L>The school Days of one Indian Girl.The college Days of one Indian Girl. "The college Days of one Indian Girl." by Zitkala-Sa (1876-1938) Publication: American Indian story by Zitkala-Sa. Washington: Hayworth posting House, 1921. Pp. 47-80.The institution Days of an Indian Girl.I.THE soil OF RED APPLES. THERE to be eight in our party of bronzed youngsters who were going eastern with the missionaries. Amongst us were three young braves, 2 tall girls, and we three tiny ones, Judéwin, Thowin, and I. We had been an extremely impatient to start on our trip to the Red apologize Country, which, us were told, place a small beyond the an excellent circular horizon the the western prairie. Under a skies of rose apples us dreamt that roaming together freely and happily together we had actually chased the cloud shadows ~ above the Dakota plains. We had anticipated lot pleasure native a drive on the steel horse, but the throngs the staring palefaces disturbed and troubled us. on the train, same women, v tottering babies on every arm, quit their haste and also scrutinized the youngsters of absent mothers. Huge men, with hefty bundles in your hands, halted near by, and also riveted your glassy blue eyes upon us. i sank deep into the edge of my seat, for i resented being watched. Straight in prior of me, kids who were no larger than i hung us upon the backs of your seats, v their bolder white faces toward me. Sometimes they took their forefingers out of your mouths and also pointed in ~ my moccasined feet. Your mothers, instead of reproving such rude curiosity, looked carefully at me, and also attracted their children"s further notification to my blanket. This embarrassed me, and kept me continuous on the verge that tears. i sat perfectly still, v my eyes downcast, daring just now and then come shoot lengthy glances around me. Chancing to rotate to the window at mine side, i was quite breathless upon seeing one familiar object. It was the telegraph pole i beg your pardon strode through at quick paces. Very near mine mother"s dwelling, along the edge of a roadway thickly bordered through wild sunflowers, part poles choose these had actually been planted through white men. Regularly I had stopped, top top my means down the road, to hold my ear against the pole, and, hear its low moaning, I used to wonder what the paleface had done to hurt it. Now I sat watching for each pole the glided by to be the last one. In this way I had actually forgotten my uncomfortable surroundings, as soon as I heard among my comrades speak to out my name. I witnessed the missionary standing very near, tossing candies and gums right into our midst. This amused us all, and also we tried to check out who could capture the many of the sweetmeats. Though we rode number of days inside of the steel horse, I carry out not recall a single thing about our luncheons. It to be night as soon as we reached the school grounds. The lamp from the windows of the large buildings fell upon some of the icicled trees the stood in ~ them. We were led toward an open up door, where the brightness the the lights within flooded the end over the heads of the excited palefaces that blocked the way. My human body trembled more from fear than from the eye I trod upon. entering the house, ns stood close against the wall. The solid glaring irradiate in the big whitewashed room dazzled mine eyes. The according to hurrying of hard shoes top top a bare wooden floor boosted the whirring in mine ears. My just safety seemed to be in maintaining next to the wall. As I was wondering in which direction come escape from every this confusion, two heat hands grasped me firmly, and also in the same moment I to be tossed high in midair. A rosy-cheeked paleface woman caught me in she arms. I was both frightened and also insulted by such trifling. I stared right into her eyes, wishing she to permit me stand on my very own feet, however she jumped me up and down with raising enthusiasm. Mine mother had never do a plaything of her wee daughter. Mental this I began to cry aloud. they misunderstood the cause of my tears, and also placed me at a white table loaded with food. There our party were unified again. As I did not hush mine crying, one of the older ones whispered come me, "Wait until you are alone in the night." It was very tiny I might swallow as well as my sobs, that evening. "Oh, I want my mother and also my brothers Dawée! I desire to go to mine aunt!" i pleaded; but the ear of the palefaces could not hear me. indigenous the table us were taken follow me an increase incline of wooden boxes, which ns learned afterward to speak to a stairway. At the top was a quiet hall, dimly lighted. Numerous narrow beds were in one right line down the whole length the the wall. In them lay sleeping brown faces, i m sorry peeped just out that the coverings. I was tucked right into bed with among the high girls, since she speak to me in my mom tongue and seemed come soothe me. I had arrived in the wonderful land of rosy skies, but I was not happy, as I had thought I should be. My lengthy travel and also the bewildering sights had worn down me. I dropped asleep, heaving deep, worn down sobs. Mine tears to be left to dry themselves in streaks, because neither my aunt no one my mom was close to to wipe castle away. II.THE cut OF MY lengthy HAIR. The an initial day in the land of apples to be a bitter-cold one; because that the snow still covered the ground, and the trees to be bare. A big bell rang for breakfast, its according to metallic voice crashing through the belfry overhead and also into our perceptible ears. The annoying clatter of pair of shoes on ceiling floors offered us no peace. The consistent clash of harsh noises, through an undercurrent of plenty of voices murmuring an unknown tongue, do a bedlam within which ns was securely tied. And though my soul tore itself in struggling because that its lost freedom, all was useless. A paleface woman, through white hair, came up after us. Us were placed in a heat of girls that were marching right into the dining room. These to be Indian girls, in stiff shoes and closely clinging dresses. The small girls wore sleeved aprons and also shingled hair. Together I go noiselessly in mine soft moccasins, ns felt choose sinking to the floor, for my blanket had been stripped from my shoulders. I looked tough at the Indian girls, who appeared not to treatment that they were even more immodestly dressed 보다 I, in your tightly fitting clothes. While us marched in, the boys gotten in at an the opposite door. I watched because that the three young braves who came in ours party. I spied castle in the behind ranks, looking together uncomfortable as I felt. A small bell was tapped, and also each of the pupils drew a chair from under the table. Supposing this act meant they were to it is in seated, i pulled the end mine and also at as soon as slipped into it indigenous one side. However when i turned mine head, I observed that ns was the only one seated, and all the rest at ours table continued to be standing. Just as I began to rise, feather shyly around to see just how chairs were to be used, a second bell was sounded. Every were sit at last, and I had to crawl back into mine chair again. Ns heard a man"s voice at one finish of the hall, and I looked roughly to view him. Yet all the rather hung their heads over your plates. Together I glanced in ~ the lengthy chain the tables, I caught the eyes of a paleface mrs upon me. Automatically I dropped mine eyes, wondering why i was therefore keenly watched by the strange woman. The guy ceased his mutterings, and also then a 3rd bell to be tapped. Every one picked up his knife and also fork and also began eating. I started crying instead, for by this time I was afraid to undertaking anything more. yet this eating by formula was no the hardest psychological in that first day. So late in the morning, my friend Judéwin offered me a disastrous warning. Judéwin knew a few words the English, and also she had actually overheard the paleface woman talk about cutting ours long, heavy hair. Our mothers had actually taught us that only unskilled warriors that were caught had their hair shingled through the enemy. Amongst our people, brief hair was worn by mourners, and also shingled hair by cowards! We questioned our fate some moments, and when Judéwin said, "We need to submit, due to the fact that they space strong," i rebelled. "No, I will certainly not submit! i will struggle first!" ns answered. ns watched my chance, and when no one noticed i disappeared. Ns crept increase the stairs as quietly as I can in my squeaking shoes, – mine moccasins had actually been exchanged because that shoes. Along the hall i passed, without learning whither i was going. Turning aside come an open up door, I discovered a huge room with three white beds in it. The windows were extended with dark environment-friendly curtains, which do the room very dim. Thankful the no one to be there, i directed my steps toward the corner farthest from the door. On mine hands and also knees ns crawled under the bed, and cuddled myself in the dark corner. From mine hiding place I peered out, shuddering with fear whenever i heard footsteps near by. Though in the hall according to voices to be calling mine name, and also I knew that even Judéwin was in search of me, ns did not open my mouth come answer. Then the procedures were quickened and also the voices became excited. The sounds came nearer and also nearer. Women and also girls gone into the room. I held my breath, and also watched them open closet doors and also peep behind big trunks. Some one threw up the curtains, and also the room was filled with sudden light. What resulted in them to stoop and look under the bed I perform not know. Ns remember being dragged out, though I resisted by kicking and also scratching wildly. In spite of myself, i was lugged downstairs and also tied quick in a chair. ns cried aloud, shaking mine head all the while till I feel the cold knives of the scissors against my neck, and heard lock gnaw off one of my thick braids. Climate I lost my spirit. Since the day i was taken from my mom I had suffered too much indignities. World had stared in ~ me. I had actually been tossed about in the air prefer a wood puppet. And also now my long hair was shingled like a coward"s! In my anguish ns moaned because that my mother, yet no one concerned comfort me. Not a spirit reasoned quietly through me, as my own mommy used to do; for now I to be only one of many tiny animals moved by a herder. III.THE eye EPISODE. A short time after our come we 3 Dakotas were play in the snowdrift. We were every still deaf come the English language, excepting Judéwin, who always heard such puzzling things. One morning we learned through her ears that us were forbidden to loss lengthwise in the snow, as we had actually been doing, to view our very own impressions. However, before many hrs we had forgotten the order, and also were having good sport in the snow, as soon as a shrill voice dubbed us. Spring up, we witnessed an imperative hand beckoning us into the house. We shook the eye off ourselves, and started toward the woman as gradually as us dared. Judéwin said: "Now the paleface is angry through us. She is going to punish us for falling right into the snow. If she watch straight into your eyes and also talks loudly, you need to wait until she stops. Then, after ~ a small pause, say, "No."" The rest of the method we exercised upon the tiny word "no." together it happened, Thowin to be summoned to judgment first. The door shut behind her v a click. Judéwin and I was standing silently listening in ~ the keyhole. The paleface woman talked in very severe tones. Her words dropped from her lips choose crackling embers, and her inflection ran up like the little end the a switch. I understood her voice far better than the points she was saying. Ns was particular we had actually made her an extremely impatient through us. Judéwin heard sufficient of the native to establish all too late that she had actually taught united state the dorn reply. "Oh, negative Thowin!" she gasped, together she placed both hand over she ears. just then ns heard Thowin"s tremulous answer, "No." v an angry exclamation, the woman offered her a tough spanking. Then she stopped to to speak something. Judéwin claimed it to be this: "Are girlfriend going come obey mine word the following time?" Thowin reply again through the only word at her command, "No." This time the woman supposed her blows come smart, because that the poor frightened girl shrieked in ~ the top of she voice. In the midst of the whipping the blows ceased abruptly, and the woman asked one more question: "Are you going to loss in the snow again?" Thowin offered her poor password an additional trial. Us heard her say feebly, "No! No!" with this the mrs hid away she half-worn slipper, and also led the child out, stroking her black color shorn head. Probably it arisen to her that brute force is not the solution for together a problem. She walk nothing to Judéwin nor to me. She only returned to us our unhappy comrade, and also left united state alone in the room. during the first two or three seasons misunderstandings together ridiculous as this one of the snow episode generally took place, bringing unjustifiable frights and also punishments into our small lives. in ~ a year I had the ability to express myself somewhat in broken English. As soon as i comprehended a part of what was said and also done, a mischievous heart of revenge possessed me. One day I was called in from mine play for part misconduct. I had actually disregarded a preeminence which appeared to me very needlessly binding. I was sent into the kitchen come mash the turnips because that dinner. It to be noon, and also steaming dishes were hastily brought into the dining-room. Ns hated turnips, and also their smell which came from the brown jug was attack to me. Through fire in my heart, i took the wooden device that the paleface woman organized out come me. I stood upon a step, and, grasping the take care of with both hands, i bent in warm rage over the turnips. I operated my vengeance ~ above them. Every were for this reason busily occupied that nobody noticed me. I experienced that the turnips to be in a pulp, and also that further beating could not improve them; but the bespeak was, "Mash these turnips," and mash them i would! ns renewed mine energy; and also as I sent out the masher into the bottom of the jar, ns felt a satisfying sensation the the load of my human body had entered it. Just right here a paleface woman came as much as my table. As she looked into the seasoned she shoved my hands roughly aside. Ns stood fearless and also angry. She inserted her red hands upon the in salt of the jar. Then she gave one lift and stride away from the table. But lo! the pulpy contents fell with the crumbled bottom come the floor! She forgive me no scolding phrases the I had earned. I did no heed them. Ns felt triumphant in mine revenge, though deep in ~ me i was a wee little bit sorry to have broken the jar. together I sat eating mine dinner, and saw the no turnips were served, ns whooped in my heart for having once check the rebellion within me. IV.THE DEVIL. Amongst the legends the old warriors used to call me were numerous stories of angry spirits. But I to be taught to fear them no much more than those that stalked about in material guise. I never ever knew there to be an insolent chieftain amongst the negative spirits, who dared to array his forces versus the an excellent Spirit, until I heard this white man"s legend from a paleface woman. the end of a big book she confirmed me a photo of the white man"s devil. Ns looked in fear upon the strong claws that prospered out of his fur-covered fingers. His feet were prefer his hands. Rolling at his heels was a scaly tail tipped through a serpent"s open jaws. His face was a patchwork: he had actually bearded cheeks, choose some I had actually seen palefaces wear; his sleep was one eagle"s bill, and his sharp-pointed ears were pricked up prefer those the a cunning fox. Above them a pair of cow"s horns curved upward. I trembled through awe, and my love throbbed in my throat, together I looked at the king of angry spirits. Then i heard the paleface mrs say that this destructive creature roamed loosened in the world, and also that little girls that disobeyed institution regulations were to be tortured by him. that night ns dreamt about this angry divinity. Once again I seemed to it is in in my mother"s cottage. An Indian woman had come to visit my mother. ~ above opposite sides of the kitchen stove, i beg your pardon stood in the centre of the tiny house, mine mother and also her guest to be seated in straight-backed chairs. Ns played with a train of empty spools hitched together on a string. It to be night, and also the wick melted feebly. All of sudden I heard some one rotate our door-knob indigenous without. my mother and the woman hushed your talk, and both looked towards the door. It opened gradually. Ns waited behind the stove. The hinges squeaked together the door to be slowly, very slowly moved inward. then in rushed the devil! He was tall! the looked precisely like the picture I had seen of him in the white man"s papers. That did not speak to my mother, because he did not recognize the Indian language, but his glittering yellow eye were fastened top top me. The took long strides about the stove, pass behind the woman"s chair. I threw down my spools, and also ran to my mother. The did not fear her, but followed very closely after me. Then i ran round and also round the stove, crying aloud for help. But my mother and also the woman appeared not to recognize my danger. They satellite still, looking quiet upon the devil"s chase after me. At last I prospered dizzy. My head revolved together on a surprise pivot. My knees became numb, and also doubled under mine weight prefer a pair of knife knives without a spring. Next to my mother"s chair I dropped in a heap. Just as the evil one stooped over me v outstretched claws my mom awoke from she quiet indifference, and lifted me on her lap. Whereupon the devil vanished, and I to be awake. on the following morning ns took my revenge top top the devil. Stealing right into the room wherein a wall of shelves was filled through books, I attracted forth The stories of the Bible. Through a broken slate pencil I lugged in mine apron pocket, I started by scratching the end his angry eyes. A couple of moments later, when I was all set to leave the room, there was a ragged feet in the web page where the snapshot of the evil one had as soon as been. V.IRON ROUTINE. A loud-clamoring bell awakened united state at half-past 6 in the cold winter mornings. From happy dreams of western rolling lands and also unlassoed flexibility we tumbled the end upon chilly ceiling floors ago again right into a paleface day. Us had quick time come jump right into our shoes and clothes, and also wet our eyes through icy water, prior to a tiny hand bell was vigorously rung for role call. There were too numerous drowsy children and also too countless orders because that the day to waste a minute in any apology come nature for giving her youngsters such a shock in the beforehand morning. We rushed downstairs, bounding over 2 high steps at a time, come land in the assembly room. A paleface woman, with a yellow-covered roll publication open on her arm and a gnawed pencil in her hand, appeared at the door. Her small, tired face was coldly lighted v a pair of huge gray eyes. She stood still in a aur of authority, while end the in salt of her spectacles she eyes pried nervously around the room. Having actually glanced in ~ her lengthy list the names and called the end the an initial one, she tossed up she chin and peered through the crystals of her spectacles come make sure of the answer "Here." Relentlessly her pencil black-marked our day-to-day records if we were not present to respond come our names, and also no chum of ours had done it successfully for us. No issue if a dull headache or the painful cough of slow usage had delay the absentee, there was just time sufficient to note the tardiness. The was following to difficult to leaving the iron program after the civilizing machine had once started its day"s buzzing; and also as it to be inbred in me to endure in silence fairly than to appeal come the ear of one whose open up eyes could not see my pain, ns have countless times trudged in the day"s exploit heavy-footed, prefer a dumb noble brute. when I lost a dear classmate. Ns remember well exactly how she used to mope follow me at mine side, until one morning she can not raise her head from she pillow. At she deathbed i stood weeping, as the paleface woman sat near her moistening the dry lips. Among the crease of the bedclothes I saw the open up pages the the white man"s Bible. The dying Indian girl speak disconnectedly that Jesus the Christ and also the paleface who was cooling she swollen hands and feet. I flourished bitter, and censured the mrs for cruel overlook of our physical ills. I despised the pencils that relocated automatically, and the one teaspoon which dealt out, indigenous a huge bottle, healing to a heat of otherwise ailing Indian children. Ns blamed the hard-working, well-meaning, ignorant woman that was inculcating in our hearts her superstitious ideas. Though i was sullen in all my little troubles, as quickly as i felt far better I was prepared again to smile upon the cruel woman. In ~ a week ns was again proactively testing the chains which strict bound my individuality like a mummy for burial. The melancholy the those black color days has actually left so long a shadow the it darkens the course of years the have due to the fact that gone by. These sad storage rise over those of clear grinding college days. Probably my Indian nature is the moaning wind i beg your pardon stirs them now for their existing record. But, yet tempestuous this is within me, it come out together the low voice that a curiously colored seashell, which is just for those ears that room bent with compassion to hear it. VI.FOUR weird SUMMERS. After my first three years of school, i roamed again in the Western country through four strange summers. throughout this time I seemed to hang in the heart of chaos, past the touch or voice of person aid. My brother, being nearly ten year my senior, did no quite know my feelings. My mother had never gone within of a schoolhouse, and also so she was not capable of comforting she daughter who could read and write. Also nature seemed to have no ar for me. Ns was neither a wee girl no one a high one; no a wild Indian no one a tame one. This deplorable instance was the impact of my quick course in the East, and the unsatisfactory "teenth" in a girl"s years. It to be under these trying conditions that, one shining afternoon, as I satellite restless and also unhappy in my mother"s cabin, I recorded the sound the the spirited action of my brother"s pony ~ above the road which happen by our dwelling. Shortly I heard the wheel of a irradiate buckboard, and Dawée"s acquainted "Ho!" to his pony. The alighted upon the ceiling ground in prior of our house. Tie his pony to one of the projecting corner logs the the low-roofed cottage, the stepped top top the wooden doorstep. ns met him there through a hurried greeting, and as i passed by, he looked a quiet "What?" into my eyes. as soon as he started talking through my mother, i slipped the rope from the pony"s bridle. Seizing the reins and also bracing mine feet versus the dashboard, ns wheeled roughly in one instant. The pony was ever before ready to shot his speed. Spring backward, I witnessed Dawée waving his hand come me. Ns turned through the curve in the road and also disappeared. I followed the winding roadway which crawled upward between the bases of small hillocks. Deep water-worn ditches ran parallel on one of two people side. A strong wind blew versus my cheeks and fluttered my sleeves. The pony got to the height of the highest hill, and also began an also race ~ above the level lands. There was nothing moving within that great circular horizon that the Dakota prairies conserve the high grasses, over which the wind blew and also rolled off in long, shadowy waves. in ~ this huge wigwam that blue and also green i rode reckless and also insignificant. It satisfied my small consciousness to see the white foam fly from the pony"s mouth. Suddenly, the end of the earth a coyote come forth at a swinging trot the was taking the cunning thief toward the hills and the village beyond. Upon the moment"s impulse, I gave him a lengthy chase and also a wholesome fright. As I turned away to go ago to the village, the wolf sank under upon his haunches for rest, because that it was a warm summer day; and also as i drove gradually homeward, I experienced his sharp sleep still pointed in ~ me, till I vanished listed below the margin that the hilltops. In a tiny while I came in sight of my mother"s house. Dawée stood in the yard, laughing in ~ an old warrior that was pointing his forefinger, and again waving his whole hand, toward the hills. V his blanket drawn over one shoulder, the talked and also motioned excitedly. Dawée rotate the old guy by the shoulder and pointed me out to him. "Oh han!" (Oh yes) the warrior muttered, and went his way. He had climbed the peak of his favorite barren hill to inspection the neighboring prairies, once he spied my follow after the coyote. His to crawl eyes known the pony and driver. At when uneasy for my safety, he had come to run to mine mother"s cabin to offer her warning. I did no appreciate his kindly interest, because that there was an unrest gnawing in ~ my heart. As shortly as that went away, ns asked Dawée about something else. "No, my baby sister, ns cannot take it you v me come the party tonight," that replied. Though ns was not much from fifteen, and also I feel that prior to long I should enjoy every the privileges the my high cousin, Dawée persisted in calling me his baby sister. the moonlight night, ns cried in mine mother"s presence as soon as I heard the jolly young world pass by our cottage. They were no an ext young braves in blankets and eagle plumes, nor Indian maids through prettily painted cheeks. They had gone 3 years to school in the East, and also had end up being civilized. The young guys wore the white man"s coat and trousers, through bright neckties. The girls wore chop muslin dresses, with ribbons in ~ neck and waist. At this gatherings they speak English. I might speak English practically as well together my brother, but I to be not correctly dressed to it is in taken along. I had no hat, no ribbons, and also no close-fitting gown. Since my return from school I had thrown far my shoes, and also wore again the soft moccasins. when Dawée was busily prepare to go I controlled my tears. However when ns heard the bounding far on his pony, I buried my confront in my arms and also cried hot tears. My mother was troubled by my unhappiness. Comes to mine side, she offered me the just printed matter we had in our home. It was an Indian Bible, provided her part years earlier by a missionary. She tried come console me. "Here, my child, room the white man"s papers. Check out a tiny from them," she said most piously. ns took the from she hand, for her sake; however my enraged soul felt more like burn the book, i beg your pardon afforded me no help, and was a perfect reticulum to mine mother. Ns did not read it, yet laid it unopened ~ above the floor, wherein I sat on my feet. The dim yellow light of the braided muslin burn in a tiny vessel that oil flickered and sizzled in the horrible silent storm which followed my denial of the Bible. now my wrath against the fates spend my tears before they got to my eyes. Ns sat stony, v a bowed head. My mother threw a shawl over her head and shoulders, and also stepped out right into the night. after ~ an uncertain solitude, ns was all of sudden aroused by a according to cry piercing the night. It was my mother"s voice wailing among the barren hills which hosted the skeletal of hidden warriors. She called aloud for she brothers" spirits to assistance her in she helpless misery. My fingers thrived icy cold, together I realized the my unrestrained tears had betrayed my enduring to her, and also she was grieving for me. before she returned, though i knew she to be on her way, because that she had actually ceased her weeping, i extinguished the light, and also leaned my head ~ above the window sill. many schemes of to run away from mine surroundings hovered around in my mind. A couple of more moons of such a turmoil drove me far to the east school. I rode on the white man"s iron steed, reasoning it would bring me earlier to my mother in a few winters, once I must be get an impressive tall, and there would be congenial friend awaiting me. VII.INCURRING mine MOTHER"S DISPLEASURE. In the 2nd journey come the eastern I had actually not come without part precautions. I had actually a an enig interview with among our best medicine men, and when i left his wigwam I carried securely in mine sleeve a small bunch the magic roots. This possession assured me of friends where I need to go. Therefore absolutely walk I believe in its charm that i wore it through all the school regime for an ext than a year. Then, before I lost my belief in the dead roots, I lost the tiny buckskin bag containing every my good luck. in ~ the close of this second term of three years i was the proud owner of my very first diploma. The following autumn I ventured upon a university career versus my mother"s will. I had written for her approval, however in her reply I discovered no encouragement. She referred to as my an alert to she neighbors" children, who had actually completed their education and learning in 3 years. They had actually returned to your homes, and also were then talk English v the frontier settlers. Her couple of words hinted that i had better give up my slow-moving attempt to learn the white man"s ways, and be content to roam end the prairies and find my life upon wild roots. Ns silenced her by intended disobedience. Thus, homeless and also heavy-hearted, I began anew my life amongst strangers. as I hid myself in my little room in the university dormitory, far from the scornful and also yet curious eyes of the students, i pined for sympathy. Frequently I wept in secret, wishing I had gone West, to it is in nourished by mine mother"s love, instead of remaining amongst a cold race whose hearts to be frozen hard with prejudice. throughout the fall and winter periods I scarcely had actually a actual friend, though by that time several of mine classmates were courteous to me in ~ a for sure distance. my mother had actually not however forgiven mine rudeness come her, and I had no minute for letter-writing. Through daylight and lamplight, ns spun through reeds and thistles, till my hand were exhausted from your weaving, the magic architecture which promised me the white man"s respect. in ~ length, in the feather term, I entered an oratorical contest amongst the various classes. Together the work of competition approached, it did no seem feasible that the event was so near at hand, but it came. In the chapel the classes assembled together, v their invited guests. The high platform was carpeted, and also gayly festooned with college colors. A shining white irradiate illumined the room, and also outlined plainly the great polished beams the arched the domed ceiling. The assembled crowds to fill the air with pulsating murmurs. Once the hour because that speaking arrived all were hushed. Yet on the wall surface the old clock which pointed out the trying moment ticked calmly on. One after another I saw and also heard the orators. Still, I can not realize the they longed for the favorable decision of the judges as much as i did. Each contestant obtained a according to burst of applause, and some were cheered heartily. Too soon my rotate came, and also I paused a minute behind the curtains for a deep breath. After mine concluding words, ns heard the same applause the the others had referred to as out. Upon my retreating steps, ns was astounded to get from mine fellow-students a huge bouquet the roses tied v flowing ribbons. V the beloved flowers i fled native the stage. This familiar token was a rebuke come me for the difficult feelings I had borne them. Later, the decision the the judges awarded me the very first place. Climate there was a mad uproar in the hall, wherein my classmates sang and shouted my surname at the peak of your lungs; and also the disappointed student howled and brayed in fearfully dissonant believe trumpets. In this excitement, happy students rushed forward to market their congratulations. And I might not conceal a smile once they wished to escort me in a procession come the students" parlor, whereby all were going to patience themselves. Thanking them for the kind spirit which prompted them to make such a proposition, i walked alone with the night to my own small room. A few weeks afterward, I showed up as the university representative in one more contest. This time the vain was amongst orators from various colleges in our State. The was hosted at the State capital, in among the biggest opera houses. right here again to be a strong prejudice against my people. In the evening, as the an excellent audience filled the house, the college student bodies began warring among themselves. Fortunately, i was spared witnessing any of the according to wrangling prior to the contest began. The slurs versus the Indian that stained the lips of our opponents were currently burning favor a dry fever within my breast. yet after the orations were ceded a depth burn awaited me. There, before that large ocean of eyes, part college rowdies threw the end a huge white flag, with a illustration of a most forlorn Indian girl top top it. Under this they had printed in bold black letters words the ridiculed the university which was represented by a "squaw." such worse than barbarian rudeness embittered me. While us waited because that the verdict of the judges, ns gleamed fiercely upon the throngs of palefaces. My this were difficult set, together I saw the white flag still floating insolently in the air. climate anxiously we watched the man lug toward the stage the envelope containing the final decision. there were 2 prizes given, that night, and also one that them to be mine! The evil soul laughed within me as soon as the white flag dropped out of sight, and also the hand which furled that hung limp in defeat. leave the group as quickly as possible, ns was shortly in my room. The remainder of the night ns sat in an armchair and also gazed into the crackling fire. I laughed no an ext in triumph when for this reason alone. The little taste of victory did not meet a hunger in my heart.

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In mine mind I witnessed my mother much away ~ above the western plains, and she to be holding a charge against me.