Previously operated by: Hollywood Theaters, Marquee Cinemas, Regal entertain Group, united Artists theatre Circuit Inc.

Previous Names: UA MacArthur Marketplace, Hollywood MacArthur Marketplace 16, Regal MacArthur Marketplace stadium 16, Marquee Cinemas MacArthur Marketplace

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The UA MacArthur Marketplace opened up on September 17, 1999. Later on taken over by Regal Entertainment. Top top June 22, 2019 it to be renamed funny Movie Grill MacArthur Marketplace. It was closed top top July 23, 2021.

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Kenneth Johnson top top September 11, 2013 at 11:56 to be

Opened 1999 as united Artists MacArthur Marketplace stadion 16. In 2002, Regal Entertainment group took over operations the this cinema too as every one of United artists assets since of the Regal/UA acquisition. Regal ceased operations of and closed MacArthur Marketplace stadion 16 in January 2004. By October 2004, Marquee Cinemas had actually reopened the theater just to close the October 2005. June 2006, Hollywood Theatres reopened MacArthur Marketplace 16. 10 year later, Regal is earlier in operations in ~ MacArthur Marketplace. In April 2013, MacArthur Marketplace stadion 16 was once again under the to work of Regal Entertainment team when Regal acquired Hollywood theater assets for $191 Million. By august 2013, the is now Regal MacArthur Marketplace stadion 16 showing an initial Run and Bollywood films.


dallasmovietheaters ~ above January 23, 2015 in ~ 2:08 pm

Probably not much to add to the well comments currently here yet the the theater’s grand opening to be Sept. 17, 1999 v the largest auditoriums seating 475 in highback plush chairs with stadium seating and 56" large screens with smaller auditoriums holding 125 to 225 patrons. UA set up an experimental concession was standing bringing expanded assets through high-tech devices. However the 80,000 square foot UA MacArthur Marketplace 16 was a megaflop as megaplex overbuild was a problem for plenty of circuits. UA was amongst many exhibitors filing because that bankruptcy protection.

Philip Anschutz took over controlling interest in unified Artists and Regal, and Edwards theaters in October that 2001 and the economic climate worsened. The Regal Circuit shuttered 30 theaters v 208 display screens in 2003. Amongst them to be the McArthur Marketplace shuttered really suddenly on June 30, 2003 simply prior to few of the year’s best summer flicks. To punctuate that they weren’t comes back, they also took the seats every the method to Garland to location in your aged UA Northstar theater. Regal wanted no component of the MacArthur property ever before again offering less than four years of business at the location.

Developers Diversified fact which owned the space had come find another owner quickly. In a surprised move, Marquee Cinemas the end of Beckley, W. Virginia announced within 2 week’s time the it would re-open the theater maybe within the month targeting July 25, 2003 as a possibility. Recognize the theater stripped of so much, Marquee’s opening would be set back come February 13th, 2004 and an amazingly high price tags in the three million disagreement range. Theatre sizes to reduce a little bit to 100, 200 and 425 in stadion seating configuration. But it was every trick and no treat together Marquee fled the twice-bitten loser Marketplace top top Halloween that 2005 no making that two full years.

Portland-based circuit Hollywood theaters – which had actually properties including the Town facility Cinema in ft Worth and South Freeway 14 in Burleson – reopened the theater as its third operator inside of seven years top top June 23, 2006. The theater’s Bollywood / Hindi films drew audiences and the theater skilled an overall uptick in business.

On February 19, 2013, Regal purchased Hollywood theatre circuit and practically unbelievably had actually returned among its many notable liabilities earlier into the portfolio. Regal virtually immediately announced the name readjust of the theater together the Regal MacArthur Marketplace stadion 16. The Hollywood signage stayed longer on the attraction sign and also facade although the logo was easily dispensed through at the concession stands replaced by Regal cups and popcorn bags. The operation continued with the very same first-run and also Bollywood offerings.


CaptainRob on April 8, 2016 in ~ 3:12 pm

Just to walk in come the MacArthur ~ above Tuesday afternoon. The an initial time I’ve stepped right into a Regal theater due to the fact that 2006. Was curious who the GM was. And also they called me he was an old acquaintance of mine. Todd Hecht, previously of the Burleson 14. And my predecessor in ~ the infectious diseases worldwide Texas disagreement Cinema 8 in south ft Worth earlier in 1992. The MacArthur still says “Hollywood Theaters” over the front doors choose in the over picture. But it’s Regal entertainment Group all over inside. We talked for about thirty minutes and also I learned that every one of the world that engineered, or even added to, my departure back in 2006 are now gone. I’ve learned the a property development company has purchased the Galaxy in Dallas and the Fossil Creek in Ft Worth. For this reason I expect them come close in the next couple of years. The company also purchase the UA cool Prarie theater and also it’s currently closed. No to cite the Burleson theater. Why does Regal purchase up every one of these theaters just to rotate around and also close them? UA supplied to be the best player in the DFW industry in the 80’s and also 90’s. As soon as these last two theaters close. It will certainly leave only one critical remaining original UA theatre in phibìc Texas. The MacArthur. Ns only operated with Todd for three days way back in 92. Ns hope he has actually a great long operation here. And also Regal doesn’t sell it the end from under him. An excellent Luck.

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The Fun locations all closed after ~ screenings on march 16, 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic in addition to many various other theaters. Funny MacArthur Marketplace Irving was among the very first four hardtop theatres come relaunch in the DFW area on may 15, 2020 along with its funny Carrollton, iPic Fairview and America Cinemas in fort Worth. The funny Carrollton closed permanently top top October 31, 2020. The fun Macarthur Marketplace soldiered on but closed abruptly after ~ showings ~ above July 23, 2021 promising to convert the theatre to fifty percent movie screens and have household entertainment including bowling, arcade and laser tag. With countless auditoriums carrying an extremely longstanding Hollywood title with tiny chance of patrons since Fun took over the meet on June 22, 2019, the relocate - if the transpired - seemed sound.

aka Marquee Cinemas Macarthur Marketplace previously operated by Marquee Cinemas