the distinctions of each track. There are great songs here that girlfriend feel can have to be much an ext spectacular if they had actually been regulated better. "Euthanasia" and "Slave to Freedom" both begin the album off and also they are allowed, yet by the moment we reach "Don't Touch Me There" you can currently feel the sameness rise in. V "Money" we have actually the slight instance of boredom seeping into the music. A much more upbeat tempo number prefer "Killers" can obtain away through this lethargy, and in addition to "Fireclown" in ~ least assist to raise the profile a certain degree, but the guitar riffs are still too similar for comfort, and also the vocals also singularly toned together well.On the whole, this is an median album, probably one the at the time of its release was believed of more highly 보다 I do today. The can constantly be the case, and also it is not intended to it is in a harsh evaluate - though it most likely comes across that way. For true faithfulness of the activity I'm certain they discover a lot more in this than I do.Rating: The love of the future will shortly oppress. 2.5/5
polignac Apr 02 2015 3.50 stars
one of the most important HM lps that its age.perhaps simply 1 filler top top 10 tksis a real thin sin.just 1 el gt in this lp.4 tks ~ above 10 are from 5'10 come 6'32,this provides you reflect on the style of the band.vocal components are rough,a little punkish,but great and giving right groove come the songs,somethinglike a much less melodical Phil Mogg's singing.tk 10,"insanity" starts with the exact same idea of black color Sabbath's "the writ".

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Un gran debut de una gran banda. Aquí aún no estaba Jon Deverill, el vocalista clásico de la banda; era Jess Cox quien se encargaba de la voz principal. El estilo del grupo maduraba ya desde este inside wall disco, para luego perpetrar una serie de álbumes imprescindibles para los amantes y curiosos de la NWOBHM, de los seguidores del tough y el heavy en basic también.