Your sister to be nice sufficient to invite us to her movie collection for the production kickoff.

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Do not call attention come yourselves.

Oh uh!

Boys, I said don"t touch.

I swear, you try to raise castle right.

Welcome to "Space Werewolves"!


I"m Whitney Gurra, the producer, and also we room thrilled to be right here in Wisconsin.

And currently let"s meet our director Vic Defazerelli!

The studio wanted a young, hip director, however instead castle went for handsome.


But enough around me and also my three oscars, you"re here to watch our star Liv Rooney.

Yes, ladies and also gentlemen, here"s your exclusive very first look in ~ Tristan Lycanth.

- (Whooshing)

- (Cheering)

You mess v the wolf, you get the howl.



Ahh, i feel invincible.

There is precise nothing ns can"t execute in this suit.

Except usage the bathroom.

Do girlfriend really intend us to believe intergalactic hero Tristan Lycanth can be brought to life by a bubbly teenybopper native "Sing the loud!" once you view Liv in action, you will certainly be a believer favor we are.

In action?

Are you speak she"s going to perform her own stunts?

Don"t it is in crazy.

No movie star go that.

Except for me!


Rooney is walk to carry out all her own stunts in this movie.

What go I just say?

All my own stunts?

The most dangerous thing that I had to carry out on "Sing that loud!" Was sing loud!

(Theme music playing)

Better in stereo b b far better in stereotype I"m up with the sunshine let"s go - ns lace up my high tops - oh no slam dunk, all set or not yeah, present me what you acquired - I"m under the spotlight - Holler I dare you, come on and follow you run to your very own beat I"ll sing the melody when you say yea-ah-ah i say no-oh-oh when you say avoid all I desire to perform is walk go walk you you, the other half of me me the fifty percent I"ll never be-e the half that drives me stunner you you, the much better half of me me the half I"ll always need but we both understand we"re better in stereo.

All right, Willow, tonight us hit the big time.

The semi-finals the the state championship!

- Go, porcupines!

- Bam!


All right, girls, I desire you to look deep inside yourselves and ask this question Okay.

Does anybody must use the bathroom before we get on the bus?

Dad, how around you coach the game and I will certainly coach mine bladder.

(Doorbell rings)

Hey, Maddie, I believed I would ride the team bus through you come the game.

Go porcupines!


I"ll just accomplish you there!

Okay, I got my rally finger and also my tushy cushion.

Oh, i forgot my porcu-pom-poms.

Uh, mom, us really have to go, so.

Well, okay, but if there"s a noticeable lack of institution spirit, execute not point the foam finger at me.

Maddie, wait!

Oh, i forgot to great you an excellent luck at your game.

Go-o-o-d luck!

Thanks, Liv.


I"m sorry ns can"t it to your game, yet I"m filming the movie and also I just wanted come tell you exactly how proud i am of you.

Oh, give thanks to you.

Gotta go, watch you.

I mean, through with with the state championship and then the junior Olympics, friend are just unstoppable.

And however you keep preventing me.

What"s wrong?

Okay, for this reason I"m completely wigged out since I called the world I would carry out all my very own stunts.

- currently you"re not sure you deserve to handle it.

- Right!

And if i chicken out, everyone"s gonna think I"m a complete fraud.

And you might never gain another role like this.

- Oh, you understand me for this reason - Well.


What perform I do?

Okay, first, Liv, breathe.


Both: Ahhh.


It"s no working!

Liv, when you gain scared, just remember, are afraid is just one more reason to try harder.


And you space going to it is in an amazing space werewolf.


Thank you.

You always know what come say.

Now go get "em, Mads!

Yay sports!

You too.

Yay Pretending!

Gotta go.

All right, Liv.

I guess you"re a tiny nervous due to the fact that you had to open up your huge yap and also say, "I"ll do my very own stunts!

I"ll do my very own stunts!" but you"re not gonna need to do noþeles tough, except put up through this guy.


Just kidding, Mr. D!

I love my job.

Oh well I"m no nervous.

(Fake giggle)

That is my i was sure laugh.


So as soon as we shoot this step tomorrow, you will certainly hop out crashed spaceship end there, run across the alien landscape and use the pipe as a leg over the chasm.

Um, i don"t watch a chasm.

This green will look choose a chasm!

When we perform the special effects.

And you never need to leave the ground.

Bada-bing, bada-boom, Bob"s her Uncle.


Um uh, Vic, these are my brothers.

They"re really really really large fans of the graphic novel, so I simply told them that they could watch a small bit the filming if they promised to be quiet!

Well, it"s quite to have fans ~ above the set.

So what carry out you think the the scene, boys?

Think you"re destroying the biggest story ever before told!

This is the many action-packed minute in the graphic novel and you"re gonna have actually her skip end a puddle and pose because that pictures?!

This is one abomination!

I have no idea what the word means, however if it means (Blows raspberry)

then i concur!

So phone call me, what am ns doing wrong?

First that all, I"m no a fan of the shirt.


And ho ho!

We need explosions.

We require death-defying stunts.

Oh ( Stammers)

Death death-defying?

(Fake giggle)

Tristan gets out of she ship, photon blasts punch up everywhere the place.

(Mimics explosions)

No no, that"s not the means photons sound.

Whitney, it is in a photon.


Pew pew pew pew.

And she climbs come the peak of the nuclear transponder and also jumps!

I"m standing, yet I"m on the leaf of mine seat.

What happens next?

Tell me, call me!

She makes the jump.

Grabs the glowing green eye the cantarus, but gets blasted with the temple wall.

(Mimics explosion)

She increase from the rubble, having actually saved the planet and howls.

Bada-bing, bada-boom, Bob"s still her Uncle.

I love it!

We"ve gotta shoot the scene.

Yeah, but well, if you"re scared, us can gain a stunt person.

It"s your call.

Um (Hesitantly)

Liv Rooney is

- In!

- (Laughs)

in way over her head.


I don"t understand which was a bigger mistake: Saying i would perform my own stunts or inviting friend to my set.

Well, I discover it helps to do a list.

- Maddie, room you okay?

- She hurt her knee nice bad.

I"m her father.

I"m transferring her in.

- I obtained you, number five!

- Whoa whoa whoa.

We"re gonna take great care that you.

Would someone please tell me what occurred to Maddie"s knee?

It buckled as soon as I hit the game-winning shot.

Oooh, buckled.

That is only an excellent on belts and pilgrim hats.

She can"t pat in the championship.

Well, what about the small Olympics?

It"s all gone.


I mean, i tore mine a. C. L.

I"m I"m I"m gonna need surgery.

She"s not gonna be play basketball for fairly a while.

This is every my fault.

If i hadn"t stolen the ball and also passed it to Maddie to do the shot, this never would have actually happened.

Curse my lightning-quick reflexes!

Willow, don"t beat you yourself up.

Joey, this is no time for romance.

I don"t deserve it.

Okay, just for a minute.

- How"d the surgical procedure go?

- that went really well.

What go you do to my house?

We made that so Maddie can acquire up the stairs in her wheelchair.

She"s top top crutches.


Well, currently she has something come look front to once she"s better.


There she is.


Maddie, it"s Willow.

You"re gonna gain through this.


Willow, I had knee surgery.

Stop shouting!

I"m a jock.


And I thought I was invincible.

And i guess I"m not.

And that"s scary.

- (Whimpering)

- Oh, honey.

Why couldn"t it it is in me or you?

Or Joey?

Wait, no Joey.




Is this, uh is this all necessary?


Can friend fly?

If not, then yes.

So, Liv, we had Vic add one thing to the stunt scene.

When you"re ~ above the top of the tower, it"s gonna collapse.


- Parker: Oh!

- Ha ha, Whoo!

Oh, Vic, present her the explosions.


Yeah, explosions boom boom boom.


Okay, no.

I need a stunt person.

Oh, yet you called the civilization you"d execute all your very own stunts.

I"m not simply some puppet that you can make dance.


I was standing by mine previous statement.



I didn"t think mine recovery would certainly be for this reason hard.

I mean, when my favorite athletes gain injured, they go away for three months, they carry out a shoe commercial v some motivating music, and they come back good as new.



Have you ever before had a week where you just feel like your whole people is ending?


(Velcro rips)

Oh mine gosh, ha ha.

That was so insensitive that me.

You can hardly stand and I"m over below making this all about me.


Would it make you feel much better about her injury if girlfriend heard about my awful day?


Go because that it.

It"s not like I"m gonna to walk away.

Okay, however only since this is gonna do you feel better.


Maddie The new stunts the they have actually me doing are so scary and I told lock to obtain a stunt person since there is no means that I can pull it off.

- great call.

- What?!

This is wherein you give me a pep talk, yeah?

I typical you"re the you"re the fighter, you"re the winner, for this reason come on!

Pep speak me.

Change my life.


And Now!

Liv (Laughs)

I don"t feel choose a fighter.

I mean, I certainly don"t feel like a winner.


Ty certain I"m not even a basketball player anymore, so.


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Worst pep talk ever.

She was supposed to to speak something like, "fear is just a reason to try harder. " (Snorting laugh)