The Weinberg foundation is committed to supporting current grantees that are providing critical services within their areas while encountering severe operational challenges as a result of this pandemic.

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To date, the Weinberg structure has committed a full of $18 million in COVID-19 an answer funding across all that its priority communities. For much more information on existing grants and also initiatives, and also the resources process, please click the button below.

Our Mission

The Harry and also Jeanette Weinberg structure is dedicated to conference the an easy needs of civilization experiencing poverty. Grants emphasis on supporting establishments that serve older adults, ladies at risk and also their children, human being with disabilities, veterans, and also the Jewish community in the locations of Housing, Health, Jobs, Education, and Community Services.

Our emphasis Areas

The Weinberg foundation fulfills that is mission to assist those in greatest need by providing grants within 5 core focus areas. These core focus locations serve different populations, and different geographical areas.

The foundation is devoted to supporting organizations that assist children, adults, and families lead healthy lives.

The foundation is dedicated to supporting establishments that assist people secure and keep quality jobs with methods for advancement.

The foundation is devoted to supporting institutions that administer or supplement a high-quality education from kindergarten through high school.

The structure supports company providers who operate multiple programs meeting a selection of needs, which likewise align v the Foundation’s core emphasis areas.

Seeking a Grant?

The foundation has an online application procedure for all capital, program, and also operating provide requests. To learn much more about exactly how to apply, including eligibility, click the attach below.

If you have actually a visual special needs or any difficulty in navigating our grants intake tool, please email grantsintake We will certainly be pleasure to help you.

The Library task is celebrating its 10th anniversary, and the Weinberg structure has redesigned the Library job website to better capture the exciting growth and success of this cooperation initiative.

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To respect a long-standing appointment to help communities navigating disasters, the Weinberg foundation has approved an emergency approve to support a collaborative solution to the please of the Champlain Towers condo building—and result catastrophic ns of life—in the Surfside community near Miami.

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The Weinberg structure stands firmly versus antisemitism in every its forms, and all racially and also ethnically fueled violence, consisting of racism and injustices that have been inflicted upon Black and Indigenous peoples, other human being of color, and also Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.


The Weinberg structure neither solicits, nor accepts, any form of donation. The structure also go not carry out funding come individuals. Click below for more information.