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Kunoichi Tsubaki - Story 8, personalities 8, art 8, overall 8Kunoichi Tsubaki is a nice and peaceful part of life manga around the lifes of ninja girl in a diverted village. The manages to intrigue v its setup while providing a quite amount of comedic and lightearted content.+ interesting setting, many of characters with amazing setup, relaxed atmosphere- slow-moving pacing of main story, some characters are standard and uncreative, (slow relax of chapters)Please note that there are currently only 27 Chapters released. Because chapter publication are fairly rare, some people might it is in contemplating if they need to wait for its conclusion or start analysis now. I think the the manga is in ~ a suggest where that has created most of the characters and also the main setting and have the right to start to progress its story in the following chapters. For this reason you can want come wait part longer, if you space interested in the solve of the story. You have the right to read it currently if you are interested in the scenes and interactions of the characters.I will certainly discuss around some that the interesting things the the manga and some of its possibilities in the following.Content:Most of the contents is slice of life with comedic interactions. This scenes space done very fine. If you have actually read and also liked any of the various other works that the mangaka, you will certainly find numerous similarities and also are pleased v the as whole quality. Ns apreciate the top quality of reasoning that is given. Troubles are not simply used for comedic factors without trying to resolve them (apart indigenous minor ones). And also the remedies are reasonable and resemble the characters involved. Comedic scenes space funny and also entertaining and also fullfill their function of make the manga feeling lighthearted and also relaxing. If you favor slice the life mangas v a certain setting, this will certainly be best for you.Setting and direction:One that the main points the the manga is that setting. I myself did not care around it in ~ the beginning since the setup could easily backfire and only be used as an fabricated attention grabber. Yet the mangaka manages to do it intruiging without gaining too distracted through it. One does follow Kunoichi together the leader of she squad and learns about the various other squads and persons within her clan. This interactions in between Kunoichi and the various other persons are interesting and also are a good start to create the other characters. Meanwhile the key story around the town as an isolated community gets explained and also is expanded. Kunoichi learns around the reasons for the seclusion that the village and your stand in regard come men. The divide between men and women therefore gets more understandable. This is interesting since it opens up the plot for some exciting developments. Will Kunoichi knowing this try to know more about guys or will certainly she monitor the rule of the village? will certainly the isolation of the clan stop? Why walk the teacher know around it? it is feasible that the plot will readjust the setup respectively. This allows the civilization to feel more comprehensive than that is presented in the manga. Note that the manga tho does advance the key plot that Kunoichi slowly. At thing 27 that still feels like many the girls carry out is having fun and getting to understand each other. This is fine, but it way that the manga likewise could just neglect its setting later on. By looking at other mangas of the mangaka one have the right to not come up with a clean conclusion. Ns guess by some of his various other works and the general trend the the manga, the there will certainly be some form of progression of the seeting in a non-dramatic and also slow-paced path (like Kunoichi gaining to know a man, starting to visit the sometimes, getting critized through the town elder, solving the concern slowly and making friends with everyone). This is fine and I think Kunoichi will certainly be a likeable Manga with this direction.Characters:One of the solid points that the manga room its characters. Kunoichi is the main heroine. She is her cute, brave and dutiful leader the does try to balance her very own interests through the concerns of the clan. She is the ideal detailed personality of the manga and her emotions and actions come to be understandable as one does progress with the manga. I like most of the mangakas works and also I think that Kunoichi is one of his many well done characters. For this reason Kunoichi is the character with the most draw and also if you like her you can like the manga.Also there room plenty that other characters in all sort of colors. It yes, really feels like a small village through many people knowing every other yet being distant enough to no be finest buddies. I think that many of these personalities are established nicely. Clan leader is a teacher and also the girl that is always around she is alright. Most of the girls that have some type of relation through Kunoichi room likeable. Likewise notable are several of the leaders of the various other Squads that are sufficient interesting the you want to know much more about them, in specific the leader of the dog and sheep squad. And characters the are introduced later regularly increase the as whole quality of various other characters. One does feel some sort of development in personality interactions. All in every most characters are not an extremely unqiue yet feel interesting sufficient to be worthwile enhancements to the rooster.Despite this few of the characters fall rather level decreasing the as whole quality the the manga. Especially noteable are Sazanka and also Asagao the various other two people of the Akane squad. Sazanka will obtain a slight personality arc and gets a bit more understandable together the manga progresses. Asagao is at thing 27 tho not an extremely relatable and pretty generic. She mostly is simply an airhead that just wants to eat part yummi food. I additionally do no think that Asagao might be done more interesting through a simple character arc. And also while I check out the value of Sazanka part more, she still feels to insignificant to be a main character. I guess their purpose is to comparison them to Kunoichi. Kunoichi needs to use her an abilities to uncover a balance between them both since they have different opinions and priorities. So they are making Kunoichi an ext likeable as a leader in part sense. If this is positive, they still absence on their very own as characters. So it feels favor they could need an development in quality. Various other than that few of the various other side characters likewise feel generic and not interesting at all. Still that is beforehand for the manga and also some personalities were provided a far better treatment in later on chapters, so there is the possibility that this could get better.All in all i think the the personalities are greatly done fine and that the manga has progressed enough to make for one interesting set of characters. If the current cast of characters is maintainend and improved top top then ns would see this to one of the a main points of this manga.Overall this is a an excellent slice of life manga v an interesting setting and actors of characters. Every the facets that currently are lacking might be resolved in complying with chapters and also it feels choose the story is progressing fine. If there will be enough insights into the setting and personalities than this might be a very an excellent and be safe manga for many readers.