Special-event planner daniel French master memorable moment at she idyllic farm, whereby guests enjoy fresh neighborhood ingredients and also handcrafted decor.

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An unexpected deep freeze intimidates to wipe the end all traces of warmth and also romance at south Pond"s annual Valentine"s day bonfire.

Danielle and also the team challenge the difficulty of preparing for two events: a dinner party with the local mayor, adhered to by a baking workshop the next day.

Danielle stop a bread-making workshop, with a check out to igniting passion for the artisanal craft in others.
Danielle prepares for the Christmas season by hosting a workshop come teach people how to make their very own homemade holiday crafts.
Danielle"s small-event planning an abilities are placed to the test together she prepares to hold an intimate dinner and concert for 15 fans of musician Debra Cowan.
South Pond prepares to organize a brunch to celebrate the autumn harvest, with a food selection that incorporates flavors and also fragrances distinct to the season.
Following the end of wedding season, southern Pond hosts its annual tasting occasion aimed at showcasing the property to future brides and also grooms.
South Pond prepares to hold its an initial house concert of the season. However, there is competition on foot in the form of a regional fair.
Danielle and also her staff have to pull off 2 weddings, for two couples at two different locations, in ~ 15 minutes of every other.
Danielle and the southern Pond farms team race roughly the clock come prepare for a sold-out themed dinner influenced by Danielle"s trips to southern Italy.
South Pond farms enters a butter sour taste-off competition at the farmer market and also prepares to organize its very first beer-tasting event.
Danielle hosts a Texas barbecue because that 80 people, v a menu that contains a range of slow-cooked acting meat dishes and also traditional sides.
For a romantic country wedding, Danielle offers flowers and also ingredients directly from her garden because that the arrangements and feast, respectively.

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Special-event planner daniel French hosts memorable moment at her idyllic farm, whereby guests reap fresh regional ingredients and also handcrafted decor.