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The film adaptation that Becky Albertalli's Simon Vs. The homo sapiens Agenda access time theaters march 16, 2018. We have actually lots the Thoughts and Feelings around it, and also we aren't the only ones:

simon vs the homosapien agenda is one of the many endearing publications in years. I hope no much has been changed around the plot. That was currently perfect. Y’all much better not posesthe this up!!!!!!!!!

IGGYAZALEA) January 11, 2018

And as of this morning, we also have a trailer to have actually Thoughts and also Feelings about.

Let's discuss:

- Raise your hand if you feeling personally victimized through the fact that Jennifer Garner and also Josh Duhamel are currently playing the parents of teenagers in movies.

- What do y'all think that Nick Robinson together Simon? i LOVE IT, yet I likewise have a long, creepy history of loving Nick Robinson, so my opinion ~ above the issue is totally biased. (He's 22, relax.)



- as soon as Jennifer Garner says, "These last few years, it's practically as if I might feel girlfriend holding your breath." and also then they cut to josh Duhamel crying. And also NOW I'M CRYING.

- Is anyone else getting significant Easy A vibes? i laughed the end loud a few times throughout this trailer. This movie is walking to be legit funny, guys.

It's been a little too long because I read the book for me come remember very specific details, but it seems like they've provided us a manuscript that's true come the initial book and also characters while still adding brand-new scenes and dialogue. And also as a byproduct of being a teenager in the so late 90s/early 00s, I miss funny, fun, modern teen movies. MAKE an ext OF THESE, HOLLYWOOD.

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Okay, accomplish me in the comments for much more gushing!.

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