Revenge that the Morningstar is the eighth rate of the main Tall tale questline because that Sea that Thieves.

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In this guide, we will certainly cover the totality of this high Tale, beginning with the very first part the the quest — finding the Morningstar Chest! In this tall Tale, we deal with deception, cowardice, malice, and bravery.

Sea of thieves | Revenge of the Morningstar Tall tale | how to find the Morningstar Chest

The Morningstar chest is the an initial item we find on this adventure. It has the most critical item to relocate forward: Morningstar Clothing! come trick some NPCs into believing you"re component of the well known Morningstar Crew, you have to don their garb. However, before us begin looking for the Chest, we have a few important pieces of information.

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If you are looking for one more section of this guide, you can discover it provided below. The other guide parts cover how to decipher Graymarrow"s order to uncover the other items and also finish up the quest. Alternatively, girlfriend can additionally use the ideal link listed below to uncover the covert Journals because that this Tall tale as you finish it.

HIDDEN newspaper LOCATIONS:When you begin this adventure, you might an alert in her Pirate log in that among the Commendations associated with it is for finding all the surprise Journals.You must have actually the Revenge that the Morningstar tall Tale energetic to discover these Journals! As such, the is finest to look because that them along the means as friend visit the islands in your iteration that the high Tale. Monitor the link over to acquire the overview to locating these surprise Journals.

If you"re tho ready, climate you"re likely particular you"re in search of the Morningstar Chest. The plus next to this part of the story is the you"ll always be headed to one place! The fence (if you can call it one) is the you"ll be required to adjust your outfit. So, if you"ve acquired a an elaborate and prestigious customized outfit equipped, you"re walk to need to forego that totrick the NPCs in come tell you the locations you need.

Step One: beginning Revenge that the Morningstar

The entirety premise the this story is the you are taking revenge top top Captain Graymarrow, who hunted down and hid the souls the the Morningstar Crew. Finding exactly how to begin this search is inherently provided through theSea the Thieves grapevine. In your Pirate Log, it will certainly tell you that to begin this tall Tale, you"ll need to speak to Sandra the Shipwright ~ above Dagger tooth Outpost.

In situation you"ve forgotten, the Shipwrights the the Outposts space the only ar to customize her ship and also deck it with different skins because that each that the components. Girlfriend can uncover the location of Sandra the Shipwright in the picture above.

Once you"ve started the quest, girlfriend can choose whether or not to hear to Sandra and follow together with the story. Regardless of what friend do, you"ll discover that your an initial location in the search is half a map far onBoulder Cay. Set your sails and also hoist your anchor; it"s time come avenge the Morningstar!

Step Two: finding the Crew"s Logs

Luckily, this component of the adventure is quite straightforward. In your search Book, you"ll check out it discussed that each crewmember"s logs are among the wreckage of their ship ~ above Boulder Cay. Once you reach the island, park close to the south east corner and also dive into the depth below.

It can take girlfriend a bit of exploring, yet you"ll come throughout a shipwreck ~ above the ocean floor. Indigenous here, girlfriend must uncover the logs of the three crewmembers that wrote them. If friend are having trouble detect them, you can use the images listed below to help you find them.


As you can see, the scrolls are put throughout the shipwreck. Friend should find one that the scrolls top top the back fifty percent and 2 on the prior half. Once you discover these, friend will have the ability to determine the location of the Morningstar Chest top top the island itself. However, if you still need help, you have the right to read step Three to see where come dig.

Step Three: Digging up the Morningstar Chest


In the Morningstar Crew"s logs, you will discover they describe the Chest"s precise location on the island. The is ~ above the Southwest beach, directly between a medium-sized rock and also a bending palm tree. When you destruction there, you will uncover the the Chest and also have accessibility to the contents inside. No in search of keys top top this tall Tale!

Step Four: Head come Sanctuary Outpost


Once girlfriend have uncovered the logs and also the Chest, you will have additional pages in her Quest book that hint whereby you must go next:Sanctuary Outpost. This is a brief sail south by Southwest and also is the house of Tracy and also Tyler, who are two NPCs you have to speak come if you"d favor to obtain the Skull and Chalice. Along the way, you should put on all the obtainable Morningstar Uniforms (you must choose in between the dress and also the jacket). You have to be attract the finish outfit (including the hat and also gloves) prior to speaking to Tracy and Tyler. Otherwise, they won"t provide you the info you need.


When you do it come Sanctuary Outpost, you will find Tracy behind the bar of the Tavern. She will offer you the extr information that tells you whereby the Skeleton Captains guarding Graymarrow"s Skull will be located. This is constantly the very same location. You"ll uncover this Skeleton Captain on Cannon Cove, i m sorry is an additional short trip away, south east of Sanctuary Outpost. She will instruct girlfriend to speak to Tyler.

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Tyler sells tools on Sanctuary Outpost. ~ you"re finished talking to Tracy, you deserve to walk across the central part of the island to Tyler and speak to him about the Skeleton Captain"s place guarding the Chalice. Similar to Tracy, that will always tell friend it"s at one location: Sinking Grove. If girlfriend look in ~ the map, you"ll have the ability to easily recognize that by this, he way Sunken Grove.

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What"s Next

Now that you"ve talked to them and also know wherein you"re headed, you"re all set to sail come the designated islands and find the next items. Girlfriend can discover those in the next parts the the guide, which define Graymarrow"s order onCannon CoveandSunken Grove.

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