The Delaware mommy who said she made it through a savage beating in ~ a Dominican Republic resort earlier this year had actually requested $2.2 million in compensation prior to she walk public around the alleged ordeal, the traveler spot claimed in a new statement.

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The Majestic Elegance will — wherein Tammy Lawrence-Daley, 51, remained with she husband in late January — stated in a Wednesday statement post to Twitter that the woman “formally request a $2.2 million compensation agreement” and only common the story of the alleged incident 4 months later, “after receiving no confident response.”

Lawrence-Daley, that Wilmington, claimed she was on vacation through her husband, Christopher, and their two best pals at the all-inclusive resort as soon as she was assaulted in one hours-long attack by a male wearing a resort uniform and also was left because that dead.

She declared she was attacked from behind, dragged under concrete stairs and also thrown into a crawl room filled v wastewater.

She additionally alleged she to be beaten v a club and strangled by a guy wearing a Majestic Elegance uniform — as well as possibly sexually assaulted due to “damage under there.”

The resort additionally disputed Lawrence-Daley’s insurance claims that the basic did not as necessary handle she case.

As soon as the woman’s disappearance was reported, the hotel claimed it “rigorously implemented the protection protocol noted for instances when information is received of a guest in trouble.”

The resort likewise shared its variation of the sequence of events.

“According to her testimony, she was intercepted by a stranger quickly after 11 o’clock at night, however Mr. Daley report her disappearance at 2:30 in the morning, and in a couple of minutes, a find operation began all throughout the property,” the statement read.

Tammy Lawrence-Daley in the hospitalFacebook

“She was discovered at 6:40 in the morning at a minimal area the the hotel. She confirmed bruises on she face and had a damaged fingernail, there is no presenting any kind of other indicators of violence on her body, and still gift in possession of her purse, cabinet phone, and also other belongings.”

When Lawrence-Daley was found, follow to the resort, “the authorities were immediately notified, and also the hotel take it on the responsibility of offering all necessary attention.”

The hotel also claimed that a member that the hotel staff stayed with Lawrence-Daley in the hospital to assist her and also ensure her needs were met — and that all her hospital costs were paid for.

In addition, the explain said, the resort offered Lawrence-Daley, her husband and also their girlfriend a free extension of your hotel remain — giving her the essential time come recover and prepare for the group’s departure.

Special foods items were likewise prepared for the woman, the resort claimed, together she struggled come eat hard foods. Additionally, a delegate from the us Embassy checked out the woman, the hotel said.

“She refuse to present any legal accusations in spite of the references of the neighborhood authorities,” the statement said.

Meanwhile, police in the country said this week the there room holes in the situation — “conjecture” and “a lot of of information that doesn’t complement some of the statements.”

But the will wouldn’t say whereby it was standing on that theory.

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“Majestic has no opinion top top the hypothesis of part authorities associated in the investigation, who take into consideration that the story of Mrs. Lawrence-Daley if she remained in the hospital, in ~ the hotel and during conversations v police and also prosecutors, presents contradictions and confusing facts, casting doubts on she testimony and leading to believe that info on the situation is being hidden by blaming a hotel employee,” the declare said.