Here's a finish list of all the trophies obtainable in Senran Kagura: Peach coast Splash!

Senran Kagura: Peach coast Splashis lastly here, and also there"s a wave of trophies and accomplishments that room waiting for you to collect them. If you desire to earn your completionist badge and also nab every solitary trophy in the game, this guide has whatever you should know! We"ve listed out every the trophies you"ll discover in this fan service fest, in addition to some tips on just how to obtain them.

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Bronze Trophies

Most that the trophies available inSenran Kagura: Peach coast Splash space bronze. This are likewise the simplest to acquire for the many part. Most of castle involve leveling your characters, guns, or cards.

Some involve just opening card packs or collecting cards (with duplicates counting towards the goal). Two of lock are completed by playing approximately in the dressing room. Two will come native Squirmy Finishes. The rest you deserve to earn by play the game and also achieving Soaking Wet mode, reviving allies, and finishing enemies with melee attacks, cards, or water guns.

Welcome come Peach beach Splash:Cleared the tutorialMy Dearest Girl:Raised 1 character to MAX levelGrowing Strong:Raised 5 personalities to MAX levelUp and also Ready:Raised 10 characters to MAX levelRifle Ruler:Raised the assault rifle to MAX levelShotgun Shogun:Raised the Shotgun to MAX levelGrenade Guru:Raised the Grenade Launcher come MAX levelRocket Ranger:Raised the Rocket Launcher come MAX levelSuper Sniper:Raised the Sniper Rifle to MAX levelHandgun Honcho:Raised the Handgun come MAX levelDual-gun Diva:Raised the twin Handguns come MAX levelSpray total Specialist:Raised the Spray Gun to MAX levelMinigun Master:Raised the Minigun to MAX levelShower gun Shaman:Raised the shower Gun to MAX levelSkilled:Raised 5 skills to MAX levelExtra Skilled:Raised 10 skills to MAX levelToo Skilled:Raised 30 an abilities to MAX levelPet Owner:Raised 1 pet to MAX levelPet Lover:Raised 3 pets to MAX levelPet Breeder:Raised 5 pets come MAX levelGo Easy:Played Touch setting in the Dressing RoomMake it Rain:Played Water Gun setting in the Dressing RoomSquirmy Maniac:Watched 3 Squirmy FinishesSquirmy Master:Watched every Squirmy FinishesSoaking Private:Achieved Soaking Power-Up State 10 times *inc. MultiplayerSoaking Corporal:Achieved Soaking Power-Up State 50 time *inc. MultiplayerNursing Degree:Performed Ally revival 10 times *inc. MultiplayerCard Maniac:Opened 25 map PacksCard Master:Opened 50 card PacksWater weapons Win:Defeated 100 playable adversaries with a Water gun *inc. MultiplayerRulebreaker!:Defeated 100 playable opponents with melee assaults *inc. MultiplayerThese Aren"t Ninja Arts:Defeated 100 playable adversaries with an abilities *inc. MultiplayerSay Hello to My tiny Friend:Defeated 100 playable opponents with a pets *inc. MultiplayerCard Scrub:Collect 250 complete Skill CardsCard Pro:Collect 500 complete Skill CardsCard Professor:Collected 750 complete Skill CardsCard Collector:Collected 1,000 complete Skill Cards


Silver Trophies

These room the second most usual of theSenran Kagura: Peach beach Splash trophies, and also the challenge of getting them kicks up just a tiny bit. Every one of them -- other than Soaking Sergeant -- are acquired either by completing the main storyline sections (minus the finale) or the an initial three V-Road challenges.

Towards Graduation:Completed the Hanzo national Academy ChapterNothing There:Completed the Homura"s Crimson squad ChapterWorld, accomplish Super Ninja:Completed the Gessen Girls" Academy ChapterMy finest Mate:Completed the Hebijo Clandestine Girls" Academy ChapterSchool Cup is Mine:Cleared the first League in the V road ChallengeHoney Cup is Mine:Cleared the 2nd League in the V road ChallengeQueen Cup is Mine:Cleared the 3rd League in the V road ChallengeSoaking Seargant:Achieved Soaking Power-Up State 100 times *inc. Multiplayer Matches

Gold Trophies

There room two yellow trophies inSenran Kagura: Peach coast Splash. Luckily, they"re no too daunting to get. Every you have to do is finish the main single player storyline and beat the last tournament of the V-Road challenges.

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Over the Rainbow:Completed the last Splash ChapterVenus Cup is Mine:Cleared the fourth League in the V roadway Challenge

Platinum Trophies

There"s only among these poor boys ~ above this list and the way to get it is simple: own every other trophy!

Marvelous:Obtained every the Trophies

Hidden Trophies

There aretwo concealed trophies right now inSenran Kagura: Peach beach Splash, yet I have yet come unlock lock in my playthroughs. As shortly as i do, I will certainly come earlier and upgrade this list!


How many trophies have you unlocked inSenran Kagura: Peach beach Splash? which are offering you the many difficulty? I know I"m having actually a tough time landing melee kills.

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