For the whole of bards scenes i simply couldnt unsee it. His challenge is every various other british challenge put together.

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Luke Evans at The London Premiere the The three Musketeers

I love luke evans.


Luke evans looks choose orlando bloom. The battle of the five armies take a look at at various other actors that you can have mistaken because that one another. Luke evans and also orlando bloom lock were cast in 2 of the hobbit movie together yet as unrelated characters. Yet they room not related to each other and also come from diverse background.

find ideas around hobbit funny. However they have the right to be conveniently mistaken for the other as castle look uncannily similar. Orlando bloom and luke evans alike.

Moviechat court the 3 musketeers 2011 discussion orlando bloom and luke evans alike. In the movie the weirdly looks a lot prefer george michael. It is orlando bloom.

The uk actors look favor brothers. The battle of the five militaries cast members discuss what you can expect indigenous the 3rd and final hobbit film. Dave j hogan.

entertainment reporter jim ferguson chats v actors luke evans orlando bloom evangeline lilly lee pace from the cast of the hobbit. V orlando bloom and luke evans sharing challenge time in the hobbit. But i might not get immersed since luke evans with long hair and also thin goatee watch so lot like orlando bloom in pirates that the caribbean.

In the hobbit movies bard looks more like orlando bloom 보다 orlando bloom looks favor orlando bloom. As soon as luke evans looks much more like orlando bloom 보다 orlando bloom does. Hes none various other than luke evans that male who look at a lot favor orlando bloom yet isnt.

and hes believable both as a villain and also a hero also though hes always showing united state a same amount of angst. Heres the truth about luke evans. The fight of the 5 armies.

The hobbit thranduil bard disney pirates that the caribbean potc william will turner pirate step funny. Orlando bloom and also luke evans are both room british born actors and within the same period bracket. I assumed luke evans looks like a punch off version of bloom and also like op to be perplexed why they actors two comparable looking guy in the movie.

Hes popped up as protagonists and antagonists in movies showing united state just exactly how versatile he is when it involves roles. Post 8 years earlier by leighogle.

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Ns cant it is in the only one the couldnt shake the fact that bard looked and also sounded so lot like orlando bloom have the right to i.