When the Temptations stepped in to lfinish backing vocals to Rick James" 1981 smash hit "Super Freak," he passist it forward by developing their leadoff single "Standing on the Top."

Written by and also featuring James, "Standing on the Top" noted the Motvery own greats" first reunion in over a decade. It had actually been years because Temptations members David Ruffin and Eddie Kendrick had actually even perdeveloped on stage through the group, despite having actually added to classical Temptations hits, consisting of 1964"s "I"ll Be In Trouble" and "My Girl." 

After years of stress and legal quarrels, the previous lead singers reunited with Otis Williams, Melvin Franklin, Dennis Edwards, Glenn Leonard and Richard Street in 1982 to produce a solid seven-guy version of the Temptations. 

Released as the lead single from the group"s Reunion album in April 1982, "Standing on the Top" became among the Temptations" highest chart appearances in years, climbing to No. 6 on Billboard"s R&B charts and also entering to Top 100 on the US and also UK Pop Charts. 

Behind the scenes, the Temptations" inner hodgepodge resurfaced even as - which annoyed James even as he tape-recorded the song with the renowned vocal group. As he defined to Musician in 1983, "I worked through the Temps when and I offered them all vocal lines. I went out and sang the vocal parts of "Standing On The Top" and also they took the stuff house (a cassette through Rick singing the vocals) and also a couple of them came back the following day and didn"t understand anything."

He continued, "They hadn"t also listened to the tune. And I was exceptionally upcollection. I had to provide them a long speech about exactly how this was their careers and I"m already well-off and also I do not need this aggravation. I obtain exceptionally hurt as soon as civilization do not give me a hundred percent. They"ve sold over eighty million documents and in their minds they"re really huge stars; they assumed they can simply come in the next day and also knock it out, however it didn"t go that method. I demand what I want, not what they desire. They ended up giving me what I wanted."

Once the Temptations hit the road, the group"s inner chaos ongoing to boil over.

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Ruffin, plagued by an addiction to crack, missed a lot of shows, while Kendrick struggled to hit high notes throughout shows, because of years of smoking cigarettes. Williams called it quits by the end of the year and the delicate reunion and Reunion tour pertained to a cshed. With the absence of Ruffin and also Kendricks, Williams would certainly proceed touring and recording with the pre-recording line up.