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The inquiry failed. The far server reverted an error: (401) Unauthorized.


During a migration come or native Exchange or Office 365, you’re getting the adhering to error:

Fatal error throughout migration process: The request failed. The far server reverted an error: (401) Unauthorized.

Cause 1: during mail migration

1- The username and passwords gotten in in the connector room incorrect.

2- The account is making use of MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) to log in.

3- You’re using an SSO (Single Sign-On) device to log in in.

4- her migration account is unlicensed or walk not have actually a precious license.

5- Your legacy authentication is disabled.


Connect to http://portal.office.com and try to login with the administrator and also password account characterized in the connector.1- If the doesn’t work, exactly the credentials.

2- If it’s questioning for a code or a phone call number, then please deactivate the MFA.

3- If you’re making use of an SSO system, please deactivate it.

4- If the migration account is unlicensed, assign a valid Exchange License.

5- enable Legacy authentication on her tenant. To carry out that, walk to O365 Admin facility => setups => Org setups => modern-day Authentication. Activate an easy Authentication.


Cause 2: during record migration

1- not correct username/password in your connector.2- The hike account does not have accessibility to the OneDrive that the user


Connect to http://portal.office.com and try to login with the administrator and password account characterized in the connector.If the doesn’t work, correct the credentials.

If her credentials are correct, shot to accessibility the OneDrive that the user. If you space hitting an error, please run the Preprocessing to offer the hike Account access to the User’s OneDrive

Cause 3: throughout site migration – credentials

The administrator and password entered in the resource or target connector do not have enough permissions to accessibility the specific SharePoint site collection you desire to access.


Connect to SharePoint main administration (eg: https://company-admin.sharepoint.com) and select the site collection. Then click on Owners -> manage Administrators : add your administrator in the field Site arsenal Administrators.

Cause 4: throughout site hike – arsenal creation

The target site repertoire is not developed in the SharePoint central administration.Please note : the website collection must be created prior the site migration.


Create the SharePoint site repertoire in the SharePoint main administration adhering to these steps:

– affix to SharePoint central administration (eg: https://company-admin.sharepoint.com)

– Under website collections, click on new -> private Site Collection. Right here you can develop your site collection.

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Once the site is created, you can relaunch the website migration utilizing the newly-created website settings and information.