Dankey Kang refers to a two-pane photo that is composed of a Jeopardy! concern describing Sonic the Hedgehog and a screenshot the a contestant erroneously comment "Dankey Kang," a misspelling that Nintendo"s iconic gorilla character cheat Kong. Despite it was ultimately debunked together a photoshopped hoax, the photo went famous on Twitter anyway, mistakenly labeled as an instance of fail humor.

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On may 31st, 2010, YouTuber geminitech uploaded a video clip the the last Jeopardy ring on the tv game present Jeopardy!, in i m sorry the contestant Jen McFann answers "What is Berkeley?" in an answer to a clue about the just United states city to share a name with an aspect from the regular table (shown below).

On January 8th, 2014, cartoonist Mike Rosenthal tweeted a photoshopped screenshot of the Jeopardy! clip v the prize "Who is Dankey Kang?" created as a response to a clue around the video game personality Sonic the Hedgehog. Within the very first week, the tweet obtained over 1,300 retweets and also 1,000 favorites. Follow to the Jeopardy! Archive,<4> the Sonic the Hedgehog clue has actually never been used on the game show.

For last Jeopardy: This video clip Game personality is blue, collects rings, and also goes fast! pic.twitter.com/Dtk539MGeC

— Mike Rosenthal (
VectorBelly) January 9, 2014

Immediately after, Rosenthal tweeted another screenshot that a Jeopardy! contestant who answer had been photoshopped to check out "Who is Princess Zorldo," a misspelling of Princess Zelda from the Nintendo action-adventure game collection Legend that Zelda.


Also on January 8th, 2014, Redditor lividd3ad it is registered a attach to Rosenthal"s tweet come the /r/gamegrumps<1> subreddit, where it garnered much more than 150 up votes and also 20 comment in the complying with week. Top top January 9th, Rosenthal tweeted a screenshot the his Twitter interface displaying the hashtag "#DankeyKang" as a trending object in the united States.

whaaaat #DankeyKang is trendign pic.twitter.com/z8Bjn7u8h7

— Mike Rosenthal (
VectorBelly) January 9, 2014

On January 11th, the image was reposted to the /r/funny<8> subreddit, gathering upwards the 26,000 views and 900 comments. On the same day, DeviantArtist<2> Kevin Bolk uploaded number of illustrations that a blue gorilla named "Dankey Kang," who bears numerous similarities to the video game character Sonic the Hedgehog (shown below, left).


Also top top January 11th, the Jeopardy! picture was reposted by blogger Tyler Oakley ~ above his Tumblr blog.<7> top top January 12th, NeoGAF Forums<5> member Vanillalite posted the Dankey Kang screen capture in a thread title “Who is Dankey Kang?" top top January 14th, an eBay<3> listing was created for a shirt v the phrase "Who is Dankey Kang?" display printed top top the former (shown below).


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