The “100 Baby Challenge” is a trfinish that started with player Amiistates in The Sims 2, and also was adjusted for The Sims 4 by a player under the take care of Snarky Witch. The original difficulty was simple: one Sim, qualified of pregnancy, must have 100 babies via 100 various donors, with no cheats or items that will restore the Sim’s youth. Players raced the clock in order to seduce, “WooHoo,” and also have actually babies via 100 different dudes from approximately town.

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As The Sims 4’s lifeexpectancy continues, and also new mechanics pile on top of player mods, weird runs choose the 100 Baby Challenge come to be easier, goofier, and also more functional than ever. Many of those original rules are out the home window, as players come up via their own adaptations to permit for components like Occult Sims favor Vampires, or a Sim area wright here all the eligible donors have actually died of old age and been reinserted with unsuitable randomly produced candidays. But 100 babies is still the landmark that players aim for, and they’re acquiring more creative through exactly how, specifically, they acquire these babies.

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One Sim, 100 babies

Everyone’s acquainted with the core gameplay loop of a Sim: you make a perkid, they obtain a residence and a job, and you ensure they remain alive. Maxis on a regular basis releases development packs that add considerable facets to the game. Some expansions are mundane, allowing you to learn to knit, go on vacation, or graduate from university. Some expansions have actually far more great premises, prefer being a vampire, a wizard, a mermassist, or a financially effective freelancer.

Mallory Davis defines herself as a “diehard” Sims fan; she owns every one of the expansions, and also has actually sunk hundreds of hrs into the game. She hated raising twin toddlers in the game; they damaged her Sim’s life. She had a much better time taking treatment of 12 toddlers at once in the same residence, because it meant she was working at one of the series’ a lot of famous difficulties.

Davis’ 100 Baby Challenge has turned her Sim’s life into an utterly chaotic clvery own auto of babies that reads as closer to a Coen brothers movie than a Sims game. Her neighborhood has an Action Plan (presented in the Eco Lifestyle expansion) that decrees everyone needs to be horny. That suggests no sequences of flirting and potential denial — everyone’s DTF. Her Sim, a restaurateur and also detective called Freida Knox, is part of a neighborhood swingers club, which brings singles together under the decree that smooching and flirting is good, and monogamy isn’t so good. With the help of the potion ability from the Realm of Magic expansion, Freida have the right to spfinish every one of her time flirting and WooHooing around tvery own without worrying around pesky biological needs, prefer eating and also resting.

All these quirks make for a hugely various 100 Baby Challenge than what civilization competent back in 2014, when The Sims 4 initially introduced. Back then, completing the difficulty took even more time — players had actually to acquire and also seduce each daddy. Tright here were no Vampires or Neighborhood Action Plans to make flirting faster; sometimes, a Sim might simply discover themself utterly unable to WooHoo via their initial pool of neighbors bereason they had no chemisattempt.

Players like Davis are fundamentally speedrunning over those initial initiatives. The pregnancy component of the 100 Baby Challenge, under perfect circumstances and through no twins or tripallows, would most likely take around 120 hours (assuming pregnancies were chained and also tested perfectly.) Players must shave dvery own the moment in between pregnancies by seducing and also gaining donors. If such a speedrun category existed, a save choose Davis’ can be uploaded and also titled something like: “100 babies Sims 4 rate run no requirements, flirt skip, no vampire”

Children bring chaos

Candace, an additional player chipping amethod at her 100 Baby Challenge, likes to check out her runs on two gaming monitors. While she does phelp accounting occupational on one screen, she flirts and also provides birth to babies on the second screen. “It’s favor an art farm, but sexier,” Candace told over Twitter. “I simply let it run and she simply sort of does her point.”

Candace has actually generally modded her game in an initiative to aid her conquer some hurdles. Generally, a household just permits eight Sims to live tbelow, however with a mod, Candace can rerelocate that limit completely and fill the residence via babies.

Unfortunately she finds that the babies and nannies in her game glitch out. Support staff watch while the kids squall, rather of intervening and helping. With fifty percent a dozen babies all current, there’s a very actual risk that if one cries too lengthy, the game’s Protective Services will take the son away, for this reason removing a baby from the obstacle count. Luckily, a mod allows her to manually reset Sim routines, relocate Sims approximately, or pressure them to prioritize specific actions.

There’s also room for interindividual drama, should players crave that juicy soap opera aspect. Some fans are separation on what renders for a far better run: keeping to one romantic companion to carry out the hordes of babies, or calling multiple Sims over?

While smooching one of her butlers — a sexy silver fox — Freida was discovered by her husband also — who was the father of eight of her babies. The two of them argued on and also off, and Freida obtained such a sad mood toggle as an outcome that Davis can not acquire her to WooHoo.

Some players have spouse Sims occupational lengthy hrs, and also sneak lovers in on the fly, so regarding prevent dispute via their sposupplies. Others lock down one candidate for the stcapacity, even though that Sim will certainly be the major source, and also a choke point, for creating 100 babies. After all, the dad demands to be current and also as much as WooHoo in order to create children, which suggests his schedule and mood have to be closely monitored. Initial versions of the run banned monogamy, which was even more complex.

Of course, with gameplay enhancements like the Vampire load, players have the right to work-related around troubles favor a disinterested Sim or a jealous husband. Vampires unleash an effective cloud of pheromones that make their flirt checks very potent. Vampires deserve to raise children … although one player I spoke to said they struggled with preserving a blood supply for their vampire matriarch and a complete kitchen serving meals to their daywalker children, who were also young to drink plasma. It’s all around trade-offs.

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The Sims 4, when played by a series veteran, have the right to periodically feel level. Players have actually purified their communities of smog, graduated magic academy, have a entirety family tree of wizards, and have actually addressed the secrets of Strangerville.

For these fans, component of the fun in pursuing obstacles is pushing the lifelayouts depicted in the Sims to their best extremes. Even if it implies dealing with 100 wailing babies.