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I would have loved to have actually seen how Kushina was back when she in reality did things as a kunoichi. I imagine that together a former jinchuuriki (especially Kurama's) she'd be pretty powerful.

Also why did Kushina take shit indigenous those tiny Uchiha lowtiers instead of throwing them out of her residence Red Habanero style?

I am extremely disappointed that she did not react when those brats pointed a knife at her.

cuz she ass belong in the kitchen jk lol Kushina is hell of a woman need an ext women choose her in this world

I think the thing I'm most disappointed about when it concerns this filler arc is the Naruto is tho wearing that goofy jumpsuit.

I actually think the jumpsuit is cool, however its simply that the animation looks crappy. Studio Pierrot is really drawing and also animating the show pretty badly and also cheaply, excluding part awesome cases. If they are going to make all these fillers I at least wish they looked nice choose the filler arcs in Bleach

And Minato said earlier in this arc "..I can't believe Izumo and also Kotetsu were taken under so easily"....yeah, right. XD

During the climax of the well known kage summit arc, Naruto once said the he believed if things had actually been different, he and also Sasuke would have switched places, through Naruto search revenge and Sasuke do the efforts to prevent him.

I always felt the statement rung much more than a little hollow. Sasuke was always written because of this a selfish, vindictive character, and also Naruto such an insanely forgiving sanctimonious messianic figure, that it never felt choose who they were was completely the work of their environment and also not the their own nature.

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That's what's so insulting around this filler. Putting aside the original sin of gift a filler arc slapped in the middle of the initial series' climax, the fact is, this story is so creatively bankrupt that regardless of establishing a universe where few of the many important, character shaping, tragedies didn't occur, we're somehow telling the exact same story, in the exact same way with the exact same characters. Sasuke has to turn evil and also has to leave the village, and Naruto has to be his friend and also has to it is in the just one who have the right to save him.