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It seems choose every time Dave Chappelle choose up a microphone, that murders. Last week, while agree the mark Twain Prize for American Humor, the did simply that. Chappelle not only made us all laugh, yet he stood up for the art of comedy and also gave a beautiful shoutout to his mother. Right here are some of the most memorable estimates from Chappelle’s accept speech:

Lions and Lambs

“I was a soft kid. I was sensitive, I’d cry easy and I would be fear to fistfight. My mother used come tell me this thing…’Son, sometimes you need to be a lion so you have the right to be the lamb you yes, really are.’ I talk this s**t prefer a lion. I’m not afraid of any kind of of you. When it comes word to word, I will gab v the ideal of them, just so I can chill and also be me.”


The very first Amendment

“I know comics that are an extremely racist. I watch castle on stage and everyone’s laughing, and also I’m choose ‘Hmmm, the motherfucker way that shit. Don"t gain mad in ~ em. Don’t hate em. We go upstairs, have a beer, and also sometimes I also appreciate the artistry that they paint their racism opinions with. Man, it’s no that serious. The very first Amendment is first for a reason. The 2nd Amendment is simply in case the very first one doesn’t job-related out.”


Defending The arts Of Comedy

“There’s something for this reason true around this genre when done correctly, the I will certainly fight anybody that gets in a true practitioner that this arts form’s method because I recognize you’re wrong. This is the truth and also you space obstructing it. I’m not talking around the content, i’m talking about the art form.”


On Playing choose Yourself

“Miles Davis stated so lot cool shit, however one of the things I constantly loved. He said, ‘It take it me years to learn exactly how to play choose myself.’”


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On being A Griot

“I knew words griot when i was a tiny boy. A griot to be a person in Africa that was charged with maintaining the stories of the village. Everyone would certainly tell the griot their stories and also they would certainly remember them every so they can tell future generations. When they got old, they will do tell them to someone else. They speak in Africa that as soon as a griot die it’s choose a library was burned down. My mommy used come tell me prior to I ever started law comedy, she said ‘You should be a griot.’” is an independent and also mostly self-funded platform that relies on civilization like girlfriend to push the conversation forward. In ~ the moment, we have no sponsors or outside investors. Whatever from travel prices to podcast devices to web design is paid for purely out of pocket and also by the civilization like you who support us. We love what we do and are happy come invest in ourselves, and a little help go a long way as we continue to bring the biggest and best conversations come you. Thank you for her donation, but small, and also for expressing support for ours work and its continued survival.