I am trying to remember if this release correlated with my state then. Gonna check. Nearly happy 21 to her. Goodness.

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When it hit thev airwaves i really have no idea what this song means, im only 14. I just figure it out when my girl friend tells me that shes ten days late.



“I can’t face she’s got something to tell me” “Funny how she always cried out daddy” means she called out daddy to him during sex, and ironically he’s now going to be the daddy of her child. “10 days late” meaning she’s 10 days late on her period, and pregnant women don’t have their period. “Your eyes look to me for what to do, I can’t lie, I I don’t know” she’s asking him about what they’re to do about the pregnancy. I could go on & on !

"10 Days Late" was written by band members Stephan Jenkins and Arion Salazar.<1> The song is about a friend of Jenkins who had gotten his girlfriend pregnant at a young age; Jenkins was the baby"s godfather.<2>According to Jenkins: "This is more than just a modern rock hit about menstruation. It"s sort of acknowledging how life is going to come along, and your status quo will be interrupted. It"s gonna happen."<2>from wikipedia on 10 days late

The lead guitarist had very little screen time on this video. Seriously, the drummer and bass player were featured more.

The lead guitarist in this video (Tony Fredianelli) was not a part of the band when this song was written, so essentially all of the guitar work isn’t his doing. Tony is a great guitar player tho!

My wife of 20 years now played The 1st 2 3EB albums out big time. She also was 10 days late....I guess I’ll always be knowing you is a great lyric and I can identify a lot with that verse.

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why did they fire their good guitarist? He was clearly an asset to the band. Jenkins is a star but he blew it there

great band, great song, gorgeous lead singer. I"m afraid of looking him up nowadays, despite , in case there"s a Mark McGrath situation going on ( hot young guy grows up and ages to look like an oddly shaped wax mannequin of himself.) in my mind, Stephan Jenkins will be hot Forever!!

"The time has come for you to choose, baby daddy keep you boo. Many blessings come to you, baby daddy keep your boo"

awepart , sounds of the 90ns , the views are sad though, todays generation knows nothing about good music

this video is so late 90s and I love it. best era of movies and music videos. just the way they shot things and the way they made things looked.