Man, it’s nice come see one more portable Shining pressure game. The last one was earlier in 2004 v the work again, please again of the first game in the series. The knife of Hajya is one odd duck though, together it is often thought about the weakest in the series in regards to balance and story, but additionally because it’s the direct continuation of an earlier Shining force Game equipment release, Shining force Gaiden. In fact, a an excellent deal of the story in The knife of Hajya references earlier to Shining force Gaiden and also although you deserve to still understand and enjoy what takes place here, the full impact is lost because Gaiden was never interpreted into English for the video game Gear. To acquire the full result of the story and how intricate both halves are, you’ll need to experience Shining force CD, i m sorry takes both game Gear games, provides them magnified visuals and audio and also adds an ext two more unlockable complete length gamings that you deserve to play ~ beating the original video game Gear titles. Clear Shining force CD is the ideal version of both games and also the extra material makes the a truly mainly release, however how many of you own a Sega CD and Shining force CD. So, uneven Sega decides come localize Gaiden (and even better, final Conflict!), this 3DS harbor of the Sega game Gear classic is as close as numerous of you will get to suffering the complete awesomeness of standard portable bright Force. The good news is that also taken top top its own, The knife of Hajya is a wonderful experience and still stop up this day as a great SRPG title. Even better, v a price tags of under four dollars, it’s may be the ideal RPG for your buck ~ above the 3DS ideal now. Let’s take a look at the good and the negative of The sword of Hajya and why it really was a mechanism seller for the game Gear all those year ago.

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The video game starts out with the appearance of her nameless, amnesiac protagonist. He is found and nursed earlier to health by the Kingdom of Cypress. Her Prince, Nick, has set out v his old friends, the Shining pressure of Guardiana come fight an evil military who once managed the Kingdom your computers dwell in. Regrettably that team is defeated and also to make matters worse, the young inexperienced warrior left guarding the castle room attacked. While they loss the foe horde, it is revealed to be a diversion and also the adversary forces steal The knife of Hajya, a an effective magic item, when wielded by Prince Nick till his hand to be turned to stone by the big bad the the previous game. Choose I said, having played Shining pressure Gaiden removes up a the majority of what seems like storytelling gaps. Her character and also his friends force their own Shining pressure in an effort to reclaim the sword.

The story that SoH is pretty fine told. Character breakthrough really isn’t there, unequal previous and following Shining pressure games, but the politics intrigue and the occasions the Shining pressure go through room pretty fun. There’s also a allude where your team is damaged in twain and you go earlier and forth in between the two. It’s just too negative all the A list males are top top one team and the B-listers are on the various other (with the harder battles!). Even without a many character advance you will uncover favorites among the team. I love the Centaur Dawn because that example, also though she is never ever given any type of personality, simply because she’s a good meat shield with a vast movement. Much like with numerous old college SRPGs, you’ll discover yourself giving the personalities personalities quite than analysis the script from the game. That said, the story is the weakest in the franchise and it’s the 2nd game in a row to have actually the protagonist with amnesia and a dark secret. Why both video game Gear games had this is past me. The adversaries in this game have some twisted an inspiration and it’s the just one ns recall wherein they fully show/perform human sacrifice, however all that said, the plot of bright Force: The sword of Hajya is really fun .

The visuals for knife of Hajya space a blended bag. The overworld fight graphics through the super-deformed personalities are a bit of one eyesore, particularly if you’ve ever played the non game Gear Shining force titles and also doubly therefore if you’ve played the Sega CD variation of this game. However, once you remember this is a twenty year old game, and also that it was the first SRPG for a portable gaming device in north America, her opinion that what’s top top the screen will without doubt improve. What’s right here is amazing for a portable device in 1994 and the actual battle visuals are practically on par with the an initial Sega Genesis shining Force. Think around that. In a time as soon as Nintendo was give you black and also white 4-Bit visuals on a bulk handheld, Sega was offering you a full on shade SRPG that was better than 8-Bit but not fairly 16-bit quality. That’s stunner impressive. ~ a while, friend forget how outdated the visuals are and just gain the ride. In every honesty, roughly the twelve hour note with this game, i was starting to to convince myself this was able to host its own versus a most the DSIshop/EShop spending plan releases and then some. I’d put this game’s visuals up against stuff choose PIcdun and also other digital just titles for the system. The visuals here are fine and while the video game will clearly pale compared to the recently released bright Force: Awakening, SoH can still stop its very own visuals and also that’s mind-blowing to me.

Being a portable game from 1994, nobody should get in this expecting a fully voiced acted production. Instead, you’ll acquire some yes, really nice sound effects and a great musical score the will obtain stuck in her head. Also though I very own all three Shining pressure games because that the game Gear, ns was shocked at how quickly the Town/Base monitor still grounding in my head after all these years and also I discovered myself routinely whistling it together I played or even did something else. Every stage has actually a really strong musical track accompanying it and also playing this simply made me really wish the THIS is what Camelot to be still doing instead of gold Sun and also bad Mario sporting activities games.

The gameplay is bright Force: The sword of Hajya is like all Shining pressure games (but no all shining games… ) and also really it’s very comparable to the flow of many SRPGs varying from Disgaea come Fire Emblem conserve that those gamings are turn based through side and the Shining games are by individual personality initiative choose a table roleplaying game. This method one of her guys can have his or her turn, adhered to by an enemy, complied with by two of your guys, complied with by one enemy, followed by one of your guys, complied with by 4 enemies. The Agility stat identify the stimulate of that goes when, so keep that in mind, specifically with heal magic as the Clerics and also Monk have tendency to be slowfooted. Other than that you have various races/classes and also each strike or activity they take earns them experience. Because that every 100 XP you earn you level up, and also once friend hit Level 10 you deserve to promote your character come a new class. Unlike the first Shining pressure where there space benefits to waiting till Level 20, you deserve to go ahead and also promote in ~ Level 10 across the plank here, return some personalities might not get promoted until they space Level 11 or 12 due to a huge battle. Girlfriend equip items and also do fight on a large grid based map. If a personality on your side is killed, they space not dead permanently and can be raised ago at base. If your key character(s) die, climate you lose half your gold and also have to begin the battle over. Every character has their very own strengths and weaknesses, even ones that the same race. For example if we look in ~ the 3 Paladins you get, Dawn has the highest possible defense in the game outside your main character, Randolph is just one of the finest attackers in the game and also Eric is decent at everything yet excels at nothing. You gain a best team of twelve, i m sorry is tho unheard that in most SRPGs, and you’ll have to pick and choose who continues to be on the bench as soon as you get more than twelve playable characters. It’s much easier in this video game as you only obtain eighteen playable character, contrasted to the thirty or fourty in the console games. I left the Dwarves turn off this time because they room so lot slower, have actually no street attacks and their defense is actually type of low compared to other characters. Certain they have a high attack but if they’re always lagging behind, the enemies are dead prior to they also get close come them. So on and also so forth. All in all, The knife of Hajya is a wonderful endure to playthough, even for who who has actually played the original game Gear and Sega-CD versions countless times.

Replay-wise, the video game doesn’t hold up together well. One of the huge reasons to replay a SRPG is for the capacity to usage a really different team with each playthrough. Regrettably s a game Gear game, The sword of Hajya readily available less of every little thing – no villages to explore, a brief story, less battles and less characters to have join your team –including a absence of any kind of hidden ones. With only eighteen characters, there yes, really isn’t lot you can do uneven you simply want to have actually the six lesser characters on her team and also give you yourself a harder, slow time in ~ progression…which isn’t advised as we’ll see in the next paragraph. Unlike the an initial two Genesis Shining force games which I could complete back to earlier to ago without trying anything else together a teen, The sword of Hajya is something friend play once…and then come ago to years later and also find it still delightful, however not AS good as other gamings in the franchise. As soon as you gain your hand on the Sega CD version, it’s even harder come come ago to the video game Gear version. The an excellent news is the at just $3.99, you’ll still acquire far much more out of this video game that what you paid because that it, and also as the is i can not qualify Sega will ever before want to do itself a mint by doing a Shining force collection (including localizing the games that never ever made the stateside), girlfriend won’t ever know what you space missing. Instead you’ll simply have actually a blast play this and also shocked you got it because that under 4 dollars.

Balance is the one area whereThe sword of Hajya yes, really suffers in the video game Gear version. The localization team really part controversial and also highly disliked changes to magic in this game (that thankfully don’t pester the Sega CD version). The first two level of spells have actually drastically diminished damage, an interpretation magic frequently times does little damage come enemies. Every that transforms when spells fight Level 3 where instead of damages being half of what castle are an alleged to be, they perform 250% much more damage 보다 in the Japanese version! as well, lock spells space given much more range and also can impact four times as many personalities than they could in the unlocalized or Sega CD version of the game! This is insane and also it method that for most of the game, her mages will certainly be a liability while adversary ones can wipe our your entire team at complete health. All you have the right to really perform is do a beeline for any mages with Freeze, Blaze or Bolt Level 3 and hope to god you death them before they death a bunch of your guys. This is why I pointed out not making use of the dwarves earlier as they have actually only a activity Rating the 5, when other characters have a movement of 6-8 and also so they can rush in and also kamikaze the enemy spellcasters. Therefore yes, Magic is entirely messed up in this game and also you’ll be maintaining a Mage (or both) on your team to do rinky dink damage and leveling up in ~ a portion of everyone else until they ultimately learn a Level 3 spell and then castle just become your primary fatality machines. Entirely unbalanced and to today no one have the right to answer why this to be done come the video game Gear variation of the game. It renders for a fully different playing experience than the Sega CD or also the Japanese game Gear version of this title, I’ll tell girlfriend that.

As well, things really get negative with this magic alters when your team is separation in two. Pretty much the best characters space on the protagonist’s team when Natasha, your 2nd in command gets the males with low defense…and Dawn that pretty much just takes a bullet for everyone constantly. The difficulty is Natasha is a Mage and also by the moment you break-up she will recognize Blaze and Freeze, however only level 1 and maybe 2 depending upon your level. By the time you acquire done, she tho won’t it is in high sufficient of a level to have actually a Level 3 magic spell, which method she is dreadful throughout the split and also unfortunately you have to keep her near the frontlines letting her nickel and also dime suffer in wishes you gain her ever closer come leveling up and also getting the spell friend desperately need her come have. Due to the fact that he team is so low in defense and the adversary mages carry out crazy damages with your Level 3 Blaze, Natasha will die numerous times, cut your revenue in fifty percent with each death. This is terrible and it leaves you v three options – to one of two people grin and also bear it, leave Natasha in the lurch not gaining any type of XP, yet keeping her gold intact, cheering the day her party reunites therefore you have the right to dump her, or replay battles over and over in true grind fashion till she levels up enough (Level 7 magician or Level 17 Mage if girlfriend don’t encourage her) the she isn’t a pile of pure crap with a target on she back. Again, this is very different indigenous the Sega CD or Japanese version of the video game where Natasha is quite an excellent but man, girlfriend really have to change the way you play for the 4 battles wherein Natasha has her own mini B-team.

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Even today, sword of Hajya stand out. It’s the an initial portable SRPG that North America ever got. It’s among only 2 portable Shining force games in English. It’s the only video game to be released because that the Sega CD and Sega game Gear simultaneously , the changes to the magic system make it one of the strangest SRPGs ever and also it’s the only SRPG wherein your team is broken into two smaller team for nearly a dozen battles, forcing specific characters to action up large time. There’s a lot to SoH that renders it very memorable come those that played the two decades ago, or who room playing it currently for the very first time. It might look and feel dated at times contrasted to modern-day SRPGs, however it’s simply as fun, if not an ext so than a lot of them.

As you can probably tell from this lengthy winded review, i really enjoy Sword that Hajya regardless of the fact I feel it’s the weakest Shining force game done by Camelot. It’s still a lot of fun and if I examine my 3DS, I’ve just put more time into two other gamings than this one – Pokemom Rumble Blast and also Pokemon secret Dungeon. I’ve logged much more time with Sword the Hajya than Fire Emblem Awakening – and also that’s a contemporary full priced SRPG. Ns was kind of shocked by that. It’s certainly a game fans of SRPGs will devour and also because it’s a easier version that the genre indigenous a bygone era, it’s additionally far much more welcoming and also easier to acquire into for younger and casual gamers alike, and those inexperienced in the SRPG style. Variable in the $3.99 price tag and also you have actually what is maybe the finest deal top top the Nintendo 3DS to date. Obviously ns feel anyone with a 3DS must be downloading and install this thing, if lock haven’t already. Even the the very least of the Camelot emerged Shining pressure games is far better than 75% of what’s ~ above the industry past, present or future, and also it’s time you competent why first hand. Currently come top top Sega, let’s check out a localization of last Conflict!

Short Attention expectancy Summary

Shining Force: The sword of Hajya is the center of the three Shining force titles for the Sega game Gear, but the just one to acquire localized because that North America. Now, for much less than four dollars, you deserve to experience one of the finest SRPG series of every time on her Nintendo 3DS. There is less to do and also there are fewer characters than in the console versions, however this one the first ever handheld SRPG in English and also only the second ever made, so it’s understandable that there was less content. Still for only $3.99, this is arguably the finest deal ~ above the Nintendo 3DS today. Anyone through the device should download it today and experience firsthand why this standard has stand the test of time for the past nineteen years and also single-handedly marketed a many of video game Gears.