Although many refuge lands and also outdoor spaces have remained open for the public to enjoy, we ask the you recreate responsibly. Examine alerts and also local problems on this website and call ahead for existing information. Operations vary based on local public wellness conditions.
Limited accessibility at Sweetwater MarshWe recommend acquisition a walk on the north end of 13th or 10th roadways in imperial Beach or at Tijuana Estuary.

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Additional Information

propose Rule and Draft Fishing Plan available for windy Review and Comment

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife company is propose to open to sports fishing about 875 acres of open up bay waters in ~ the southern San Diego bay Unit that the san Diego only NWR. Fishing would be permitted by boat or an suitable floating device. A proposed preeminence has to be issued and a breeze Fishing Plan, ecological Assessment, and Compatibility Determination have actually been all set to resolve this use and are noted here for review.

breeze Fishing Plan and also Proposed Rule obtainable for evaluation
Seeking extraterrestrial Life, beginning at house November 12, 2019

Recent short article in the san Diego Union Tribune by Deborah Sullivan Brennan: Researchers examine organisms in harsh ocean facets on the southern Bay Salt works within san Diego Bay national Wildlife Refuge as design for possibilities in external space.Read here!

SDUT write-up Link: search Life in the Solar mechanism
Contaminant Cleanup job Planned

The business announces the access of engineering evaluation and cost analysis (EE/CA) reports and Administrative documents for Paradise marsh (Operable Unit 1), Gunpowder allude (Operable Unit 2), and also the F&G Street marsh (Operable Unit 3) on Sweetwater Marsh. The public comment period ended ~ above January 31, 2018. Over there is no approximated start date yet because that the task construction, and a perhaps responsible party has not however been identified.All the suitable documents because that the project are here on our website, and also can also be viewed in person at the Refuge facility headquarters.

Sweetwater Marsh repair
Visit the Living coastline Discovery center

The Living shore Discovery facility is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit organization, and runs in partnership through the mountain Diego national Wildlife Refuge Complex. Visitors have the right to enjoy environmental education programs and also view live animals. Learn an ext about the Nature Center
San Diego nationwide Wildlife Refuge facility

San Diego Bay national Wildlife Refuge is regulated as component of the san Diego national Wildlife Refuge Complex.

Read an ext about the complex


The nationwide Wildlife Refuge System, in ~ the U.S. Fish and also Wildlife Service, manages a nationwide network of lands and also waters set aside to maintain America"s fish, wildlife, and also plants.

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Belding"s Savannah Sparrow Belding"s savannah sparrow is a State and also Federally protected bird. The is a rare subspecies the the Savannah sparrow, yet it is typical on the marshes of mountain Diego Bay, and the Tijuana Slough national Wildlife Refuge. The is differentiated from the Savannah sparrow by having actually heavier and also darker streaking, and also a smaller beak profile.