“Ford Arts, beats & Eats was founded to memory the high quality of life in Oakland county by providing a culturally unique presentation that artists, musicians and also food exhibits, from the metro Detroit area, and also throughout the united States.”

Head come Arts, to win & Eats in imperial Oak for food, rides, games, art and also music top top Friday, September fourth through Monday, September 7th. Job Day weekend in royal Oak guarantees to be a liven one!

Arts, win & Eats

A weekend long event that attributes artists, food vendors and also musical talent from every over. The price to attend is $3 prior to 3pm and also $5 after ~ 3pm top top Saturday, Sunday and also Monday. Friday prior to 5pm attendees can get in complimentary and $5 thereafter. Entrance fees are divided among local charities and programs that aid the ar through development and non-profit efforts. OUR credit transaction Union is partnering through Gleaners Food bank to give cost-free admission come those who lug three or an ext nonperishable food item to pick credit union locations before the festival.

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Hours because that Arts, to win & Eats:

Friday: 11am – 11pmSaturday: 11am – 11pmSunday: 11am – 11pmMonday: 11am – 9:30pm



In the 18th year in Oakland County, the festival is special music plot Cheap Trick, Young & The Giant, Neon Trees, Kip Moore, and also more! multiple stages spread out out across the festival will organize music acts because that every taste, from country, come folk and hip-hop. Setup your visit with assist from the beats.


Festival functions of art include: paintings, photography, jewelry, clothing, accessories and more. Each individual artist brings your own distinctive pieces! even if it is you have actually a favorite artist or space interested in what the festival will offer, discover more before you head down. Michigan restaurants will likewise be set-up for festival goers come taste their method around town. Varying from meals come bites, over there is something for everyone. Get a head begin and plan ahead.


This year, art Beats & Eats will have interactive occasions for attendees. The U.S. Military will have a distracted/drunk driving simulator that will educate motorists on the dangers of the road. The DIA invites everyone to “Think prefer An Artist” at their exhibit demonstrating different techniques and an innovative thinking skills. The kids Zone area includes: a moonwalk from inflatable Playspaces, Detroit Red wings Hockey skills Challenges, DMC Children’s Hospital of Michigan youngsters Zone, and also a petting farm yard presented by Huron-Clinton Metroparks.

A one-of-a-kind salute come Veterans will be hosted on Monday, September 7th in ~ 4:30pm on the Michigan Lottery phase in partnership with Oakland county Parks & Recreation. A unique VIP tent will certainly serve renowned festival eats from 4-5:30 pm v Your Generation performs live for veterans and also guests! A huge Zumbathon will certainly take place on Saturday morning from 11am-12:30pm. Nearly 1,200 people participated in 2014 so reserve her spot early!

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Things to note: kids under 3 room admitted free, no dogs are allowed, parking is not permitted in areas within a 1 mile radius of the event, and also there room police and also firefighter patrols because that safety. Just tickets room accepted for drink or food purchases, and are obtainable for acquisition (16 because that $10) throughout the festival. Vendor payments are based on their preference. Answers come other commonly asked questions can be found here.

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