With one or two I obtain used to the room us go slow as soon as we very first make our move By five or six bring you out to the automobile Number nine v my head ~ above the bar
and it"s sad, yet true out of cash and I.O.U"s I"ve got desperate desires and also unadmirable plans mine tongue will taste of gin and also malicious intent lug you earlier to the bar obtain you out of the cold A sober, straight confront gets you the end of your clothes and also they"re scared the we recognize All the crime they"ll commit who they"ll kiss prior to they acquire home
I will certainly lie awake Lie because that fun and also fake the means I hold you allow you autumn for every north word ns say Barely mindful in the door whereby you stand her eyes room fighting sleep while your mouth makes your requirements You laugh in ~ every indigenous trying tough to it is in cute I nearly feel sorry for what I"m going come do and also your hair smells that smoke
who will actors the first stone? You deserve to sin or spend the night all alone Brass buttons on your coat host the cold In the form of a heart that they cut out of stone You"re utilizing all her looks the you"ve thrown native the begin If girlfriend let me have my way I oath I"ll tear girlfriend apart "cause it"s all you can be You"re a drunk and you"re scared It"s ladies" night, all the girl drink for cost-free I will certainly lie awake and also lie for fun and also fake the method I organize you
permit you loss for every north word ns say I will certainly lie awake and also lie because that fun and fake the way I organize you let you autumn for every north word i say I will lie awake and lie for fun and fake the means I hold you let you fall for every empty word i say





I remember listening the news around all the allegations for the very first time and crying every night long. It"s basic for me to different the arts from the artist, yet Brand brand-new really win a chord v me as soon as i found them year ago. Just feels dirty to listen to them in ~ times.

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I"m getting the word......Nonce. Expect he gets bummed to death in prison v that cunt indigenous lostprophets, the pair the them have to die in a fire.

When i was younger my ex offered to beat this track CONSTANTLY. Never ever really paid any attention to it till I really started obtaining into Brand brand-new about a year later and ouch, the shit hurt. Year later, i’m the one screaming every lyric v a beer in mine hand, tears in mine eyes, and also I can relate to this song more than ever (unfortunately).

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This song, to be me, is majority of men. I’m no a liar. Women space upset around this, ns understand. Don’t fall for our lies

Please, PLEASE! Lisent to James Hunnicutt doing penis To Cry on through Hybrid Moments rockabilly STYLE! DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT! Now.... JDW

Such a raw , self-loathing song. Even if it is you"re the predator or the prey, it"s so fucking beautiful indigenous both perspectives

I yes, really love the song, however I fail to see just how it"s beautiful from one of two people perspective. It"s a beautiful song, however with very negative, ugly feelings.