MidSouth ar Church the the Nazarene school of Ministry

Welcome come the trip of Ministerial Preparation and Studies

It is a privilege to welcome you and also assist you together you price God"s speak to to it is in God’s minister in this world. There are develops with which friend should end up being familiar. Us encourage friend to end up being familiar with the USA/Canada region Clergy education Webpage https://www.usacanadaregion.org/ministry/clergy-development/call-ministry/educ-requirements and also several web links there. The form for registering your speak to should it is in filled out and sent in every the direction on the form. We also suggest that you come to be familiar v the overview to Ministerial Preparation and also Ordination.

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In cooperation with an international Clergy Development, the USA/Canada region offers the Modular education and learning Program (formerly, "Modular course of Study"), among several non-degree program designed to meet the course of Study needs for ordination in the Church that the Nazarene. The Modular education and learning Program is composed of 25 modules which must be completed to fulfill educational requirements for ordination. Other easily accessible methods to fulfill these requirements include a degree received indigenous a Nazarene-approved school in a regimen designed to achieve these requirements. Six modules or the identical of 25% the the Modular education Program must be completed for a candidate to obtain a district Minister"s License. The candidate must also have held a regional Minister"s license for at the very least one year, need to be recommended for a district license by the regional church board wherein the candidate stop membership, and the minister of the church where he/she is a member. When a district patent is granted, the licensed minister should renew the his/her license each year through a procedure that includes yearly ministers’ interviews. That is vital that the completion of paperwork be returned to the ar Secretary in a stylish manner and also that an meeting for one interview it is in made through the district Ministry source Center. This process also consists of completing, together a minimum, at the very least two courses per year in the food of Study. A license is granted minister has the maximum of 10 year to complete the food of research from the year the their an initial district license granted. That size of time is expected to it is in supportive should it it is in necessary and is no the “expected normal” duration of time needed to complete the food of Study.

As you begin, here are other points of information:

If you have actually attended a university or seminary, transcripts must be sent to Rev. James Lunsford for evaluation. Part general education and learning courses might be offered credit because that a module. The transcripts have to be official and also sent directly by email or postal organization from the college to:
Rev. James H. Lunsford, Jr. ATTN: Ministerial studies 2713 Fly roadway Santa Fe, TN, 38482
The MidSouth District will certainly offer approximately 12 come 15 modules every year, from August with May. Most of these will certainly be available on a mainly night because that 3 hrs each meeting. The sessions will be offered utilizing the ar virtual an innovation sites and will be easily accessible in Nashville, TN, Memphis, TN, Clinton, MS, and also Hattiesburg, MS. The total class time for modules varies from 15-22 hours of course time. there is a argued sequence for start this course of study yet it is not always applicable. It is expected to be a guide. There is a 4 Year setup on this page showing when modules will certainly be readily available by the district. The is a suggest plan and also it is a liquid plan and also the detailed modules to be available can change. To register for a module, you re welcome e-mail our registrar, Rev. Amanda Sparrow in ~ amandarsparrow
gmail.com and also send her her $100 registration fee. (Make checks out to MidSouth district Church of the Nazarene.) Fees room to be sent out to:
Trinity Church of the Nazrene ATTN: Rev. Amanda Sparrow 1253 Vultee Blvd. Nashville, TN 37217
together modules are being offered, an announcement email will be sent to college student on our mailing list. You re welcome send amandarsparrow
gmail.com an email requesting to be on our distribution list to receive an alert about modules. Modules may additionally be taken v an online technique through Nazarene bible College (NBC) or Northwestern Nazarene university (NNU). If this is the preference, registering for modules will be done through those institutions. For information visit these institutions’ websites.

We know the prominence of the procedure to complete studies requirements and to be taken into consideration for ordination in the Church the the Nazarene. Us encourage questions and they are welcome always.

MidSouth ar Modular course of research – 4 Year ScheduleQuestions around this schedule must be submitted via email to James LunsfordTo register for a class e-mail Amanda Sparrow and mail your registration check for $100 (made the end to MidSouth ar Church of the Nazarene) to:Trinity Church of the Nazarene ATTN: Rev. Amanda Sparrow1253 Vultee Blvd. Nashville, TN 37217Supervised Ministry suffer will have one meeting in August likewise at DMRC. Module Leader - Tracy Hoskins. Ministers in their last year of your ordination course work must attend this one session for this module that incorporates at the very least 8-9 months of recording and expounding on ministry experiences.)
Examining Christian legacy 1 - Phil Lindsley - readily available via virtual classroom using Microsoft teams - meeting on Tuesday nights from 6-9 for 8 weeks.
Exploring Nazarene history & polity - Kevin Ulmet - available via digital classroom making use of Microsoft groups - conference on Thursday nights from 6-9 for 8 weeks.
Investigating Christian Theology 1 - James Lunsford - offered via virtual classroom using Microsoft groups - conference on Monday nights indigenous 6-9 because that 8 weeks.
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Guide to Ministerial Preparation and also Ordination because that the Church that the Nazarene joined States and also Canada an ar 2017
This Handbook for Christian ministries is draft to guide you v the journey of preparing for ministry.

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This paper lists process of study (degree programs) that have been validated as meeting the needs for clergy education in the church of the Nazarene.