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Ann Arbor vehicle Care

We administer anexcellentservicein Ann Arbor in ~ low expense to guarantee client satisfaction. In ~ Packard Auto Repair, we work for you.(734) 327-6488 organization Desk (734) 239-6003 automobile Sales (734) 709-8093 Towing (734) 468-2420 Fax

WelcometoPackard Auto Repair. We have been serving our numerous satisfied client in Ann Arbor since 2005. Ours success stems native the fairness of our rates, the high quality of our services, and also the reliability of ours highly skilled team. Our customers understand us as a agency that deserve to be relied on, and fully entrusted v the quality care of your vehicles. That’s a call that us areproud of!Packard Auto Repairhas aunique technique to automotive service. Itis simple: sell high quality vehicle care with focus on uncompromising client servicewhile developing long lasting relationships. The puts focus on trust and also value.Whether you own a Volvo, Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, MINI, Lexus, Audi, Volkswagen, Toyota or Subaru,Packard Auto Repairprides itself together being a one stop destination for all aspects of your income or domestic car’s fine being. Our field of expertise is backed by a team the automotive repair specialists from ASE Certified master Technicians to our dedicated staff the service and also parts advisors, all v the mission to develop value forour customers.

Our team is composed of just the best mechanics in the Ann Arbor area, who are continually trained in the latest technological advances. Us take pride in offering fantastic benefits, compete pay, and also a comfortable job-related environment. This enables us to service every customer in a fast and also efficient manner, at a price that’s fair and affordable.Our customers room well informed, since we describe the intricacies of every repair and also its cost prior to the job-related is performed. Initial parts space happilyreturned (if the client desires). We anticipate customers needs, and increase their return on each dollar invested by reinvesting earnings in "state the the art" equipment.Shared neighborhood Values:We support the local community and also build relationships with local service We recycle ar dollars by using neighborhood suppliers, and investing in local charities48104,48105,48103,48105,48197,48198

Oil readjust ServiceEnsure your vehicle"s long future with constant oil changes and maintenance checks.Tune Up service We assist you protect against costly repairs by offering a song up service to ensure your vehicle"s stability. Brake service Your brakes space a crucialto your an individual safety, therefore it"s necessary to make certain they are in goodworking condition. Waiting Conditioning business We usage state of the art air conditioning recharging equipment and leak detection systems. We are trained wait conditioningexperts the will acquire you back to enjoying your drive on those warm summer days. Automotive Electrical business Whether it be power doors, power windows, or other as an easy as a irradiate bulb, we can fix the problem and also get you earlier on the road. Exhaust System organization The exhaust system is one component of her vehiclethat can needrepairs or replacement as result of the excessive temperatures it have to endure, and also the nearby proximity to roadway grime and water. Fuel Injection service Having her fuel injection device periodically cleaned will improve your vehicle"s fuel efficiency, horsepower, and overall performance. Radiators and also Coolant organization stop your engine indigenous overheating by maintaining up on her coolant system maintenance. Act the minor repairs now way you are much less likely come spend more later.Air problems System ServiceCar"s waiting Conditioner Ann arborCar"s waiting ConditionerRecharge and also repairAc compresses . Condensers . Ac linesSuspensionsShocks and struts, while allowing for a more comfortable ride, additionally play far-reaching roles in tires wear and steering control.48104,48105,48103,48105,48197,48198Used auto Saledealerships Ann Arbor 48104,48105,48103(734) 239-6003

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