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Book description

Updated and also revised, The Essentials of computer system Organization and Architecture, third Edition is a comprehensive resource that addresses every one of the essential organization and architecture topics, yet is appropriate for the one-term course.

Table the contents

chapter 1 development 1.5 Historical breakthrough thing 2 Data representation in computer Systems 2.3 Converting between Bases 2.4 Signed Integer depiction 2.5 Floating-Point depiction 2.6 Character password 2.7 Error Detection and Correction emphasis on Codes for Data Recording and also Transmission thing 3 Boolean Algebra and Digital reasonable 3.2 Boolean Algebra 3.3 Logic gates 3.4 Digital contents 3.5 Combinational Circuits 3.6 Sequential Circuits focus on Karnaugh Maps thing 4 MARIE: An introduction to a an easy Computer 4.2 CPU Basics and also Organization 4.8 MARIE 4.9 Instruction processing 4.11 A conversation on Assemblers 4.13 A discussion on Decoding: Hardwired versus Microprogrammed control 4.14 Real-World examples of computer system Architectures chapter 5 A Closer Look in ~ Instruction collection Architectures 5.2 Instruction styles 5.3 Instruction species 5.4 Addressing 5.6 Real-World examples of ISAs chapter 6 memory 6.3 The Memory power structure 6.4 Cache memory 6.5 virtual Memory thing 7 Input/Output and also Storage solution 7.4 I/O Architectures 7.5 Data Transmission settings 7.6 Magnetic Disk technology 7.7 Optical Disks 7.9 RAID emphasis on Data Compression chapter 8 mechanism Software 8.2 Operating solution 8.3 defended Environments 8.4 Programming devices chapter 9 alternative Architectures 9.4 Parallel and also Multiprocessor Architectures 9.5 different Parallel Processing approaches thing 10 subject in installed Systems 10.2 an overview of installed Hardware 10.3 an introduction of installed Software chapter 11 power Measurement and evaluation 11.3 math Preliminaries 11.4 Benchmarking 11.5 CPU performance Optimization 11.6 Disk power chapter 12 Network Organization and also Architecture 12.4 Network Protocols I: ISO/OSI Protocol unification 12.5 Network Protocols II: TCP/IP Network style 12.6 Network company chapter 13 Selected storage Systems and Interfaces 13.2 SCSI style 13.5 various other I/O connections postposition A: Data Structures and also the computer system A.2 basic Structures

Product information

Title: The Essentials of computer system Organization and Architecture, fourth Edition Author(s): Linda Null, Julia Lobur relax date: February 2014 Publisher(s): Jones & Bartlett learning ISBN: 9781284033151


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