Milk and also honey is a literate’s delight. Authored by poetess and also author Rupi Kuar, the publication is a arsenal of symphonies, poems and also prose. The template of the book is based upon human survival – most particularly of women. The publication has to be published worldwide by the andrews McMeel publishing house and also is distributed widely by the exact same publication house as well.

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Milk and Honey Epub Plot and also Review:

The book is basically a collection of poems and proses and also has been separated into four an easy chapters. Every chapter is based on a solitary theme and also it expresses each theme really artistically yet painfully. The ache is intentional in the words. The author an extremely beautifully talks around the main facets that shape the survive of a broke, shattered and also soul-bruised women. These incorporate lust, love, passion, violence, loss, abuse and over all femininity the holds it every together.

The publication is an global success and also is well-received by audiences all approximately the world. The book is an extremely realistic and brutally honest, yet very subtle and painfully artistic. The mix is surreal and this is exactly what the readers’ experience whilst they are reading the novel. The book became a phenomenal success through selling an ext than 2+ million copies all approximately the world and is translated in end thirty languages too.

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About author (Rupi Kaur):

Rupi Kaur is an Indian poetess and also novel writer. She is an around the world proclaimed writer that has authored many finest seller books, many of all the is a repertoire of poetry and also prose. Rupi is best known for she beautiful and also artistic created expression that has actually the power to do the reader visualize every little thing they space reading. Rupi qualities her imagination to her mom – who had encouraged her come express art and creative skills because at very early age of 5.

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