ESPN/The connected PressWhen LeGarrette Blount punched Byron Hout ~ Boise State to win Oregon ~ above a country televised ESPN game, it came to be a national story the has identified both players" careers.

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Getting clocked in the jaw on national television in the seconds after a stirring victory, and setting off a melee that price an meant star player many of his last college season, is a difficult image come erase.

"I don't think he readjusted significantly, but I certainly think it had an influence on him there is no question," Boise State coach chris Petersen said. "That's a tough thing because that anyone to have to go through and also really be with him the rest of his career. It was simply so regrettably that entirety thing shook down prefer that."

Rewind almost 12 months earlier to a muggy Thursday night top top Boise's renowned blue turf. In the ticks ~ Boise State's 19-8 success over

limited to (minus)-5 yards ~ above eight dead on a night the was supposed to be the kickoff to his campaign as among the height running backs in the country.

Hout made decision to repeat the native Blount had told a reporter during the summer about how the Ducks fan the Broncos for a win a year earlier in Eugene.

Before anyone could blink -- or Petersen might pull Hout away -- Blount's right fist connected with Hout's jaw, an altering both of their futures.

"It's tough. It's constantly a shadow. It's always going to be a zero in mine career, a dark point," Hout told Boise-area media critical Friday in his only accessibility during the Broncos' loss camp. "I just try and learn from it. Every little thing happens for a reason and that occurred to teach me and hopefully a the majority of other football player you can't let your emotions gain out the control."

Instantly Hout, then a reserve protective end and now a middle linebacker, came to be a lightning rod for criticism for bad sportsmanship in the wake up of may be the biggest home-field success in the program's history. All over he went Hout was hounded by the question of what the said, why he stated it and the fallout thereafter.

Petersen chose not to suspend Hout, rather issuing an inner punishment. Meanwhile, Blount was very publicly exposed by Oregon coach Chip Kelly, then reinstated so late in the year together the Ducks won the Pac-10 title and also played in the rose Bowl.

"When you accomplish somebody new, they're 'Oh, you're that guy,'" Hout said. "I always have come retell the story over and over again, and also say the very same thing over and also over again."

Petersen stated any influence the incident had actually on Hout wasn't clearly shows on the field, yet the coach might tell that bothered him as soon as the pads were placed away.

"Byron was giving great effort and seemed prefer the very same old Byron," Petersen said. "(But) I recognize that as a human it impacted him."

Hout perfect the season through 27 tackles and also two sacks. He play in the Broncos' Fiesta Bowl win over TCU, but in the offseason was offered his 2nd position switch since getting here in Boise. Hout began as a linebacker, then was told to pack on weight and was relocated to defensive end. Now with part depth along the defensive front, Hout to reduce 20 pounds and also returned to center linebacker, where he's competing for play time.

But no matter how numerous things Hout go on the field, he currently realizes the run-in through Blount is other he'll be explaining to his youngsters years indigenous now.

"We all kind of walk together a fine line in competing on the soccer field. There has acquired to be some nastiness you carry to the table. That's a well line, you desire to lug that yet in a great way, in a sportsmanship way," Petersen said. "And when it's such an emotionally game, it's an extremely easy come cross the line through some words gift said."

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