The alley-oop is among the prettiest dram in basketball, and also its beauty, beauty is evident in NBA 2K17 as well.

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While it can be offered to earn layout points, the play can likewise be offered as a actual weapon ~ above the online court. Here"s exactly how to alley-oop in NBA 2K17 and use it together a powerful move versus your opponents.

How to usage the alley-oop together a weapon in NBA 2K17: The apparent lob-city scenarios

Everyone knows around the lob opportunities that come along in transition situations. As soon as you"re top top a 2-on-1 quick break and your teammate there is no the ball is a high-flier, simply twin tapping the triangle or Y buttons gives you a an excellent chance to throw one down.

How to usage the alley-oop as a weapon in NBA 2K17: Using advanced lobs come score in the half court

Here"s where it can obtain complicated, but likewise even an ext effective. The pick-and-roll is quickly the most effective play in basketball, and also you can use it in a selection of ways in NBA 2K17.

Yes, the lob pass is among them. This functions on the PS4 and Xbox One. Here"s exactly how to execute it. (The initial button commands in this accuse will describe the PS4, and also the second will be for Xbox gamers).

Call because that a display screen from anyone, however it"s less complicated if girlfriend use among your bigs. Once you press L1 or the LB button, the closest huge man will set the screen.

You can pick a certain teammate to collection the screen, but that can be a tiny too complex once you check out what you need to do come execute the lob we"re about to describe.

As quickly as you press L1 or LB and your teammate starts to come end to set the screen, happen him the sphere with the X or A button, however don"t let the go. Host it down.

This will enable you to run a common give-and-go play, i beg your pardon is also an extremely effective. As long as you"re holding the X or A button down, you"ll continue to be in control of the guy who at first passed the ball.

You"ll only remain in this state for a minimal time, therefore you have to move fast.

Fake the end your defender and cut to the basket. Once you"ve developed a clear roadway for yourself v a fake or two, push the square and also R2, or X button and also RT buttons, while tho holding the X or A buttons. 

If the original passer has actually a clear path to the lane, the big who was going to collection the screen will lob it to him because that the slam.

Here"s the catch: You need to have a allude guard or initial passer the is athletic enough to slam it home in this scenario.

If not, your original passer will simply attempt come lay the round up, i beg your pardon is much less complicated to block.

Does this sound a small confusing? If so, inspect out Sam Pham"s accuse on the play. He calls that the Katana, and he division it down very well because that those that are an ext visual learners.

It"s a relatively advanced maneuver, so it"ll probably take some practice to execute.

However, as soon as you have actually it down, that can come to be a crucial part that your offense in NBA 2K17.

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