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Ratchet & Clank: Up your Arsenal Cheats because that PlayStation 2

cost-free Ammo and Health walk to any an obstacle like Annihilation Nation, start the challenge and quit and also it refills her ammo and health.

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Contributed by: significance of gloriole

Mega tools

Beat the video game to unlock weapons you deserve to buy that room an magnified version the the tools you already own. You have the right to only buy if you have actually leveled lock up every the method already. These expense a the majority of bolts but are even much more powerful then the level 5 weapons you already have and also they deserve to be upgraded another three time making them really powerful.

Contributed by: significance of aur

Insomniac Museum

Go to Metropolis and also follow the path over and into the an initial building, then hop up onto the left home window sill and also break the window, then hop throughout to the following building. Hop up onto the left next again and break this window, and also there"s a teleporter. Go to it in ~ 3:00am-4:00am for the Insomniac Mueseum.

Contributed by: significance of halo

get a discount on tools

If you have a conserve from Ratchet and also Clank 1, you get a 10% discount ~ above weapons when you buy them. Save should be past the 2nd hoverboard race.

Contributed by: lilchao66

complimentary weapons.

Although you can buy any type of of this weapons during the game, girlfriend can get them totally free from Slim Cognito top top Aquatos at specific times in the game if you have a Ratchet & Clank:Going Commando save record on your memory card. The weapons are, Miniturret Glove, Lava Gun, Shield Charger, Bouncer, and also Plasma Coil.

Contributed by: Megaman1981

Skip Quark vidcomics

Go to the video game system ~ above Starship Phoenix through a vidcomic the you haven"t to win yet. Now choose the level the the unplayed vidcomic. Scroll approximately the an initial one and also press increase again. If it"s the fifth vidcomic then press Up yet again. As long as indigenous the first vidcomic girlfriend get back to selecting the recent unplayed vidcomic, press X come play. The video game prompts come skip the level. Agreeing will end up the level through no records. In an obstacle Mode, the will display no records except the ideal time you got during your an initial try in the game.

Contributed by: winner843

complimentary Ammo

On the starship phoenix, do to any holographic training, when you go into the training, instantly leave it, her ammo will certainly be full

Contributed by: typeyourname

adjust the Weather

At Holostar Studios the second room that is rain (not the graveyard) there is a circular button to your best that will readjust it from rain to snowing.

Contributed by: PaWnOfGaMiNg

Alternate way Into Insomnic Museum.

If you collect all the trophies, the door in the trophy room will open up up, revealing the Insomniac Museum.

Contributed by: maxerAA

Inferno mode / Rift Crossover in Arena obstacles

Once you complete an arena challenge at Annihilation Nation, if over there is one Inferno setting crate laying around, you can cause it after ~ you win the challenge, and also you will certainly still have the impact in the following challenge. The same thing happens v the Rift Inducer/Rift Ripper"s votrexes; if friend shoot some after the an obstacle is end (but prior to the display screen goes black) they will still be there when the next difficulty starts. This is a good way to carry out some damage without having actually to use any type of ammo, and also doing this through an Inferno crate can make single-weapon difficulties much easier; as lengthy as girlfriend don"t try to fire your weapon, you have the right to do them totally with the wrench. (This does not seem to job-related with the sucking Cannon/Vortex Cannon challenge; as soon as I make the efforts it, I gained a "Out of opponents to use for ammo" message and also lost in round 2.)

Contributed by: BigBoct

wall Hacking

Allows girlfriend to happen through any wall, forcefield, etc. You need the megaturret (miniturret functions too yet megaturrets work lot better). Place yourself against the wall facing the contrary of it and also place very closely 1 to her left and 1 to her right. If excellent correctly, the display will start to shake. Now location a megaturrent infront of you really closely and you will certainly either have gone with the wall surface or the display screen is violently shaking. If it is shower then shot to relocate through the wall by to run or charge boots.

Contributed by: mariopaper

Re-play perfect Hacker puzzles

To re-play a perfect Hacker puzzle: stand in former of it, hold R1, then press Triangle.

Contributed by: Quolnok

list of all ability points and also how to get them Unlockable Unlockable destroy the Blimp in Metropolis. Hint: Look for a blimp, it"ll present up ~ a minute or two. 3 shots from the Sniper Rifle should damage it. death 10 Skreeducks in the Crash Site. Hint: They paris around and look prefer prehistoric birds. beat Scorpio using just the Wrench. Hint: usage the twin bladed light saber if this is too difficult. kill 20 adversaries using only the wrench in Blackwater City. Snipe 10 Tyhrranoids in towers on world Tyhrranosis. Hint: perform this throughout the "Destroy the plasma cannon turrets" mission. Beat all the gauntlet challenges. complete Helga"s VR Hypershot cultivate in under 50 seconds. Hint: Beat that once and also all the Hacker puzzles will certainly be unlocked. go to Qwark"s Hideout, in the area wherein you have to jump throughout the 2 ice platforms. Go to the appropriate of the area and you"ll be able to wall jump approximately a snow man. That you damage him you"ll gain a ability point. Hint: Don"t glide come the wall, you won"t it is in able to wall surface jump. usage the Qwack-O-Ray to turn 15 Floranian Blood Flies into ducks on earth Daxx. win the Jackpot in Holostar Studios. Hint: If they all blow up before you win, leave the planet and also return. Complete any kind of Gauntlet an obstacle without taking a hit. soil on the floating astoroid ring ~ above the Obani Moon. Hint: go to the greatest jump slot (directly behind the ring) and also jump top top the flashing asteroid. get 2 secs of waiting time v the Turbo Slider. Hint: revolve around and go off the gigantic sand hill at a slim left angle and this will be no problem. collect all 101 sewer Crystals. Hint: This cannot be done until the gravity boots have actually been obtained. damage five floating cameras during any kind of Gauntlet challenge. Hint: simply pull the end your N60 Storm and also fire one shooting to take it a camera out. fight Scrunch the monkey v Ratchet"s Wrench. Hint: run the opposite method and then long jump followed by a quick slash to hit him. kill 25 ememies with the Refractor on world Marcadia. punch up 40 underwater crates on planet Aquatos. to win vid-comic problem 1 in under 2:40 Hint: overlook all Tokens and also take together many brief cuts together you can. Do the same for the other 4. win vid-comic problem 2 in under 2:10 to win vid-comic concern 3 in under 1:50 to win vid-comic problem 4 in under 4:45 beat vid-comic concern 5 in under 2:00 epidemic 30 opponents with the Infector ~ above Mylon. finish the course of fatality without taking any damage from enemies or hazards. get 100% in all five Qwark vid-comics. kill 40 ememies using unly the suck Cannon in the Crash Site. acquisition the Infernox Armor. ~ above Koros in the Robot base usage the Bolt Grabber V2 to ruin all breakables. ~ a details amount of damage you will gain the akill point. kill 10 enemies with the Refractor on world Aridia. Hint: The Refractor will deflect the Ultra-Mechs attacks. Shot this during component 4.
2002 was a great Year in the City
Aim High
Bash the Bug
Bash the Party
Be a Sharpshooter
Be one Eight Time Champ
Beat Helga"s finest Time
Break the Dan
Break the Dan (Continued)
Bugs come Birds
Feeling Lucky?
Flee Flawlessly
Get come the Belt
Go because that Hang Time
Hit the Motherload
Lights, Camera, Action!
Monkeying Around
Reflect on just how to Score
Search for Sunken Treasure
Set a new Record for Qwark
Set a brand-new Record because that Qwark
Set a brand-new Record because that Qwark
Set a brand-new Record because that Qwark
Set a new Record because that Qwark
Spread your Germs
Stay Squeaky Clean
Strive for Arcade Perfection
Suck that Up!
Turn increase the Heat
You rest it, You victory it
Zap back at Ya"

Contributed by: BoboBobThe3rd

Unlock alernate paint jobs for your ship

Go to her side of her ship at the starship phoenix, and activate the machine.

Unlockable Unlockable 11 skill points 4 ability points 6 ability points 28 ability points 26 skill points 22 ability points 18 ability points 16 ability points 12 skill points 9 skill points 30 ability points 8 ability points 3 ability points 24 ability points 23 skill points 2 skill points 7 skill points 19 skill points 29 skill points 1 skill point 10 skill points 17 ability points 20 ability points 25 ability points 13 skill points 27 skill points 5 skill points 21 ability points 14 skill points 15 ability points
Agent Orange
Black Hole
Bogon Blue
Dark Nebula
Drek"s black color Heart
Florana Breeze
Ghost Pirate Purple
Helga Hues
Hooked ~ above Onyx
Insomniac Special
Lombax Orange
Low Rider
Lunar Eclipse
Neutron Star
Obani Orange
Orxon Green
Ozzy Kamikaze
Pulsing Purple
Qwark Green
Sasha Scarlet
Silent Strike
Solar Wind
Space Storm
Star Traveller
Sun Storm
Tyhrranoid Void
Zeldren Sunset

Contributed by: PaWnOfGaMiNg

distinct Trophies Unlockable Unlockable win every challenge in the Annilation Mation. Do all of the Ranger fight missions. Get complete Nanotech of 200 (can only get 200 Nanotech in an obstacle Mode) update every weapon in the video game to that is Omega version. get all 30 skill Points find every Titanium Bolt in the game.
Annihilation country Trophy
Friends the the ranger Trophy
Nano Finder Trophy
Omega Arsenal Trophy
Skill understand Trophy
Titanium Collector Trophy

Contributed by: lionheart227


Get a certain number of skill points to unlock every of the cheats

Unlockable Unlockable 20 skill Points 5 ability Points 30 skill Points 15 ability Points 25 ability Points 10 skill Points enter code native Demo
Big Head A.I.
Big Head Ratchet & Clank
Mirror Worlds
Secret certified dealer Clank
Ships to Ducks
Time Freeze
Wrench Replacement

Contributed by: Warhawk

Bomberman kind mini-game

At Star Phoenix’s comic room choose chapter and press square. Enter YING_TZU and also press start. This will enter the museum whereby the game is. Note: This doesn"t work for the PAL version of this game.

Unlockable Unlockable in ~ Star Phoenix’s comic room choose chapter and also press square. Get in YING_TZU and press start. This will enter the museum where the game is
Bomberman kind mini-game

Contributed by: Tayrybro


Get theses skins by obtaining a certain number of titanium bolts or by doin various tasks. Note: just works in single player mode.

Unlockable Unlockable costs 6 titanium Bolts prices 6 Titanium Bolts Ratchet and clank 1 save file. costs 5 Titanium Bolts costs 6 Titanium Bolts prices 6 titanium bolts prices 5 Titanium Bolts costs 6 Titanium Bolts
Brainius ( B2 Brawlers cousin)
Bugnoid ( insect alien )
Old school Ratchet (original uniform)
Robo ( Robo rest Dancer!!)
Robo Rooster ( an insect eyed Robot)
Snowman Skin
Trooper ( Robotic enemy)
Tuxido Ratchet

Contributed by: Blackbeltdevil04

skins Unlockable Unlockable acquire all trophies, then go to the Phoenix and also look at the skins list.

Contributed by: Quolnok

stop Codes

Pause the game and enter the following:

impact Effect Circle, Square, Circle, Square, Up, Down, Left, Left
Double Bladed Laser Sword

Contributed by: Saxter2003

Pause password (Japanese Version)

Pause the game and enter the following:

effect Effect Right, Right, Down, Up, Up, Down, Left, Left
Double Bladed Laser Sword

Contributed by: Thunderbert


Do the following to unlock each of the unlockables

Unlockable Unlockable Beat video game once and also enter difficulty mode. Now visit a vendor to acquisition Mega weapons Beat game then it should be in the an initial vendor on world Florana Beat video game once then need to be in Cinematics menu. Push L1 or R1 to cycle v
Mega Weapons

Contributed by: Warhawk

Old school Skin Unlockable Unlockable If you have a Ratchet and Clank 1 record on your memory card you deserve to activate this in ~ the Pheonix starship weapon vendor.
Old school Ratchet Skin

Contributed by: PaWnOfGaMiNg

Pirate Vs Ninja 2 player fight

When picking what level to perform in the Quark Vid comics, press Square instead.A password menu should pop up. Enter this code.

result Effect _MEGHAN_
Pirate vs Ninja

Contributed by: mc22388

Qwark in a tu tu

During any qwark vidcomic, get in the following:

result Effect Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Circle, Square, Square
Qwark in a tu tu

Contributed by: Gobstoppers12

cracked Cooper 2 demo

On the main menu screen (home screen with load game and also all that) press down R1 R2 L1 and L2 in ~ the same time climate wait because that the demo.

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impact Effect press R1 R2 L1 and also L2 at the very same time
Sly Cooper 2 demo

Contributed by: Bazingaboy2001

Unlock Squat Stats impact Effect at the main online food selection highlight "Stats" and also press Up, Down, Left, Right, Square
Unlock Squat Stats

Contributed by: Quolnok

Japan-only Skin

Enter the following at the pause food selection to unock Santa Ratchet. This just works because that the Japanese version.

result Effect Up, Down, Up, Down, Square, Square, Square
Unlonk Santa Ratchet skin

Contributed by: Kurohime

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