Love Letter indigenous the 5th Era? C0DA? The Digitals?

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I just read the "Love letter indigenous the fifth Era, the true function of Tamriel" top top the imperial library. Very confusing. Have the right to someone explain? I can understand something about the Minestry of truth falling down, and two great houses referred to as Sul and also Jaroon. You deserve to read it here: http://www.imperial-library.info/content/loveletter-fifth-era-true-purpose-tamriel
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You can want to review http://www.imperial-library.info/content/vehks-teaching to grasp some that the deeper concepts of what he"s talk about.Also, Landfall is not once the set of reality fell.Landfall hasn"t taken place yet.

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Basically, girlfriend know how people, in sweet metaphor, say the "love transforms the universe?" currently you know just how a the majority of metaphors are literalized in Tamriel?
Everytime who mentions the upcoming Landfall, ns can"t aid but think the the scene towards the end of Return of the King whereby the floor voids beneath the feet the the evil and wicked armies of Mordor.
Basically, girlfriend know just how people, in sweet metaphor, say the "love alters the universe?" now you know exactly how a lot of metaphors space literalized in Tamriel?
My interpretation is the whole Vehkian love thing, if girlfriend love yourself and realize you room all, you obtain CHIM. Then deserve to literally transform the world as a lucid dreamer effects his dream.
Everytime someone mentions the upcoming Landfall, i can"t aid but think the the scene in the direction of the end of Return the the King where the ground voids beneath the feet that the evil and wicked militaries of Mordor.
It"s more like once you go in on her parents make skin music for the an initial time, or maybe as soon as you angry something awful that makes you lose belief in the human being race. Except it happens to the civilization instead that you.

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Skin music? you re welcome explain.I"m only kidding. That"s interesting. I remember analysis somewhere that Mr. Kirkbride alluded to the Void Nights perhaps being affiliated in the Landfall. Deserve to you shed some light on that?
Nope. Ns can"t. The Scrolls are written in Akaviri and Yiddish, and I recognize very tiny of either.I managed to make out a mental picture of Nirn personified as a crying child, screaming "I am not adopted!" That"s about it.I guess we"ll need to wait and also see.
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