Heard this quote from world class sports coach Frank Dick and also felt it precious sharing.

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He stated that there are some points in life that deserve to be taught (the scientific research of what us do. The tools, systems, processes) and there are other points which deserve to really only be learned (the art of act what we do. Living with the experience).

I’ve frequently heard myself saying to world that it’s one thing to academically understand something and a really different thing to emotionally understand it. The emotionally understanding and the genuine lesson is from obtaining on and doing it. Living through the act and seeing just how it feels. What worked? what didn’t?

A related point to this is the quote “To know and also not do is not to know”. What’s the suggest in gift a ‘smart-arse’ v lots of knowledge if girlfriend don’t perform anything with it?!!! Get moving! start implementing!!!

Thank friend Frank for another coaching masterclass on Friday. I love her style.



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