Risk of Rain 2 update Incoming! concealed Realms (Console) currently Live and Artifacts 2.0 (PC) Releases march 31


Test the waters for totally free on Xbox One starting March 26

FRISCO, Texas – Mar. 24, 2020 – Hopoo Games and Gearbox Publishing now announced two brand-new updates comes to the fight roguelike risk of Rain 2. Surprise Realms update is now easily accessible to download because that the Xbox One, playstations 4, and also Nintendo Switch. The artifacts 2.0 upgrade for computer will be accessible on in march 31, introducing Artifacts along with a returning stage, monsters, items, and Survivor-specific unlockables. Much more details on every of this updates deserve to be found below.

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In enhancement to contents updates, danger of Rain 2 will be cost-free to download and also play top top Xbox One and Xbox One X for Xbox Live Gold and also Xbox video game Pass ultimate members together a part of Microsoft’s complimentary Play days on in march 26, 12:01AM PT every the way until in march 29, 11:59PM. Following free Play Days, risk of Rain 2 will certainly be 40% turn off on the Microsoft keep from in march 31 to April 6. Also to celebrate risk of Rain 2’s one year anniversary ~ above Steam, the video game will it is in on sale for 20% off from march 31 come April 6, and playable for complimentary on Steam complimentary Weekends starting on April 2 through April 6. Nintendo Switch users can get Risk of Rain 2 for 50% turn off on the Nintendo switch eShop until April 2.

Hidden realms Update: concealed Realms update is now accessible on playstations 4, Xbox One and also Nintendo move which introduces the returning Survivor Acrid, new bosses, alternative layouts system and even much more loot come the game.

Artifacts 2.0 Update:

Artifacts: Artifacts make their danger of Rain 2 debut. These treasures have the right to be unlocked by perfect in-game challenges and also then fitted at the begin of a run to substantially modify elements of the game, adding variety and challenge. Some are new, some are returning, and range from “oh fun” to “who hurt you?”New Stage, Monsters and also Hidden Boss: sky Meadow returns as a fifth stage, players will certainly encounter brand-new familiar monsters, and a brand-new hidden boss awaits those clever enough to uncover them.Skill Variants: Commando, Huntress, Engineer and also Acrid receive more unlockable skill variants come shock and also awe in new ways.New Loot: new equipment, items, and also a Lunar items of dubious purpose go into the world for Survivors come discover.Engineer Skin: Engineer enthusiasts deserve to earn a skin for their Survivor by perfect an in-game challenge.

Press and also media can find assets for danger of Rain 2 here.

About Hopoo GamesA small team who started out as 2 students indigenous the college of Washington, Hopoo gamings made their mark with the award-winning indie success, hazard of Rain in 2013, complied with by Deadbolt in 2016. Currently a team the indie veterans, they’ve been difficult at job-related on a hotly suspect sequel to danger of Rain special 3D graphic and 3rd person shooter mechanics. Learn much more at http://hopoogames.com/.

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About Gearbox PublishingFounded in 2016, Gearbox publishing was created with the goal of helping developers around the world carry their products to sector while retaining your unique creative visions. The mission started with the critically-acclaimed Homeworld Remastered repertoire for PC, and also have since been followed by plenty of partnerships that include Epic’s Fortnite, tinyBuild’s Hello Neighbor, and also Compulsion Games’ us Happy Few. Gearbox Publishing continues to remain committed to its mission to game the world and also become the most developer-friendly publisher in the industry. Learn more at https://www.sahib.tv.