Scores Chicago strip Club is likewise in rock Park and like other clubs, offers complimentary passes to acquire in native us.

It boasts of exotic girls and girls of all types depending on her preference, so you’ll definitely have the ability to choose from much more than the 200 girls easily accessible to dance because that you topless.

It has three stages where you can watch girls do topless dancing and also stripping. The society is open up every day, beginning at 11am throughout the weekdays and also 6pm top top Saturday and also Sunday.

It is the just gentleman’s club open up until 5am every day. If you would prefer to host your party in the club, appointments for your VIP and also private rooms are obtainable but these rooms can also be provided if you desire a one-on-one time with your girl.

The bar likewise serves lunch and dinner through a full menu. Dances are prices at $20-30 through the society charging covers of $3 during daytime and $13-18 throughout the night. Mandatory valet parking is at $6.

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What’s necessary to Enter? contact or text 872-216-9002, that usually roughly $40 because that 2 drinks, limo, and entry. The period to get in is 21+ with a valid government issued ID, speak to or message for precise quote based upon the number of people

What Is the dress Code? few of the more higher places require tucked-in shirts v collars. Others allow untucked collared shirt or T-shirts. Carry out NOT stay SHORTS. The general dominion is "look presentable." You"re going come be surrounding by beautiful women all night. So be sharp!

When have to We Book?

VIP Packages


CALL 872-216-9002MUST gain IN THE LIMO we SEND
publication Now


Bachelor one-of-a-kind Three hours Premium hosted Bar Per human Pricing, Minimum of 8


Scores Loves Bachelors unique Stage present for BachelorPrime VIP Table and also Bottles




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