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The Path the Exile Passive skill Tree is daunting. There room over 1200 nodes to select from, and also you will should use every the ability points you knife while leveling approximately reach the distant, powerful nodes. And if did you do it made a failure in your build, there are only a few ways to fix it.

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Can i reset my skill tree completely?

Path the Exile doesn’t allow you to completely reset your Passive ability Tree. If you’re end level 20 and unhappy through your build, many players introduce you just start end again.

If you’re beforehand on and you don’t desire to do the wrong of damaging your Passive skill Tree, we recommend you pick a develop for whatever character course you’re playing. For example, a Marauder construct from PoE Vault comes with a complete failure of the an abilities you need. You can follow an additional player’s build guide to insurance you don’t mess up your Passive ability Tree.

There is just one circumstances where friend can completely reset your Passive skill Tree. If grind Gear games drastically transforms the ability tree between seasons, the studio may offer a complete, totally free reset for players.

This isn’t precisely a reliable occurrence. If you’re desperate because that a an ext powerful build, the best advice is to merely start over.

Can I adjust individual an abilities on my tree?

You have the right to refund points in your skill tree Image: grinding Gear gamings via In Path that Exile, you deserve to unlock refund point out for her character. By completing the game’s main story, you will certainly earn about 20 refund points. Friend can likewise use a rarely consumable dubbed the Orb of remorse to earn an ext refund points.

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If you have refund points, you deserve to activate them in ~ the peak of your Passive skill Tree, and deselect a ability you’ve already unlocked. But you have the right to only refund nodes in ~ the end of your unlock branches — you can not refund a ability that is connecting two other skills together. If you want to take your character in a an extremely different direction, it’s practically impossible with the minimal supply of refund points you earn in the campaign.

The Passive ability Tree can be very punishing in Path the Exile. If you nothing like beginning over, your best bet is to discover a guide and stick come it — till you’ve learned exactly how to make your own.