Day 1, 4:01 pmstay overnight and leave the following day around 10:00 amdrive for around 1.5 hours< review more >
lo Wyoming for Mount Rusheven more, from there
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Here"s a sample itinerary for a drive from Rapid City to Billings. If you"re planning a road pilgrimage to Billings, you can research places to speak alengthy the way. Traveling through a dog or cat? View pet-friendly stops between Rapid City and Billings. Camping along the way? View RV campgrounds between Rapid City and also Billings. Find the ideal hotels, restaurants, and also attractions based upon themany talked about areas recommended by members.

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11:00 am start in Rapid Citydrive for around 46 minutes

11:46 am Deadwoodremain for about 1 hour and leave at 12:46 pmdrive for about 1.5 hours

2:19 pm Hammondstay for around 1 hour and leave at 3:19 pmdrive for around 42 minutes

4:01 pm Broadus (Montana)continue to be overnight and also leave the next day about 10:00 amday 1 driving ≈ 3 hours

10:00 am leave from Broadus (Montana)drive for around 1.5 hours

11:24 am Lame Deer (Montana)continue to be for around 1 hour and leave at 12:24 pmdrive for about 57 minutes

1:20 pm Lodge Grassremain for about 1 hour and leave at 2:20 pmdrive for around 47 minutes

3:08 pm Hardin (Montana)remain for around 1 hour and also leave at 4:08 pmdrive for around 46 minutes

4:53 pm arrive in Billings

day 2 driving ≈ 4 hours

Deadwood (10 answers)HammondBroadus (Montana)Lame Deer (Montana)Lodge GrassHardin (Montana) (2 answers) questions around Hardin (Montana): lo Wyoming for Mount Rushmore, from there

This area could be endmuch less, so quite than trying tosuggest every local task or attractivity, we"ll leave itopen-ended.

Of course, is the perfect location to ask questionsbecause there"s a whole community of travelers talkingto each other and sharing tips and also advice. is whereyou have the right to get answers personalized for your tastes, budgets,expedition dates & more!

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Yes, also this step is optional, bereason if you"re on vacationwho wants the pilgrimage to end? It"s okay, you have the right to start planning yournext trip!

Want to arrangement the expedition back? Get the reverse directions for aBillings to Rapid City drive, or go to the primary page to plan a brand-new road trip.

Looking for concepts for more desticountries within driving distance of Rapid City? Try searching for places within 5 hours of Rapid City.

You deserve to likewise compare the take a trip time if you"re flying or drivingby calculating the distance from Rapid City to Billings. Or gain a complete Rapid City to Billings flight setup.

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Don"t foracquire about experimenting your own hometvery own via a staycation.You deserve to additionally discover some cool day trips or acquire away for a weekfinish.Maybe try inputting in a farameans place choose London, Hong Kong,or Sydney, and acquire inspired for your dream trip about the human being.

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without making any stopsfull driving distance is 316 milesdriving time of 5 hours, 6 minutes
22 Rapid City travel answers10 Deadhardwood travel answers1 Lodge Grass travel answer2 Hardin (Montana) take a trip answers10 Billings travel answers

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